The first girl’s belly, abdominal pain, stretch marks, doctors: no pregnancy, but the situation is even more fatal

Some time ago, Ms. Wang from Jiangsu received a call from the class teacher of her daughter’s school and asked her to come to school.On the phone, the class teacher supported it and only said that parents went to the school as soon as possible.Although doubtful, Ms. Wang did not dare to delay.

After arriving at the school, Ms. Wang saw her daughter Ning Ning unscathed, sitting in the middle of the office, and put down her hanging heart.However, the next class teacher made her heart cold.

It turned out that when the children were taking physical education today, the teacher asked the classmates to run 400 meters. The daughter Ning Ning told the teacher that she was uncomfortable and could not run.The physical education teacher glanced at her and didn’t say anything.

For this female student, physical education teachers are very impressive.The head is not high, the weight is not light, and the physical fitness is not good.Recently, the number of leaves asked for leave to take off.

The reason for the student is either stomach pain, or auntie.A semester of physical education lessons can be done normally several times.When the test was tested, the students couldn’t escape, and hummed at the end.

Considering that the weather was hot recently, the physical education teachers were not too embarrassed. They agreed with the request of Ms. Wang’s daughter Ning Ning, and asked whether other students in the class had any physical discomfort.

After the children ran 400 meters, the sports teacher took his classmates to the cool place to start teaching.Today, I arranged to sit up with sit -up training. The teacher divided the classmates into two groups, and one side kneeling on the other side of the other side, holding the classmate’s legs for practice.

When it was Ning Ning’s turn, she was lying on the cushion, preparing a preparation posture, waiting for the sports teacher to press the second watch.After the teacher issued an order, Ning Ning started sitting up.Doing it, the classmates screamed!

It turned out that Ning Ning’s sit -ups were crooked and twisted, and the tops were rolled up.The female classmate wanted to help Ning Ning sort it out, but did not expect to see the terrible lines of Ningning’s belly!

The screaming of the girl attracted the attention of many students next to them.The female classmate cried and faced: Ning Ning, what happened to your belly?Why like watermelon …

The physical education teacher was attracted by the voice of the classmates.Hearing the discussion of the female student, I remembered the reaction before running in Ningning.For the consideration of protecting the safety of students, he asked the sports members to take care of the class and took Ning Ning to find the head teacher.

At the beginning, several teachers just cared about Ning Ning’s body. Is there really any uncomfortable?Until the female teacher saw Ning Ning’s belly, she browed her brows and hurriedly shouted to discuss with other teachers.

Ning Ning was only 13 years old and weighed more than 140 pounds, especially the belly was round every day.Usually, everyone only thinks that the child is a fat pier, and he will lose weight in the future.Unexpectedly, this time I found that Ningning had stretch marks!

Thinking of the poor physical fitness of children, they often raise their hands to respond to their stomach pain.Once due to the pain of my stomach, I also delayed the exam, which alarmed the proctor teacher.Those such as such clues are gathered, and the teacher cannot sit, and quickly notify the parents.

Ms. Wang heard the teacher’s words, and her heart was very complicated.The weight of her daughter is indeed a bit abnormally rising. She always thought that her daughter was with herself. She liked to eat or not, and was caused by obese.The lines of the belly may be obese patterns.

At the school, the head teacher knocked on the side of the parents: "Is the child’s menstruation normal?

This sentence makes Ms. Wang wake up like a dream!She repeatedly recalled her daughter’s menstrual period. It seemed to start this year, and the menstruation began

It becomes abnormal.Is it the adult’s guess?

Ms. Wang turned to ask her daughter, letting the child tell the mother to tell the truth.Where do I go from school time?Is it true to go to a friend’s house on the weekend?Facing the questioning of her mother and teacher, Ning Ning covered her belly and kept denied.

No way, the best solution at this time is to go to the hospital for a examination.Even if the adult’s doubt is wrong, you have to figure out whether the child has a disease.

After coming out of the school, Ms. Wang took her daughter straight to the hospital.As soon as the doctor saw the child’s belly, he frowned.First, you need to confirm whether you are pregnant.

When the test results came out, Ms. Wang’s heart finally let go, because her daughter was not pregnant!She thought about it all morning, and now she is relieved.

But the doctor’s expression is getting more and more serious.If it is not pregnant, the patient’s condition may be even more serious …

There is something in the belly, and it will "explode" at any time!

I didn’t wait for my mother to breathe, and the doctor quickly asked for further examination."If you are diagnosed, your little girl is more dangerous than pregnancy! There is something in her belly!"

As soon as he heard this, Ms. Wang was stupid.I thought my daughter was either obese or pregnant.Now, the most terrible options have been excluded, but the doctor told her more dangerous?

At the moment when the relevant report came out, the doctor talked to his parents seriously: the girl had to perform surgery immediately and pulled out the stomach.Otherwise, there is a problem with life safety in the short term.In the long run, children may not be able to give birth in the future.

What’s wrong with?The 13 -year -old girl, what is the stomach, so fatal?

It turned out that there was no baby in the 13 -year -old Ningning’s belly, but an oversized ovarian cyst, which had been compressed to other organs, and may explode at any time!

In order to protect his life, you must first draw a few pounds of weight of the sac.Otherwise, children may have unimaginable situations such as major bleeding and intestinal necrosis!

What is ovarian cyst?How can such a small child get it?

For women, ovarian cysts are not a rare disease.But always feel that only older women can get sick, will a 13 -year -old girl also ovarian cyst?

In fact, ovarian cysts are mainly divided into physiological and pathological.Physiological, it is generally closely related to the menstrual cycle.There are many reasons for pathological, and the common endometriosis of everyone is among them.

Why are more and more young women suffering from ovarian cysts clinically, as low as 20 years old or even teenage?

01 endocrine

Clinically, many patients are uncommon for ovarian cysts due to excessive secretion of hormones and endocrine hormones in the body.

02 genetic factors

Genetic and family history is also one of the important factors

03 Lifetime mental stress

Excessive cholesterol intake in diet may be related to it.And if the daily routine and the mental stress are too strong, it will also affect the physical condition.

04 environmental factors

Ionizing radiation, asbestos, and talcum powder may affect ovarian mother cells, thereby affecting ovarian health.

05 Abuse of health products

Some women abuse health products and take hormone drugs and tonic products. They are also one of the factors.

This common disease is regardless of age!

Dr.X said

For this disease, I am even more worried about young women and adolescent children.Because this area is inside the pelvic cavity, early symptoms may be that the stomach is swelling and pain, urgency, etc., and it is difficult to find it earlier.

However, there are many inspection items made by adult women, and they are generally found earlier.However, this disease will also start with young girls and young women who have never given birth.Especially children’s physical examinations are generally difficult to find.Parents are advised to learn more science knowledge.Touch whether there are abnormal small pieces in the child’s belly, or abnormal weight changes.

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