The five major changes during pregnancy, the first one made many pregnant mothers embarrassed!

For women in October, it is an extremely difficult process for women, and it is by no means "the stomach is a bit bigger" in the man’s population.A test.So what are the general changes during pregnancy?

1. Hemorrhoids during pregnancy

It is not uncommon for mothers to have hemorrhoids after pregnancy. This is because the gastrointestinal motility of the gastrointestinal tract after pregnancy slows down, leading to constipation, and the most common cause of hemorrhoids during constipation causes hemorrhoids.Some mothers even pull out the slight internal hemorrhoids during pregnancy during production, which is indeed a very embarrassing thing!

2. Breast pain

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers generally have breast pain or mild breast hyperplasia. While the breasts are increasing, the color of the areola becomes black and has a lot of small pimples. This is the normal performance during pregnancy. ThereforeIt is very necessary, so as to avoid increasing breasts and drooping.

3. Sleep deterioration

Many pregnant mothers inevitably have symptoms of "sleep disorders after pregnancy". Pregnant mothers often feel unhappy and sensitive to the bad realm around, but looking at the husband who sleeps next to him, it is really gooddepressed!

It is recommended not to drink too much water before going to bed, and do not eat diuretic food at night, so as not to be awakened by urine.

4. Frequent urination and urine, endless urine

Pregnant mothers often feel a lot of urine, and it seems to be endless. This feeling feels more obvious in 3 months before pregnancy.

If the mother wants to reduce the number of times to go to the bathroom, she can use it slightly after each urination, and strive to have the least residual urine in the bladder.

5. Dry skin and itching

In most cases, pregnant mothers will feel itching and dryness of the abdominal skin or even numbness. If you have this feeling, try to shorten the bathing time. You can use a very weak bath solution without soap or soap.Then apply moisturizing lotion.

Of course, women’s physical changes are more than these when they are pregnant. This is a great test for pregnant mothers. While worrying about her body, she is more concerned about the fetus in the abdomen.

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