The female star holds the red carpet on the big belly, and some people wrap them strictly. Some people challenge deep V

The red carpet is a more than the American battlefield. You can see the stars, and even the actress of some actresses openly "plug -in": the children in the stomach appear together.This year, there are really a lot of actresses who are pregnant with the red carpet.

Recently, Chen Yihan appeared publicly after the second child was pregnant and attended the red carpet of the Taipei Film Festival to stand for his work.On the red carpet, Chen Yihan had short hair with her bangs and covered her pregnant belly with a high -waisted big skirt. It is estimated that she was very hard during pregnancy. She looked a lot of weight.

Although the big skirt design covered the pregnant belly, it can be seen from the side perspective that Chen Yihan’s belly is already very pregnant.She also wore comfortable flat shoes, and occasionally supported her belly with her hands, and was cautious.In one or two months, she will also have a second baby.

At the end of July this year, Chen Yihan announced the second child. In the interview, she said that she found that she was pregnant after two months of pregnancy.Word.

According to time, Chen Yihan should also have 8 or 9 body pregnancy now. It is also very hard to attend the red carpet during the output period.

In fact, many actresses in the circle have been on the red carpet during pregnancy, so that children have brightened in front of the public.At the end of March this year, Zhu Zhu had an obvious pregnant belly and appeared in the fashion bazaar red carpet.She was wearing a black tight -fitting dress, outline her body curve, and her protruding belly became the focus of the audience.

Zhu Zhu, who had already been pregnant, still put on the red carpet with more than ten centimeters high, and every step went steadily and fast.She held her belly almost all the way, and after walking to the middle of the red carpet, she deliberately showed her pregnant belly.

After the red carpet, Zhu Zhu also showed the good news of pregnancy.On March 18 this year, Zhu Zhucai and Wang Yijia were married in Beijing. In less than half a month, the belly was so big. It should be married to Fengzi.

During the pregnancy, the strong woman Zhu Zhu did not completely let go of her career, and she took the pregnant belly to attend the red carpet and other activities many times.At 7 months of pregnancy, she stepped on high heels and attended the TV series conference.

On September 2nd, Zhu Zhu’s baby was successfully produced and inherited the mother’s pear vortex. This girl was born under the witness of the red carpet spotlight.

At the end of March, the Bazaar red carpet was very lively. Zhu Zhu’s pregnant belly appeared in the focus, and Meng Yao Yao was also questioned as pregnant.That night, Meng Mengyao appeared in a low -cut tight dress, but the condition was a bit over, not only was squeezed out of the dresses, but the waist could not see the waistline.

That night, Meng Yaoyao’s supermodel body no longer existed, and it was not an exaggeration to describe it with "big waist and round".Some netizens suspected that she was not round and fat, gave up her body management, but had a second child.

More than a month later, Meng Yaoyao announced in May Mother’s Day that she was pregnant with a second child, which confirmed the conjecture of netizens about her pregnancy and walking the red carpet.

After the official announcement of the second child, Xun Mengyao did not choose to raise his heart at home at home. In mid -May, he was quite pregnant with a pregnant belly and appeared in a red carpet in a fashion activity.

She was wearing a tight suspender black dress, from earrings, necklaces to the diamond decoration of dresses, and the whole person was pearly.

It may be the impact of pregnancy. Xun Mengyao’s upper body has obvious long meat, and the lower body is still very slender.

Black can hide meat. It can’t be seen from the front of Xun Mengyao’s protruding curve, but she can see her belly on the side angle, which is quite obvious.Standing on the red carpet for a long time, Xun Mengyao also had obvious fatigue. Is she going to go out to make milk powder money?

In fact, actresses to participate in red carpets and activities with their pregnant belly are not only earning so -called milk powder money, but also to increase their exposure, and some are important occasions that cannot be pushed off.For example, in 2019, Zhang Ziyi, 40, was pregnant for 7 months and appeared in the red carpet of Tokyo International Film.

I was pregnant at 30 weeks of pregnancy, and I went to the red carpet in other countries at the 30 weeks of pregnancy.In fact, Zhang Ziyi is the chairman of this film festival, which is of great significance to her. She also had to "love the job" once in this case.

On the day, Zhang Ziyi walked to the red carpet in a loose black dress, and the high -necked and long skirt design was wrapped in tightly.She combed her capable big light hairstyle, holding her belly with both hands, facing the flash of the red carpet.No matter which angle, Zhang Ziyi, the 40 -year -old pregnant mother, is very capable.

Because it was a second child, Zhang Ziyi was obviously careful at the time. During the pregnancy, Zhang Ziyi basically did not attend.However, at 7 months of pregnancy, we must "fight" for the Film Festival.

Not only did she go to the red carpet, she also had to review 14 participating films and selected 7 important awards in 8 days.She also joked: This is the best prenatal education for children.

It is speculated by time, Zhang Ziyi has participated in the Cannes Film Festival and attended multiple red carpet activities when she was three months pregnant.It was just that Zhang Ziyi at that time had not yet been pregnant. Each red carpet dress had a thin waist, and he couldn’t see that he was pregnant for three months.

Zhang Ziyi’s second child has been brought by his mother to see how many times when he was born.

With the children in the belly, the red carpet of the movie festival, there is another movie -Tang Wei.In April 2016, Tang Wei held a pregnant belly for more than 5 months and appeared in the red carpet of the 6th Beijing International Film Festival.

She was wearing a dark V black printed dress and a long curly hair shawl, which was obvious from the side.It may be impact during pregnancy, and her bust also seems to have changed, but her face state and figure are still online. Sure enough, the goddess is pregnant and only fat.

Seeing this, I do n’t know if you found it. From Chen Yihan, Zhu Zhu to Xi Mengyao, Zhang Ziyi, Tang Wei, the actress will choose a black long dress on the red carpet during pregnancy. Is it because black is easy to cover the meat?

However, there are exceptions. When Xie Nan walked the red carpet with a second child, he chose a white loose gift.The long -sleeved shirt skirt of the A -line version completely covers the shape of the belly, but from the side, you can also see the curvature.

Xie Nan had always smiled on the red carpet, and pointed at his belly at the camera, and had no pressure and fatigue on the red carpet.

When "Wu’s so -called" was pregnant, Xie Nan also appeared on the red carpet of the premiere of "Breakfast" with his stomach. He was paired with a loose striped skirt with a black vest, which was very casual and casual.

However, Xie Nan took the red carpet during the pregnancy, and his husband Wu Jing was escorted throughout the process.Wu Jing with sunglasses is like an exclusive bodyguard, very secure.

Geonxi, Sun Qian, also chose a white dress when she walked on the red carpet during pregnancy.

Yao Chen in the same scene was the same as a pregnant mother on the red carpet and competed with Sun Qian for the best female partner.Compared with Sun Qian’s exquisite dress, Yao Chen’s red carpet look is more pursuing a sense of comfort. A black low -neck printing dress is very simple and generous.

These actresses are on the red carpet on the pregnant belly, which are both brilliant stars and ordinary and great mothers.Although they can’t show a graceful figure like other actresses, they are also different.This special "plug -in" adds more colors to their red carpets.

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