The expectant mothers use photos to record, the whole process of "getting bigger a day" during pregnancy, not easy for women to

After pregnancy, the most changing part of the body is the pregnancy belly. As the pregnancy time increases, the expectant mother’s belly has become larger and larger.

A foreign expectant mother used photos to record that her stomach became larger during pregnancy. After watching it, everyone lamented, "Women are not easy!"

The fourth week of expectant mother pregnancy

That is, the first month of the expectant mother’s pregnancy. At this time, the stomach of the expectant mother is not obvious, and the expectant mother’s body does not feel much, because the one -month -old fetus is only a pregnant sac that is less than half centimeters ~

Specific mother pregnancy 16th week

Sixteen weeks of pregnancy is the fourth month of expectant mothers, and the baby’s development is very fast, so the stomach of the expectant mother becomes obvious.The size of the baby at this time is like a "orange". The hair and nails on the baby are growing ~

Specific mother pregnancy twenty -11 weeks

It is the 5th month of expectant mothers. We can see that the stomach of the expectant mother seems to be a lap than the 16 weeks, and the baby is equivalent to the size of a dragon fruit.

The hearing of the baby is also developing. Not only can you hear the heartbeat of the expectant mother, but also the outside voice ~

The twenty -four weeks of expectant mothers are pregnant

The expectant mothers are already 6 months pregnant, and the baby is about the same size as a papaya at this time.The baby’s little hands and small feet have formed, and the taste has begun to appear. The expectant mothers eat too sour and spicy, and the baby also feels!

Specific mother pregnancy 28th week

Now the expectant mother is 7 months pregnant, the baby’s weight has doubled the weight over the last month, and now it is like a coconut.The baby is learning to open his eyes ~

Specific mother pregnancy 32 weeks

At this time, the expectant mother was 8 months pregnant, and her stomach became bigger and bigger. This was the baby who had entered a period of weight, which was almost as big as grapefruit.

Specific mother pregnancy 36th week

The ninth month of expectant mother is pregnant. At this time, the baby’s baby has reached the stage of development, which is almost as big as cantaloupe!

Specific mother pregnancy 38th week

The expectant mother is close to the due date and is preparing for delivery.At this time, the baby baby is almost as big as a watermelon, and I look forward to the baby coming.

The baby is already born, the stomach of the expectant mother has become smaller, and the baby has changed. The baby is so cute!In fact, not only the stomach changes during pregnancy, but also some other changes in the body.

1) External changes in the body

① The front of the lumbar spine

After pregnancy, the expectant mother will feel back pain. This is because the baby’s baby is developing, which changes the center of gravity of the expectant mother’s body. As the baby’s baby grows longer and heavier, the spine of the expectant mother will be transformed, that is, the front of the lumbar spine, which is the front of the lumbar spineSmall.

Although it hurts, expectant mothers also remember to exercise every day, so that they can be conducive to production.

② change of facial features

Because the hormone in the expectant mother fluctuates, the facial features of expectant mothers, such as the nose, will become larger, the gums become sensitive, the eyes are a little myopia, etc. This is the changes brought by hormones.

Do not worry about expectant mothers. After giving birth, these changes will disappear, so keep in a good mood.

③ skin change

During pregnancy, melanin will precipitate a lot, and some places in the body will begin to blacken. These are normal phenomena. Specific mothers do not have to be afraid.

2) Internal changes of the body

1. Heart discomfort, blood pressure rise

There is an extra baby in the belly. The blood circulation and blood capacity of expectant mothers have greatly increased, which will increase the heart load of expectant mothers and lead to an increase in blood pressure in expectant mothers.

Therefore, during pregnancy, the iron supplement work must be done to avoid iron deficiency anemia, which affects the healthy development of the baby.

2. Occasionally hypoxia

In the second trimester, some expectant mothers will have the phenomenon of chest tightness and shortness of breath, and occasionally darkening in front of her eyes. Specific mothers don’t have to be afraid.This is "excessive ventilation". It is not a bad phenomenon for expectant mothers to provide sufficient oxygen for her and fetal baby.As well as

This happens occasionally, but if the expectant mothers often have hypoxia, it is best to go to the hospital to see a doctor.

Hard core mother broken thoughts

After pregnancy, her daughter will go through all kinds of unimaginable pain and changes. Each woman and every mother are not easy. Therefore, as a husband and a child, you must be better to your wife and mother!

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