The fetus was stopped at 24 weeks of pregnancy, and the B -ultrasound showed that the fetus was in the central prefabricated placenta.

Breeding a healthy and smart baby is the wish of every expectant mother. However, in the process of breeding, it is full of hope and beauty, and at the same time, there are many dangers.Therefore, during pregnancy, carefully pay attention to everywhere. When the body is uncomfortable, you must check it as soon as possible to avoid danger.

Ms. Zhang, 28, found that the fetus was stopped 24 weeks after pregnancy, and the fetus was discovered by the hospital and found that the fetus was in a central pre -placenta.The doctor told her that if conventional vaginal delivery is likely to cause severe prenatal bleeding, it is very dangerous, and if the cesarean section is performed, it will leave great trauma.Finally, under the surgery of the doctors carefully arranged and fully communicated, Ms. Zhang’s successful childbirth was out of danger.

The normal placenta is attached to the back, front wall or side wall of the uterine body.

1. Complete front placenta or central front placenta: all the inner mouth of the cervix is covered with placenta tissue;

2. Partial front placenta: The inner part of the cervix is covered with placenta tissue;

3. Edge front placenta: The placenta is attached to the lower section of the uterine, reaching the edge of the inner mouth of the cervix, and does not surpass the inner mouth of the cervix.

If the prefabricated placenta occurs, vaginal bleeding will occur in the middle and late pregnancy, and even major bleeding will affect the safety of pregnant women and the fetus of the fetus. Its occurrence is related to multiple abortion, childbirth, cesarean section, inflammation, and multi -fetal pregnancy.

What factors are easy to cause the front placenta?

If there are many times, abortion, abortion, childbirth, and uterine surgical experience can easily cause front placenta.Because these conditions can damage the endometrium, causing endometritis or atrophic lesions. If the uterine endometrium vascular formation is poor, the placenta blood supply is insufficient, and the stimulating placenta area will increase to the lower section of the uterine.

If the auxiliary placenta is combined, the auxiliary placenta is located near the inner mouth of the cervix in the lower part of the uterus; the membrane -shaped placenta is large and thin, which can be extended to the lower section of the uterine. These are also important factor that leads to the front placenta.

After the fertilized egg reaches the uterine cavity, if the nourishing layer does not develop to the stage of bed, it will continue to go downstream to the lower uterine section, and the front placenta will be formed in the bed.

So how should pregnant mothers prevent?

You should know that the front placenta is a serious complication of obstetrics after 28 pregnancy. Therefore, do not be too nervous if it is the front placenta before 28 weeks, because it will extend with the lower section of the uterus after 28 weeks, and most of them will go up.

If you check the front placenta after 28 weeks of pregnancy, remember to rest in time to rest in time. It is advisable to lie on the left side position. At the same time, pay attention to prevent early peeling and bleeding.Sexual behaviors, in addition, patients with slightly front placenta should also avoid compressing abdomen movements.

Discovering the pre -placent pregnant mother, pay attention to supplementing nutrition in daily life, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and keep the stomach open.

Under the guidance of a doctor, pay attention to zinc supplementation, because zinc can increase the elasticity of the placenta, reduce the risk of premature peeling placenta, and prevent premature fetal birth.

In fact, if the pregnant mother who has the front placenta does not have serious bleeding, contractions, etc., it does not need to be too anxious and nervous, but these pregnant mothers should pay attention to observing the changes in their bodies in their daily lives.Seek medical treatment in time so as not to cause too much blood loss to pregnant women and fetuses.

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