The first pregnancy, let me experience the first great joy and experience sharing in my life

Husband, I’m pregnant!

Although I was preparing for pregnancy, my husband knew that when I was pregnant, the first reaction was B.Then it took a day or two to react, and became happier and happier. I was holding me every few weeks and kissed my belly a few times.As for me, even after vomiting, the two have to kiss.EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceWhen the parents’ happiness and excitement slowly inspired as chemicals.

But when I entered the seventh or eight weeks, I was in the stage of pregnancy. When I was severe during pregnancy, I was off work in the evening and wanted to take care of me, but I felt like a mountain in my hands.He was hot, I felt that he blocked the air I was going to breathe … Although my husband also wanted to hug me to comfort me when I was uncomfortable, I was weak.What I look like, I just want to be cool and quiet. My husband understands me, constantly says, sorry, I am too busy, you take care of yourself, and wait for this child, we will not give birth.I know that my husband’s heart is also very stressful, but we can only wait for me to restore my body and then grind.

Be a confinement, please help "who"

My mother -in -law lived very well. When I was two months pregnant, my mother -in -law called me and said, "No one shows you the child after giving birth. Otherwise, you will have a few years." I will take thisDiscuss with my husband, my husband called my mother: "Mom, if my daughter -in -law was born, I would not ask you to ask." Well, my mother -in -law agreed.I was hospitalized and had a birth and inspection. My mother -in -law ignored it. I took care of myself throughout my pregnancy.(Because my husband goes to work, there is very little time for free). I saw the red until 39 weeks. The doctor asked me to be hospitalized. I told my husband, "Don’t call my mother and talk to the hospital." My husband just started to insist on not playing.Then I said, "I will definitely be busy after I am born." Suddenly, my husband opened his mind and said, "I call my buddies to help!"I was still stunned. At this moment, I reacted, so I quarreled with my husband. After all, the old men came to take care of my confinement. After all, it was inconvenient.

@P PD I want to say: I particularly understand that parents have raised their children from childhood to big. When they are old, they can have their own life. Parents do not want to take their grandson, they are their freedom.But in my heart: I want my mother -in -law to help me, so that I and my husband are easier.After all, making money, raising children, doing housework, so busy.

Reminder: Most pregnant women can be in the same room during pregnancy, just pay attention to posture

But those who have pregnancy complications or complications need to pay attention to or even prohibit.


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