The food rankings that women should eat more in their lives, the first number

A woman’s life is very long. She plays multiple characters in the life of a woman. She is the daughter of her parents, her husband’s wife, the mother of the child, the grandmother’s grandmother …Each character shoulder different responsibilities and obligations, and needs to pay endless energy and sweat, so it is said that women have a long life and have to bear too much.Women of different ages have different charm, but no matter which age women are fighting for one thing, that is, confrontation with years and retain beauty.

Some people have paid attention to skin care since childhood. Buying expensive cosmetics. In fact, in addition to painting on the face, it is more important to adjust in daily diet. After all, three meals are inseparable every day. What we usually eatFoods can be reflected in both inside and outside. Of course, this is also a process of accumulation. A person who eats fried foods for a long time will not be good for the skin, so what to eat is important for women.

Today I will share with you 7 foods that women should eat more in their lives, and the price civilians, everyone can afford it, let’s take a look ~

Women want fair skin, elasticity and luster. They can usually eat more foods rich in collagen. Most of the skin such as trotters, chicken feet, beef holes, pork skin, fish skin and other animals contain collagen.However, some women feel tired, so they can eat some white fungus often.Tremella contains rich plant collagen, and also contains more vitamin C, vitamin E, and Tremella itself is a kind of food of food and medicine, which has a lot of benefits for women.

Recommended recipe: Tremella soup

Food preparation: one piece of Tremella, 1 Sydney, 3 red dates, 10 Chinese wolfberry, lotus seed lily in each, a little tangerine skin, 4 cinnamon, 4

1. First take an appropriate amount of Tremella, put it in a bowl, and add warm water. The amount of water is more, which is more conducive to the hair of Tremella.Then wash the white fungus and tear it into a small flower.

2. Choose a fresh Sydney, wash it, peel, and cut it into small pieces for later use. Pay attention to remove the pear nucleus.

3. Wash the red dates with water. We can brush it carefully with a small brush, then dry the water, and cut into small pieces on the chopping board for later use.At the same time, clean the Chenpi, lotus seeds, lily, and clean them respectively, peel out the cinnamon meat, and after the wolfberry is cleaned, add about 30 grams of warm water and soak for later use.

5. Put the white fungus in the pot, add an appropriate amount of drinking water, cover the lid, cook on high heat, then turn to low heat for half an hour, and then add Sydney, red dates, longan, lotus seeds, lily, Chenpi, and Chenpi.In the pan, stir well, continue to cook medium heat for half an hour, and mix several times during the period.

6. After turning off the heat, pour the soaked wolfberry into the pot, mix well with various ingredients, and continue to simmer for 5 minutes to enjoy it.

Spinach is a common green leafy vegetable with low calories. At the same time, it is rich in iron in spinach. In the special days of women, you can eat more spinach.At the same time, spinach is rich in folic acid, protein, and dietary fiber, which can supplement a variety of nutrients for the body.

Recommended recipe: spinach scrambled egg

Ingredients: 1 fresh spinach, 2 eggs, a moderate amount of white sesame, a little oil and salt, the right amount of green onions

1. Choose fresh spinach, pick it up, remove the yellow leaves, and not fresh leaves, and then immerse them in water, then add a small spoon of salt, melt the salt into the water, soak for 5 minutes, then remove the spinach and remove the spinach., Rinse it.

Boil the appropriate amount of hot water in the pot. After the water is boiled, put it in spinach for 30 seconds, then remove it, and put it in the water to cool down and cool down.

2. Remove the spinach, squeeze out excess water, put it on the chopping board, and chop it.Put in a bowl, make two eggs, and add some onion to aromathered, a little salt, a small white sesame seed, and then stir with chopsticks.

3. Boil the oil in the pan. After the oil temperature in the pot rises to about 40 %, we adjust it to medium heat, pour the spinach egg liquid into the pan, and spread it with a shovel to make spinach evenly heated.After the bottom is fixed, use a shovel to flip, and the spinach eggs are all fired and solidified, and the fire can be turned off.

For a long time, black sesame seeds are regarded as "nourishing holy products", and women are particularly eaten often.Black sesame is rich in calcium, unsaturated fatty acids, and vitamin E and other nutrients.Black sesame seeds can be made into black sesame paste. Usually my home cooking porridge and steaming rice will also be put. Of course, it can also be made into black sesame sugar.

Recommended recipe: black sesame candy

Food preparation: 200 grams of black sesame seeds, 1 egg, about 30 grams of honey

1. Wash the black sesame seeds, then patch the eggs, add honey, and stir well.The amount of honey can be increased as appropriate. It should be determined according to the state of the black sesame seeds after mixing. After stirring, the black sesame is not dry, but there is no extra liquid.Then spread oil -absorbing paper in the baking sheet and open the black sesame stall into the baking sheet.Use a silicone shovel to flatten and compact it.

2. In order to facilitate the cut of us, we can use a spatula to cut the black sesame seeds into small pieces before baking, so that after baking, we only need to open it with our hands, which is convenient and beautiful.

3. Then preheat the oven for 5 minutes, then put the baking sheet in, keep the temperature of about 160-165 degrees, and cook for about 15 minutes.Of course, if your black sesame is thick, you need to extend appropriately, but be careful not to bake.When it comes out, the taste of black sesame will become crispy.We can put it in a clean glass jar, seal well, usually eat slowly, it is very convenient, it is crispy and fragrant.

