The first case in Hubei!The woman "changed her heart" after 10 years as a mother

Jimu Journalist Liu Xun

10 years ago,

She is at Wuhan Union Hospital

Restart life after "changing your heart";

After 10 years,

She overcomes it that it is difficult to care for the fetus in October,

On the morning of January 26, she gave birth to her daughter in Xiehe.

When I heard the child’s loud crying,

The medical staff who are guarded all the way are thousands of emotions,

This is another continuation of life after ten years of rebirth.

Be a mother after changing my heart like this,

It is the first case in Hubei.

Jimu news reporter was informed,

Female treasure weighs 4.3 pounds, very healthy,

Mom is also very stable.

In order to protect the children and find the attending doctor then

The 27 -year -old Xi Zi lived in Guangxi. In 2012, due to the end -stage right ventricular cardiomyopathy, she went to Xiehe Hospital’s cardiac vascular surgery for treatment.Fortunately, Xi Zi was successfully waiting for a life -saving heart to surge in the team of Dong Nianguo.

After changing his heart, Xi Zi returned well, returned to society smoothly and formed a happy family. The young couple were very loving.At the beginning of 2018, Zhang Jing, the attending doctor of Guanbu and the chief physician of the Heart Boom Ev. Surgery of Xiehe Hospital at the time, explained his intention: "I want to have my own child." This surprised the doctor’s heart.

You know, patients after heart transplantation need to take anti -exclusive drugs for a long time, and they cannot be interrupted even during pregnancy, but most of the anti -exclusive drugs have certain terators and abortion risks; in addition, the drug will "push up" the motherBlood pressure and blood sugar during pregnancy are not small to the heart.Although there were indeed cases in China who had succeeded in pregnancy after changing their minds, Dr. Zhang Jing had considered risks and repeatedly advised her to consider it carefully.But Xi Zi was determined and insisted on wanting baby.

In the end, Professor Dong Nianguo and Dr. Zhang Jing respected her choice and formulated a "pregnancy plan" for her, telling her to monitor her physical condition at any time and adjust the drug condition in time.For a few months in a row, Xi Zi did not have a lot of money. Dr. Zhang Jing had a mind, for fear of her heart, proposed to be adjusted back to the original dose, and persuaded her to say, "My body is tight, let’s talk about the child afterwards."When he was preparing to give up, Xi Zi found that he was pregnant, and quickly told the experts at Xiehe Hospital.

Formulate a plan for multiple consultations, babysitter and daughter safety

How to make a mother who has changed the heart to give birth to a baby, and the team of major heart vascular surgery, obstetrics, anesthesia department and other experts in Xiehe Hospital has no bottom. This process has challenged cases that have not been successfully delivered in our province.

"Pregnant women are not good for pregnancy." Professor Zhao Yin, deputy director of the obstetrics department of Wuhan Union Hospital, said that in addition to congenital thalassemia, maternal hypertension and gestational diabetes have appeared during pregnancy.The treatment is very tricky.

In the entire pregnancy process, the cardiac surgery adjusted the types of anti -exclusive drugs for Xizi and ensured dose safety; the obstetric team continued to do the minimum impact on the fetus for the birth check and fetal ultrasound testing for the birth examination and fetal ultrasound test.

On December 29 last year, Xi Zi had 31 weeks of pregnancy. Professor Zhao Yin organized the hospital’s consultation, including cardiac scholars, ICUs, anesthesia, operating rooms, neonatal medicines and other disciplines to evaluate pregnant women and fetuses and determinedEmergency plans.

Be careful when Xizi is pregnant at 36 weeks of pregnancy, considering the safety of the mother and baby, the MDT expert team made a decision, and the cesarean section can be surgery!

On January 26th, the Southern Lunar New Year, at 8:30 am, the experts were anesthesia for Xizi.After 15 minutes, obstetric experts started the operation.For only 30 minutes throughout the journey, the baby girl fell to the ground, and her crying was loud.After evaluation, the child weighs 4.3 pounds and the score is 8-9 points, which is healthy.When the medical staff held her baby and Xizi’s face, she immediately blushed her eyes, "I finally become a mother!"

As of the press release of Jimu Journalists, Director Dong Nianguo and Professor Zhao Yin have just finished checking the house. The mother and daughter are relatively stable. Everyone is relieved. The hospital will continue to track the condition of the baby and mother in the future.

Women with diabetes, liver and kidney system diseases, systemic lupus erythematosus and other diseases must do a systematic examination before pregnancy. The obstetrics and multidisciplinary teams will conduct detailed risk assessment, because the disease may increase during pregnancy.The risks brought are not small, and the serious ones will be life -threatening.

Correspondent: Nie Wenwen Peng Jinxian Chen Youwei Liu Kunwei

Source: Jimu News

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