The fourth trick is important to protect the baby’s baby, reducing abortion.

A sister works in obstetrics and gynecology. She said that there are two places in obstetrics and gynecology that they don’t like to go. One is the place where people flow. It feels cruel.The other is infertility. It feels helpless.

She stayed in the hospital for more than ten years, and she said that she would see women who had come to the hospital in the hospital from time to time from time to time.Those women who do not love themselves, because they do not pay attention to protecting themselves, causing pregnancy, and abortion.It caused very much harm to your body, but after marriage, he couldn’t conceive when he wanted to have a baby.

Many women feel very wronged. Before they got married, they were very clean and self -proclaimed, but after getting married, they wanted to have a child and suffer.

Indeed: The same room during ovulation is not 100%concerted, only about 30%of the probability of conception, but also the crisis in front of the crisis.

What is the cause of fetal abortion?There are mainly the following three reasons:

1. Poor embryo

Mainly bad embryos were eliminated due to malformations or dysplasia.It is not good with Dad’s sperm, or genetic diseases, or bad eggs, or other stimuli.

2. Mom is not in good health

Mom herself has some basic diseases

For example, hypertension or kidney disease, severe diabetes, etc. will affect the normal growth and development of the baby.

Infected by the virus, the rubella virus is compared.

Mother’s reproductive organ disease

For example, mother’s uterine deformity, cervical mouth relaxation and other reproductive diseases

Mom’s own endocrine problem

Pregnant maternal dyslexone dysfunction or hypothyroidism

3. Abortion caused by external pollution

For example, there are harmful substances such as lead, mercury, chromium, benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances around the mother.

Each of the healthy babies we can give birth is really a thousand miles.In order to give birth to a healthy baby, our mother also pays artificial attention to prevent abortion.

There are five points in preventing abortion:

1. Pay attention to rest

Do not do too much labor in the early pregnancy, such as a very heavy thing, this is easy to make the baby be abortion without pressure.Don’t climb a very high place. This is easy to fall and strike your baby.

It is not recommended to do strenuous exercise, which can easily cause abortion.

2. Prevent malnutrition

Severe anemia or zinc deficiency, iodine deficiency, etc. can easily cause miscarriage, so pay attention to balanced nutrition during pregnancy.

In fact, mothers should pay attention to supplement folic acid during pregnancy, and pay attention to correction in time if there are anemia.

3. Stay away from toxic substances

Stay away from first -hand second -hand and three -hand smoke, stay away from alcohol, and stay away from chemical pollution.

4. Make -up sexual life

If my mother had a history of abortion before, in fact, sexual life was prohibited throughout pregnancy.

Healthy mothers also recommend that they are not recommended to live sex for the sake of safety in the early and third trimester.

5. The hygiene of the mother’s vagina

Some mothers themselves have vaginitis or cervicitis, so after pregnancy, maybe these inflammation may not be infected by the bacteria up upward, and the fetus will cause abortion.

It is recommended to clean the secretions in the morning and evening during pregnancy, and change the underwear and place it in the sun.

For our baby’s health, mom must cheer.

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