Among the many meats, the shrimp is very delicious, and the meat is delicate and digested. The shrimp is rich in amino acids, protein, calcium, magnesium and other ingredients.Low, it is a good choice for women to maintain their bodies.There are more ways to eat shrimp, but the simpler the way to eat, the more you can retain your own deliciousness and nutrition. Let ’s share with you a simple and healthy way of eating.

Recommended recipe: garlic fan shrimp

Ingredients: 20 fresh shrimp, 1 fan, rolling cabbage, 1 head of garlic, 2 spoons of raw soy sauce, a little sugar, 1 spoon of steamed fish soy sauce, ginger shredded amount

1. First of all, let’s deal with shrimp. I will remove the shrimp head directly here. It is also convenient to deal with it. Then cut the shrimp, the shrimp tail, remove the shrimp line, and finally clean it, drain the water, put it in a bowl and add it to add it to the bowl.Ginger removes the fishy smell.

2. Prepare a fan, wash it, and soak it in water to become softened. If it is more anxious, we blanch it in boiling water for a minute or two, remove the cold water and cut it shorter.

3. Prepare more garlic. This dish is made of fragrant, crushed garlic, and then cut into garlic.Put it in a bowl, add raw soy sauce, steamed fish soy sauce, sugar, and then add some clear water. About 30 grams of mixing evenly.

4. Pour a little corn oil in the pot, then tear some leaves of cabbage, spread to the bottom of the pot. Here you can also put some enoki mushrooms or other vegetables you like, and then spread the fans to the surface of the cabbage.Drizzle about half of the garlic juice.

5. Then put the shrimp on the surface of the fan and pour the remaining garlic juice onto the shrimp.

6. Cover the lid and heat the heat. After the soup in the pot starts to boil, continue to simmer for 3-5 minutes to turn off the heat.The shrimp made of this is very delicious and healthy.

In soybeans, the important ingredients needed by the human body such as plant protein and calcium, iron, etc., at the same time contain isoflavones in soybeans, which can be called "natural estrogen supplement".There are many common soy products, but the freshest is tofu.

Recommended recipe: tomato fried tofu

Preparation of ingredients: 1 tofu, 2 tomatoes, appropriate amount of green onion, 1 spoon of soy sauce, 1 spoon of oyster sauce, an appropriate amount of oil and salt, a little pepper

1. Cut the tofu into a small piece. Before stir -fry, simmer the water. When the water is simmered, we’d better add some salt to let the tofu into the bottom flavor, and it can also remove the odor in the tofu.I usually cook for 2-3 minutes. For a long time, the tofu will be more flavorful and the taste is more glorious.

2. Prepare two tomatoes. I also added a few little girls. After cleaning, cut into small pieces, smaller than we made tomatoes and fried eggs, which is easier to stir soup and fragrance.

3. Boil the oil in the pan, add half the onion flowers into the pot, then pour the tomato, then add the appropriate amount of salt, pay attention to the taste of the tofu, so do not add the amount of salt, quickly fry the tomatoes, and make the soup out of the soup.Splaces, then cook in soy sauce and oyster sauce to stir -fry.If there are not enough soup, we can add some broth or hot water.

4. Then put the tofu in the pot and roll it gently with a shovel to so that the tofu was soaked in the soup of the tomato.Then cover the lid and simmer for two or three minutes, so that the tofu can absorb the aroma of the tomato.Then turn on the heat, shake the pot, and keep the soup thick, and you can turn off the fire.After the pan is out, sprinkle with the remaining green onions.

Women are made of water, and usually pay attention to replenishing water.Many girls like to drink coffee, milk tea, fruit juice, etc., do not know that the best thing to drink is milk, and they should drink more in their lives.Milk is a natural and healthy drink, and has high nutritional value. First of all, milk is a good source of protein and calcium. At the same time, milk is rich in B vitamins and various mineral components, full of nutrition, and easy to absorb.

When we drink milk, we need to pay attention not to drink at an empty stomach. In addition, we better drink it before drinking, so that it is more comfortable to drink and use it more conducive to the nutritional absorption and use.Of course, if some women who are losing weight mind the fat in milk, then you can choose low -fat or skimmed milk when buying.

Eggs have always been a necessary health food in our lives.When adding supplementary food to supplement nutrition to the baby, it usually starts with egg yolk.In many areas in the north, when women produce confinement, they cannot do without eggs every day.It contains almost the nutrients needed by the human body. It is recommended that women eat 1-2 eggs a day.

Recommended recipe: egg fried fungus

Preparation of ingredients: 3 eggs, 1 fungus, half green pepper, appropriate amount of green onion, 1 spoon of raw soy sauce, an appropriate amount of oil and salt

1. Put the eggs into the bowl, add a little salt, and then stir the egg liquid.

2. Take a small handle of dry fungus, put it in a bowl, add more warm water, and soak the fungus to expand.Then rub, rinse 2-3 times, and then tear into small pieces.

3. Prepare half a small green pepper, which can have a good effect of adding fragrance, and can also look better in color matching.Wash and cut into small pieces.

4. After the oil is burned, after the oil is hot, pour the egg liquid, stir -fry the eggs medium heat. If the pieces are relatively large, press it into a small piece with a shovel and put it into the bowl.

5. Put the green onion in the bottom oil in the pot, then pour the fungus and green peppers, add a small spoon of raw soy sauce, a little hot water, stir -fry the heat, add a little salt, stir fry until the taste, and finally put the eggs.Pour into the pot again, stir fry evenly, wrap the soup and taste it, and turn off the fire.

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