The finale of the hot drama "Chu Qiao Biography" is spoiled, Chu Qiao is pregnant, and the ending is too sad!

I believe that few people don’t know now, Chu Qiao, who is currently being broadcast, right?IntersectionBecause it was broadcast on the mango, the update was very slow and slow!So, what will happen to the finale of this drama?Xiaobian will reveal it for everyone, let’s take a look.

In episode 9 of "Chu Qiao Biography", Chu Qiao’s life was seen by Yu Wenzheng, Wei GuifeiAfter taking out the "Palace Secret", Chu Qiao’s life was recorded in the secret file.According to records, Chu Qiao is a girl with deep internal power. In short, the original author andThe screenwriter is set up like this.Qiao Nei Gong shook the man in black out of the courtyard.

Chu Qiao is the daughter of Luohe, the new Fengyun Lingzhu, Luohe is one of the founders of the Hanshan LeagueUnfortunately, a traitor later appeared in the organization. In order to protect her daughter’s victims, Luohe faced.In the end, Hanshan Ling was passed on to her daughter, so Chu Qiao was chased.

Cangsheng’s blood and tears are all thousands of sails, and they will pay great money with each other.The troubled world is weird, and her heart is bright and brilliant.The beautiful king of the sea.

In the original book, Chu Qiao accompanied Yan Yan for 8 years, after all, because of the great value of values and morals, the end.Partial ways.Instead, he fell in love with the former master Yu Wenzheng.And with Yu Wenzheng, he became a parenting house.The final ending was that Chu Qiao was in Yu Wenzheng’s ear and told him: Yu Wenzheng,I am pregnant.According to the current TV series routine, basically the original novels have been changed accordinglyMove, will the ending change greatly?Let’s wait and see!

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