The fetus has not taken shape for 2 months of pregnancy. Why do the doctor let the B -ultrasound?Four situations must be understood in the early pregnancy

The pregnancy test during pregnancy is a very important thing. This examination can better ensure the safety of the fetus and pregnant women.However, many pregnant mothers can’t understand why doctors open B -ultrasound in the early pregnancy doctors feel that this examination is not necessary.

In fact, this is not what the pregnant mother thinks, and the B -ultrasound examination in the early pregnancy is still necessary.”Zero plan”

Xiaomei was pregnant for two months (8 weeks), and today I went to the birth check with her husband. When I saw the B -ultrasound given by the doctor, Xiaomei felt that this was an unnecessary check, because the child was only two months old.No forming, no one can see anything.

Xiaomei said to the doctor: "The doctor, the child is only two months now, and you can’t see anything. Is it too early to open the B -ultrasound?"

The doctor explained to Xiaomei: "Oh, these young people, these do not understand these. In the early pregnancy, the B -ultrasound order is to better observe the situation of you and the child and avoid accidents as possible."

After listening to the doctor, Xiaomei knew the importance of taking B -ultrasound in the early pregnancy, and only knew that it could not be saved in this regard.

1. Threat the life of pregnant women

As the saying goes: "Precautions in the presence."

Many people think that doing B -ultrasound in the early pregnancy is very unnecessary. This is just a gimmick for the hospital to make money, so many people choose not to do a B -ultrasound in the early pregnancy.

However, such an idea is very incorrect and may even threaten the life of pregnant women.In the early pregnancy, B -ultrasound examination can see the situation of pregnant women more, see if there are ectopic pregnancy, etc.If it is not checked in the early stage, it will be very dangerous in the later period.

2. Threat the development of the fetus

The growth and development of children in the mother’s belly is very important. In the early pregnancy examination, the early pregnancy check can better pay attention to the child’s growth status.If there is any special situation, it may not have a great impact on the fetus and pregnant women in the early pregnancy examination.

If there is no B -ultrasound examination in the early pregnancy, and the mothers have the condition of uterine deformity, it is likely to affect the development of the fetus.

Or do you see the fetal buds and fetal hearts, you need to have the early B -ultrasound.

1. See if pregnant women exist in ectopic pregnancy

During the period of pregnancy to giving birth, pregnant women have a certain risk. In order to reduce the risk of pregnant women and fetuses as much as possible, the B -ultrasound in the early pregnancy is also very important.

The B -ultrasound in the early pregnancy is mainly to see if the pregnant woman has an ectopic pregnancy. The best place for our fetus is the uterus. Generally, after the fallopian tube is fertilized, it will slowly enter the uterus with the peristalsis of the fallopian tube and find a piece.Feng Shui Treasure took root, but it is also possible that some fetuses have not entered the uterus and directly bed in the fallopian tube.This situation is very serious. The uterus can increase by 100 times, but the fallopian tube is just a tube. Once the fetus grows and the fallopian tube cannot grow, it is easy to break and bleed, serious or even life -threatening.

2. See how many twins

When my mother is pregnant with twins, this is a very happy thing.However, when you are pregnant, there will be a certain danger.

We all know that there is a certain risk of a child in itself, not to mention that it is pregnant.Duoduo needs more nutrition, the burden on the mother’s body is heavier, and premature birth is more prone to occur.

Duoduo will increase the chance of miscarriage, and there will be a phenomenon such as dead tires, fetal defects, excessive weight loss when children are born, or slow growth.

Therefore, the B -ultrasound in the early pregnancy is also very important.If the phenomenon of multiple twins, doctors give suggestions based on pregnancy, which guarantees the safety of children and pregnant women to a greater extent.

3. Look at the condition of the embryo

Early pregnancy is the most critical and most dangerous stage of pregnant women. In order to better protect pregnant women and fetuses at this stage, it is also important to follow the B -ultrasound.

In the early pregnancy, the B -ultrasound can check the condition of the embryo. Doctors can judge whether the embryo can survive based on the situation of the B -ultrasound to see if the fetus has fetal heart.If the fetus has no fetal heart, it is useless to keep it.

4. See if there is an abnormal uterus and ovaries for pregnant women

In the early pregnancy, B -ultrasound is more important to see if the uterus and ovaries of pregnant women are abnormal.Because some pregnant women will detect uterine malformations during pregnancy.

When pregnant women have the phenomenon of uterine malformations, the growth space of the fetus in women’s body is small, which can easily lead to premature birth and abortion, which is very dangerous for the fetus.

If these abnormalities can be detected in the early pregnancy examination, the doctor can give a timely and reasonable solution to minimize the damage as much as possible.

Mother Jing’s message: Pregnancy is a risk. In order to better protect pregnant women and fetuses, some examinations are essential.Do not think that the doctor’s inspection is time -consuming, which is unnecessary.It is because of your great intentions and ignorance, it is likely to cause great harm to yourself and children.

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