The fifth week of pregnancy you should know

In the fifth week, the baby’s baby began to grow quickly in his mother’s body. He needed the meticulous care and care of the pregnant mother.

Whether you can be a qualified pregnant mother need your own efforts.

1. The physical change of the pregnant mother

In the fifth week, most pregnant mothers will obviously feel different from the previous. Many symptoms of breast pain, fatigue and frequent urination will become more sensitive, hate smoke, ethanol or caffeine -containing drinks.

Even if the pregnant mothers who do not sleep usually, they will not be able to wake up at this time.

This is caused by the nourishing layer of the placenta secretion of velvetic gonad hormone. This hormone can produce a anesthesia effect and cause the human body to become a little dull.

Don’t worry, these can help your body more suitable for breeding your baby.

At the same time, from the fifth week, your emotional changes have also changed greatly, and it is easy to be anxious. Some are caused by hormones, and some are caused by specific circumstances.

When your physiological and psychological changes have changed, you can vent your emotions with the people around you, which will make you feel much easier.

2. The development of baby baby

In the fifth week, from the shape, the carcass can be divided into the body and head.

There is a darker part of the embryo and baby’s back, which will become spinal cord.

This week’s curled hands and feet developed on this week, stretching like plants germinated.

3. I am pregnant, how can I tell the leader as the person in the workplace

For the company, your pregnancy is bound to disrupt the original work plan and arrangement.

Therefore, you must choose the time to report up, and he may affect all aspects of your work.

It is recommended that after you complete a job, report your pregnancy to your boss or your boss.

Don’t worry about the treatment and salary of your boss in a hurry, give your boss a little time to accept your status quo.

Pay a good way for future further arrangements.

4. Dietary nutrition guidance during pregnancy

Eat more fish.

(1) What kind of fish to eat

Yellow flower fish, flat fish, and fish.

(2) How to eat fish

It does not exceed three times a week, and the fish should be cleaned up and try to use the method of steaming.

5. The correct drinking water makes the baby safer

(1) A cup of warm water in the morning

(2) Remember to drink water before drinking water

6. Pregnant mother’s daily life arrangement

Winter remained

(1) Diet adjustment

(2) Warm dressing, moderate looseness

7. Must -read event

(1) Let your wife stay away from loneliness

(2) Frequent dialogue with your baby

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