The failure of conception during ovulation is generally caused by these three reasons. I want to change my pregnancy.

I have a roommate began to prepare for pregnancy half a year ago, and I have not succeeded. I have complained with us in WeChat group a few years ago, indicating that the explicit ovulation period is accurate. Each ovulation period also has the same room, but the monthly "big big big monthly,"Auntie "all reported on time and felt desperate.We all comfort her about her pregnancy. Do not put too much pressure on ourselves. As long as the body is not a problem, pregnancy is a matter of time.So, what are the causes of failure during ovulation?

1. The ovulation period is not accurate

Because the pressure of life is too strong now, the menstruation of many girls is irregular, and the menstrual period is irregular. Then the calculated ovulation time may be wrong. It is naturally difficult to conceive in the same room in the wrong time.Therefore, women with irregular menstruation want their children, first of all, the rules of menstruation should be regulated, and then considering pregnancy.Otherwise, after pregnancy, there may be some small troubles waiting for you, such as there is no way to accurately calculate the pregnancy time and the due date.

2. Poor egg quality

The cycle of female ovulation is once every January, and only one egg is discharged at a time. If this egg is not healthy enough or any defects, it is difficult to combine with sperm.Therefore, during the pregnancy, expectant mothers must develop good living habits, do not smoke and drink, and do not stay up at night to sleep, and remember to supplement nutrition for the body.

Third, the quality of sperm is not good

Different from the single fighting of the eggs, men can excrete many sperm each time, but these sperm may all be low -quality, unhealthy, or dead. Sperm quality is not closed. Naturally, women have no way to conceive.EssenceTherefore, during pregnancy, men should not do harm sperm, such as staying in high -temperature environments, smoking alcohol and drinking.

Fourth, how to increase the probability of ovulation during ovulation period

1. The right time in the same room.When the husband and wife prepare for pregnancy, the same room cannot be used on the day of ovulation day, because some women may count their own ovulation day.Therefore, the vast majority of obstetricians suggest that the husband and wife start the same room 5 days before the female ovulation. It can be once every day, and the same room to the time of the ovulation day can be greatly increased. This can greatly increase the probability of conception.In addition, some doctors said that the human body function has changed a lot in the day. Among them, it is best to be from 7 am to 11 am, and then began to decline, and it started to rise after 5 pm.And the physical function is better to conceive, and the baby is healthier and smarter, so you can choose a good time in the same room.

2. Adjust your own state.After being intended to start the child, it is recommended that both the couple began to adjust their physical condition. They insist on exercising every day, supplement the nutrition of the body, and take folic acid on time. Only when the physical fitness goes up, can they have the energy and physical strength to welcome the "good pregnancy".

In short, whether it is preparing for pregnancy or pregnancy, it is not an easy task, so expectant mothers and prospective dad should adjust their bodies and are always ready.

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