The girl had a cold, and the parents fed 7 medicines, but the liver was severely damaged

地 Recently, the temperature in many places across the country has plummeted

Easy to trigger a cold

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“Parents feed 7 medicines for 2 days, causing liver damage”

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11 -year -old girl Huahua (pseudonym) after being cold

Symptoms such as sore throat

Parents fed Huahua to buy themselves

After painkillers, anti -inflammatory drugs, cold medicines, pharyngitis drugs 4 drugs 4 drugs

Flowers have vomiting, abdominal pain

Parents believe that the medicines taken before are not effective, and they also purchased three medicines such as antiviral cold medicine and stomach medicine for flowers to take flowers. The symptoms have not improved.

The doctor comprehensively judged that Huahua had severe liver function damage due to multiple drugs, and immediately allowed them to be hospitalized and supported the symptomatic treatment of the liver.At present, children are still being treated further.

Many netizens recall their own experience

Taking cold medicines in random cold tragedy

Case 1: In March last year, a 27 -year -old graduate student Xiao Zhang. Because of a cold and fever, he went to the pharmacy to buy several cold medicines.High fever 41 degrees Celsius, dyspnea, blood pressure, renal failure, liver failure, severe coagulation dysfunction … Although actively rescued, Xiao Zhang failed to support it in the end, only 7 days from admission to death.

Case 2: A 18 -year -old girl in Jiangmen, Guangdong died strangely after taking two kinds of cold medicines. It is reported that the girl taking the erythromycin sustained -release capsules and compound metharochemical capsules by girls will cause tea -alkali poisoning.

How to use medicine

The first type of cold medicine is to relieve heat and analgesics.The main ingredients in the cold medicines of heat -relieving analgesic are generally the mechanism of cold medicines composed of acetaminol, aspirin, ibuprofen, and Benino.Synthesis and causes the human body to reduce fever, relieve headaches, reduce the symptoms of uncomfortable symptoms such as joint pain, and further treat colds.

The second type of cold medicine is adrenaline receptor agonist.The main component of a type of cold drugs of gonadin receptor is pseudohydrochloride hydrochloric acid. There are also a few of this type of cold medicine hydrochloric acid hydrochloride and oxygenylhinine hydrochloride.So how does this type of cold medicine play a role?Generally speaking, this type of drug is mainly used to use its contracted upper respiratory capillaries to eliminate the congestion of the mucosal membrane in the nasopharynx, thereby alleviating the symptoms of nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, and then achieve the purpose of treating colds.

The third category of cold medicine is antihistamine cold medicine.The type of cold medicine types of antihistamine mainly uses chloropene naomin, phenylraramine, etc. Individual preparations use bromybenamamin. Its role is mainly to reduce allergic symptoms such as runny nose and sneezing caused by colds.

The fourth category of cold medicine is a cough and a cold medicine.The cold medicine type of cold and expectorant type mainly contains some antitussive components. These antitussive components mainly use right Michafen. This medicine is a central cough medicine.Cough effects are equal or slightly stronger.The expectorant drug generally uses more pinol gly glycerin ether. It increases the gonadic glandular secretion by reflective, reducing the concentration of sputum, thereby further relieving cold symptoms and treating colds.

The fifth type of cold medicine is antiviral cold medicine.The ingredients of antiviral colds are mainly Vajrayanamine. The drug of Vajraine can prevent viruses from invading cells and reduce the degree of infection of the virus. It is currently more popular and most effective in the market.Essence

In addition, there are other types of types, such as cold -driven cold medicines, etc. These drugs are mostly Chinese medicines.

Seasonal change temperature changes

Improving its own resistance is the key

Take medicine is not a trivial matter

Don’t care

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Source: Guiyang Evening News

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