The fact that 7 major pregnancy is pregnant. People who have never been pregnant generally do not believe it.

My twins are more than 4 years old. Several relatives and sisters at home have been pregnant and have a baby in the past few years. Let’s talk about the reaction during pregnancy. Therefore, the piles of piles during pregnancy will always recall it.

One thing is our common feelings: some pregnancy facts, women men who have not been pregnant can’t believe it.

I have a test tube conception. The first 21 days after the transplantation of the embryo (30-40 days of pregnancy), it is the most comfortable day of my whole pregnancy-I can eat and sleep.

At that time, the blood was diagnosed with pregnancy, and I felt that it was an early pregnancy response.

I can sleep except for three meals a day.I slept for the longest for 15 hours for several days in a row.

Because it was an embryo, I lay more in the first few days.Then the first two bars of life were measured on the 7th day after transplantation. On the 8th day of the Chinese medicine, the pulse was confirmed to be pregnant. On the 9th day of the hospital, the hospital took blood to confirm that pregnancy was confirmed.

Next, I am lazy every day (in fact, I do n’t have to lie down for a week after transplantation, but I am particularly sleepy), lying on the bed, lying on the sofa.I basically ate breakfast in the morning and went up to eat meals, and then continued to sleep. I went to bed at 8 o’clock after dinner, and I could fall asleep quickly.At 7 o’clock the next morning, my husband got up and went out. I didn’t wake up.

Of course, thanks to my mother’s house at that time, my mother also took care of me very well. I have a good stomach and give me all kinds of food.I was sleepy, so I covered the quilt for the sofa.

Sleeping during pregnancy is actually normal. Generally, with the increase of pregnancy, this phenomenon will gradually decrease or even disappear.

However, pregnant mothers must participate in each pregnancy test on time. The mothers who are a bit drowsy like me, pay attention to the indicators of thyroid function during the first birth check. Pregnant mothers with hypothyroidism will also have a drowsiness (I amDue to vaginal bleeding, pregnancy is found to be hypothyroidism at 7 weeks of pregnancy, and TSH is high).

On the 23rd day after transplantation (about 7 weeks of pregnancy), my lower body had blood, and only my mother and I were at home.My mother had just fractured and couldn’t accompany me to the hospital. She was in a hurry.

I immediately decided to ask my dad to come back to accompany me, because my husband had been at home for 1 hour, and he was easy to panic.

I calmly called my dad, and he immediately went home.For about 5 pm, I was going to go to the maternal and children’s hospital, the comprehensive hospital, or the test tube reproductive hospital, and then walked to the door of the community.

We successfully stopped a taxi (at that time, the online ride was not popular).

After getting in the car, I decided to go to the reproductive hospital (considering that it was about to get off work, it may be necessary to look at the emergency department; if it was an emergency department, there was a full set of information in the reproductive hospital system I was going to see, which was more convenient).

I was not afraid on the road, and my dad seemed a little panic.I have been talking to two babies in my heart, telling them: Mom is there, don’t be afraid, mothers will protect you.

Now that my two children wake up at night, as long as I see me, I said, "Mom is there, is there a nightmare? Don’t be afraid, mother is in", the child can continue to sleep.But if my husband is accompanied by the room, it is useless to soothe the child.I think it ’s pregnant, and I have been telling the child: Mom is.

When I arrived at the hospital, I first explained the situation with the assistant doctor. The patient heard it, got up and let me sit and wait, and let me watch first.I went to the doctor very smoothly before get off work.

The doctor asked the HCG value and gave me a hemostatic needle. He ordered me: "Now go to the 2nd floor to pay the money, get the medicine on the 3rd floor, and look at it on the 4th floor.Just go to the 5th floor of the hospital for injection. After getting the needle, go home first, and take a B -ultrasound tomorrow without bleeding. If you bleed at night, come to the 5th floor to be hospitalized directly. "

At that time, I remember this process very clearly, so that I still remember now, because I know that my dad may not be sure, I can only rely on myself.

At that time, the 4th floor was out of get off work. I went to the hospital department to stop the hematopoietic needle. Fortunately, there was no bleeding at night and no hospitalization.The next day I saw the fetal buds of the two babies in advance.

The next day my husband asked the hospital to accompany me to go to the hospital to check B -ultrasound, take blood, and show the results to the doctor.result.

In fact, I am a particularly easy person, and it is easy to be too nervous and chaotic when they are in trouble.

But at that time, bleeding during pregnancy, and various situations I encountered in the later period, I could calmly make a judgment and bravely tell the babies in my stomach: don’t be afraid, and the thinking is clear, decided decisive.

Because I am a mother, I need to protect my children. Only I am particularly brave, and the child can be particularly strong.

I have watched the first interview show of Li Xiang, saying that she belongs to the vomiting of pregnancy.It is estimated that I am also. Fortunately, I vomited very much at the time, but I still wanted to eat after vomiting. The development of the two fetuses has always been in line with the pregnancy age.

My vomiting almost started from no bleeding.

The first month of pregnancy was particularly able to sleep. The second month was intermittently bleeding for one month, and the third month began to vomit.

