The goddess of Korean drama has been married for 2 years and announced her pregnancy!Praising "13 weeks of pregnancy belly photos": Little angel came to me

Reporter Liu Yiting / Comprehensive Report

Congratulations to South Korean actress Quan Huibin’s pregnancy!She had been with Li Junji for two years, and she had a helpless relationship to see a lot. After breaking up in 2017, she knew her doctor and boyfriend through a friend.She was happy to report through the IG: "Thanks, the little angel came to me."

Quan Huibin is currently pregnant for 13 weeks.(Photo / Turn from Quan Huibin IG)

Quan Huibin has been married for about 2 and a half years. After marriage, his relationship is sweet, and from time to time, he will generously share the way of husband and wife on the show.Yesterday (7th), she showed her full -body photo. She said that this year he heard that many people are pregnant and married. "So, I also want to tell everyone a good news, thank you, the little angel has come to me. It is now 13 weeks of pregnancy.The belly looks a bit drum. "

Because Quan Huibin is 38 years old, "Because she is an older mother, she is actually a bit worried." But she said that she may have done a very good health management. At present, there is neither harm nor other special hard work.The name of the fetus is "straight": "Because we hope he can be healthy (Han Wenyi is upright) to this world."

Quan Huibin has made his debut for many years and has participated in many well -known Korean dramas.(Photo / Turn from Quan Huibin IG)

Quan Huibin also mentioned that the good news of receiving many people’s pregnancy and marriage this year can not help but describe "it seems to be a year full of blessings and congratulations." Now she is one of them.Life is full of happiness and vitality, and spend a happy spring. "

Quan Huibin debuted for more than 20 years. At first, he debuted with Zhao Yinxing and Wu Lianxu as a member of the women’s three -person LUV. He was also very good at dance. Later, "Wang and Me", "Witch Yuxi", etc., are familiar faces of many fans.

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