The girl has abdominal pain and bleeding after flowing, but she wants to lie down if she doesn’t want to move, but her boyfriend said: You are pretty emotional

Xiaojuan (pseudonym), who has just entered college life, is in a school with her boyfriend from high school to college. The relationship between the two has always been very good. After entering the university, they rent a house outside and enjoy the two -person world.Suddenly one day, Xiaojuan found that she seemed to have not been in menstruation for almost two months. One idea rushed into the brain, wouldn’t it be pregnant!

In order to verify my thoughts, I bought a pregnancy test stick after class at night. After the test, I really had two bars. I was a little embarrassed and quickly contacted my boyfriend.

Hey, Xiaotao, I seem to be pregnant.

ah?What do you think?

It must be unnecessary now. I am pregnant at this age, and my parents know that I will kill me.EssenceEssenceEssence

Just take you to the private clinic that weekend, it is just convenient, it is very convenient, and it has no effect on the body. My friend takes her girlfriend there. Don’t be afraid, it is a small surgery.

During the weekend, her boyfriend took Xiaojuan to a small clinic that friends said. Xiaojuan looked at the dim environment. The doctor looked like you like to do it, chewing his gum, and asked Xiaojuan if he did it.Can arrange surgery.

Boyfriend also urged Xiaojuan, do it quickly, you can go back to rest early after finishing!

The more Xiaojuan wanted to be, the more scared, and eventually ran away. The boyfriend chased out and asked: What are you doing, why not do it?

Xiaojuan was very panicked and said that she was very scared and told her boyfriend: Let’s go to the Three Hospital of the City, okay?

The boyfriend said impatiently: You are a lot of things, where you do the same, that is, a simple flow surgery, how expensive it is to do the big hospital!It is more convenient to do it in a private clinic and go to a big hospital for trouble.

Xiaojuan wanted to compromise, but she couldn’t live in her heart. There was no way to go on. Later, her boyfriend could not take Xiaojuan to a large hospital.

At the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital, the doctor gave a detailed examination for Xiaojuan. From blood drawing to B -ultrasound, leucorrhea, and electrocardiogram, it was finally determined that Xiaojuan had been pregnant for 8 weeks.See the fetal movement clearly.

After the doctor inquires whether there is a history of pregnancy and abortion, the risk and complications that may occur may cause the risk and complications of abortion. There may be bleeding in artificial abortion surgery. After surgerySyndrome, incomplete abortion, or uterine stomach blood or cervical adhesion, and uterine perforated or organ damage.

In addition, improper after abortion care, or cause complications, may also cause women with irregular menstruation, secondary infertility, and endometriosis.

After the introduction, the doctor asked again: Are you sure you want to flow off the fetus?If you are sure, there are two options for surgery, one is painless, and the other is the flow of ordinary people?

Before Xiao Juan thought about it, her boyfriend asked urgently: Which is cheaper?

Xiaojuan said: I am afraid of pain, choose painlessness.The boyfriend comforted: My dear, the surgery was fast, and the forbearance came over.

Xiaojuan also asked the doctor, so he told his boyfriend: Let’s take the inspection report first.Although her boyfriend was reluctant, she left.

Then Xiaojuan asked the doctor: What is the difference between painless abortion and ordinary abortion?

The doctor said: A big difference between ordinary people and painless flow is that after postoperative or during surgery, there may be some adverse reactions in the body, such as nausea, vomiting, physical discomfort, and syncope. You can consider it yourself.

After listening, Xiaojuan decisively chose painlessness. After making a choice, the doctor said that the flow of people needs to make an appointment, and Xiaojuan will be surgery after 3 days.

Three days later, her boyfriend took Xiaojuan to the hospital, and soon Xiaojuan entered the operating room. Xiaojuan seemed very nervous.After the injection, Xiaojuan soon lost consciousness.

During the operation, the doctor should expose the cervix with a pheasant, and then expand the cervix with the cervical expansion.Internal dispellation can only use the instrument to suck the fetus out of the mother with an instrument.

In order to avoid adverse effects on the fetal residue tissue to pregnant women, it is also necessary to clean the interior of the uterus with the uterine scraper until it is completely cleaned.

After the surgery was completed, Xiaojuan was launched in the operating room. After a while, she woke up. The nurse came over to inquire. Is there any uncomfortable? The doctor would come over for a while. If you have any questions, you can ask the doctor.

After the doctor came over, he asked Xiaojuan if he was uncomfortable. If he was uncomfortable, he had to sleep, so as not to appear complications. He also had a good rest when Xiaojuan returned home.In order to promote uterine recovery faster, the harm to women is low. In particular, it is emphasized that it is to review on time. If you are uncomfortable, you need to seek medical treatment immediately.

Xiaojuan said there was no discomfort at the moment.The doctor also added: It is better to take a good rest when you go home. You cannot get out of bed for at least 2-3 days. You cannot live in a husband and wife within a month. Do not swim and make hot springs. You should also pay attention to nutritional supplements. The diet needs to be light and reasonable.

The boyfriend didn’t know what he was busy watching the phone. Later, he was discharged from the hospital after confirming that there was no abnormality.

After returning home, her boyfriend was lying on the sofa to play with her mobile phone, but Xiaojuan felt that the lower abdomen was faintly painful, and there was a small amount of bleeding. The body felt very weak. The whole person felt uncomfortable and wanted to lie down and didn’t want to move.Essence

But the boyfriend only looked at the mobile phone, and couldn’t help but say: You are arrogant, not just personal flow. My friend and girlfriend do nothing, just you have more things.

Xiaojuan didn’t say anything. She closed her eyes and took a rest. Remember the doctor. I didn’t get out of bed for 3 days. I called takeaway every day, but they were some light foods, mainly drinking fish soup and bone soup.Can’t eat.During the infection, I went to the hospital again because of infection.

Xiaoyuzi did not sit, because the students had no chance to sit in the small confinement at all. During the small confinement, there were more and more quarrels with her boyfriend. Later, they broke up with her boyfriend.

According to the statistics of WHO, about 13 million people in my country per year carry out artificial abortion, while unmarried women’s abortion rate has reached more than 50%. It can The influence is not fully recognized, the risk of accidental pregnancy has not been reduced, and many people have not realized how much contraception is to women.

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