At 9 o’clock every night, I will hold a stool, sit in the toilet, wait, wait for vomiting.Because the time in my daily pregnancy is particularly accurate, it is really helpless.Don’t prepare to sit in early, and suddenly want to vomit. When you run to the toilet, you will basically make or get the ground.

Later, my pregnancy continued to upgrade.

I spit 4 times a night.The next day, I wanted to count again. Unfortunately, I was vomiting that day, and I couldn’t record it at all.

Eat apple vomiting, drink milk vomiting, smell the smell of fried bacon from the windows of other people’s houses, you will also vomit. You must know that I love to eat bacon before.

In the worst, I vomited boiled water.

My father, my mother, and my husband, I always want to set me to the hospital. I can’t persist, I don’t want to be hospitalized, I don’t want to lie down.Always told them: the baby is in line with normal pregnancy (because of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, so I need to take a B -ultrasound every 10 days to see the fetal development), and I did not vomit blood, and I also wanted to eat.In the first three months, the baby’s nutrition came from the placenta, and it was okay.

Reminder: If you do not want to eat after pregnancy, or vomiting blood, mothers who do not meet the pregnancy of the fetus should go to the hospital for examination in time.

I basically spit it 4 months.Three months before pregnancy, I lost 10 pounds; I was 4 months of pregnancy, and I only grown back to pregnancy before pregnancy.

In the 5th month, I didn’t vomit, and my appetite recovered again.This is also a pleasant month. I can let my husband take a steps on the weekend. On weekdays, I eat all kinds of food. I eat 7 meals a day. Every meal is very solid.

I was hungry at almost an hour at the time, and I ate something every time.Like walnuts, red dates, fruits, yogurt, I put on the table like completing the task every day, and eat a few as soon as possible.

The most exaggerated thing is that they will be woke up in the middle of the night.I ca n’t stand it, so I gave myself a breakfast early, and then went to sleep after eating.

My colleague had seen a photo of my circle of friends and said, "You can eat so you can eat, I can’t believe you two children, only 25 pounds during pregnancy."

Looking at the breakfast diagram of the pregnancy below, I can’t believe that I can eat so much meals in a meal. Before pregnancy and after giving birth (non -lactation), this can be used as my ration all day.

From the early pregnancy HCG value, to the various indicators of the first pregnancy test, to NT value, non -invasive DNA, B -ultrasound, four -dimensional, fetal heart monitoring, TSH value (hypothyroidism requires a monthly thyroid function), blood glucose indicators (pregnancyDiabetes requires self -measured meals and postprandial blood glucose value every day). I really spent the entire pregnancy in the indicators.

Perhaps the sequelae of bleeding in the early pregnancy, when the B -ultrasound, the fetal heart monitoring room, and the doctor in the four -dimensional room speak implicitly, I will check the information and make an appointment as soon as possible for the next delivery, which is convenient for the obstetric hospital to give me the final answer.

It is estimated that love to pick indicators will be a hobby of many mothers during pregnancy!The value and situation of comparing the baby from each other also started from this time.

I reminded it above that if you want to sleep in the early pregnancy, hurry up and go to sleep more!Because of the third trimester, it is difficult to sleep well. The biggest trouble is that it is easy to wake up by urine in the middle of the night.

Obviously urinating before bedtime, I didn’t drink water before going to bed. The last time I pee was only one hour ago, but I couldn’t help but want to go to the toilet.

After the ideological struggle, got up to the toilet, and then the baby in his belly woke up.Well, the baby is the most hi at night, but you can’t get up at dawn, don’t sleep on your phone and wait for dawn.

Remind all pregnant mothers: The dark light poke the phone at night really bad eyes, and although it is hard to fall asleep during pregnancy, after the baby is born, you will understand that the pregnancy is still comfortable.

After pregnancy, there seems to be all kinds of uncomfortable, pubic pain, back pain, and stomach tight pain.

I may not experience the "miserable" things of pregnancy except the pubic pain. I have honored the various "miserable" things.

4 months of pregnancy, from the room to brushing my teeth from the room, I can no longer bear the weight of my stomach (in April of pregnancy, I returned to the weight before pregnancy, but the development of the two babies in my belly has always met the pregnancy age. It is estimated that it is fierce.Long belly).

I finally bought my belt for myself.The first thing to get up early is to tie the belt, otherwise it really feels difficult to walk.

When wearing a single dress and a short -sleeved checkup, I had to tie a belt in the clothes before I could walk from the obstetrics to the B -ultrasound room and the blood drawing station.

Take a meal at 34 weeks of pregnancy, take a distance of about 200 meters.In the last 20 meters home, I couldn’t move anymore. The lower abdomen hurts like being injured.I stood outside the whole set of belly with clothes and tied up clothes before finally getting home.

The passers -by looked at me in surprise.Thanks to the touches of my belly, there is no hardness.After lying for a while, the lower abdomen didn’t hurt.

It is not easy during pregnancy. For women and men who have not survived pregnancy, let a little bit of gifts for pregnant women. It is really not a sentence "It’s just pregnant"!

Moms who are pregnant during pregnancy, please also face each birth check and baby with a brave and optimistic heart!I wish Ping An smooth production!

What else I have experienced during pregnancy, what else I have not written?Welcome to add in the comment area.How many do you have experienced at 7 o’clock above?

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