The film emperor exposed the derailment giant melon: Primary three is that the people in the circle are found to be forcibly taken to get a fetus by the original match.

On March 3rd, a well -known entertainment revealed an amazing melon, and the amount of information was too large:

1. Hong Kong, film emperor, a pair of charming "electric eyes", married

2. Xiaosan was forced to be tire by the original match for five months of pregnancy

3. The film emperor and his wife have no children

Speaking of Hong Kong film emperors, there are too many. If the number of awards is ranked, Liang Chaowei, Liang Jiahui, and Zhou Runfa are on the list:

As soon as this news came out, it caused a hot review of netizens. Everyone speculated who the film emperor was:

First exclude Zhou Xingchi, because he has not been married, and then eliminates the children Liang Jiahui, Andy Lau, Guo Fucheng, Zhang Jiahui … Finally, the death of his brother Leslie Cheung, only Liu Qingyun, Zhou Runfa, Liang Chaowei are most likely, but the entertainment record of the news emphasized that this person emphasized this.The film emperor has a pair of "electric eyes", which is very attractive.

Let’s talk about Zhou Runfa Chen Huilian. The two had a child five years after marriage, but because the umbilical cord’s neck died in the belly, Chen Huilian came out of pain for seven years.Children, Zhou Runfa will donate all his property.

Liang Chaowei and Carina Lau got married in 2008. At that time, Carina Lau was 43 years old. Because of her age, and Liang Chaowei’s insistence, he felt that he could not educate a child, so the couple chose not to give birth.Before, some media revealed that Carina Lau had prayed for the Buddha in order to give birth to a child, but did not succeed.

As for Liu Qingyun and Guo Yiming, they have no scandal for more than 20 years, and Liu Qingyun does not have a pair of "electric eyes".

In the Hong Kong entertainment industry, it can be called "electric eye", that is, Liang Chaowei!But to be honest, Xiaobian never felt that Liang Chaowei’s eyes would discharge. When he was young, Liang Chaowei was really handsome, but he didn’t know how the electric eye came.

Liang Chaowei Carina Lau has been very sweet and affectionate for many years. Even without children, they will not affect their marriage. According to the "electric eye" film emperor who broke the news, many netizens have speculated that it would not be Liang Chaowei?What is the reason why they don’t want children?

There is a saying in China, "There are three none of the filial piety." Men want to have their own children whether they are successful or not at a certain age, let alone a film emperor worth hundreds of millions?

Some netizens said that the film emperor’s wife pulled a pregnant woman who was pregnant for five months to get a fetus, and it was also a ruthless role!This month’s fetus has been formed as "induction of labor", not to mention that she is so rich that she can’t have children, signing a confidential agreement and avoiding the risk of property inheritance.A innocent child.

And some netizens are more concerned about who is being pulled away?

Some people responded to actresses in the entertainment industry. I don’t know if the news is true or false.

Who do you think this film emperor is?In fact, he is quite pitiful …

What would you do if you have hundreds of millions of products but no one inherit?


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