The expectant mother was forced to abortion for 50 days of pregnancy, and the reason behind it is worthy of all pregnant women’s attention

This is the case. Soon after Xiao Li was new, the couple went to Dali Honeymoon.One night, the two were hungry, so they found a good restaurant for dinner in Gucheng Street. There was a dish in their ordered dishes called "Sauce Blasting Tianluo", but I did not expect the nightmare to start.

It didn’t take long for Xiao Li’s honeymoon to go home, and started headache and nausea, but Xiao Li always felt that they were all married and honeymoon, so I didn’t care too much.As a result, a week later, Xiao Li began to hurt his legs, and he couldn’t walk until he was so painful that he could not go to the hospital.However, the hospital’s blood drawing test only shows bacterial infection, and it cannot be confirmed to be caused by the diagnosis.This inspection also found that Xiao Li was pregnant.

Therefore, Xiao Li did not dare to take medicine too casually after returning home from the hospital. Until two weeks later, Xiao Li’s head began to suffer severe pain, accompanied by fever, vomiting, could not open his eyes, breathe in poor breathing, and the entire face could not be able to do it.Touch, it hurts very much.This time the family was not vague, and quickly sent Xiao Li to the best hospital in the local area.

After various inspections, Xiao Li finally diagnosed the infection of "Guangzhou tube roundworm".During the half -year treatment period, she did six waist punctures and pierced nearly 300 bottles of water. Because of the deformation of the body and hormone, the baby was forced to abandon the baby in the belly …….

Afterwards, Xiao Li recalled that at that time, the owner told her that it was the Tianluo of Erhai Lake, but when Xiao Li ate it, it felt that it was very crispy. It was different from Xiao Li.It is Fu Shouluo.However, because there was no small ticket to eat at the time, the evidence was not sufficient, and it was difficult to claim and confirm it.

So what is Fushouluo, and what does it have to do with this Guangzhou tube circular width disease?

Fushou snails are similar to the field snails. In recent years, it is not uncommon to eat Fushou snails that have caused parasites infection.Public information shows that Fushou snails are large, wide -ranging, strong adaptability, fast growth and breeding, and high yield.It was included in China’s first batch of foreign invasion species.Fushouluo will not only destroy the plant ecology, but also spread a parasitic disease called Guangzhou tube roundworm.

According to statistics, a Fushou snail contains 3,000 parasites, up to 6,000.If it is not fully heated when cooking, nematodes can easily invade the human body, especially if it can destroy nerve tissue, which can cause symptoms such as headache, fever, and stiff neck. In severe cases, it can cause dementia and even death.


Guangzhou tube circular width disease, also known as eosinophilic granulocytes to increase the meningitis.The disease is a parasitic disease of human -animal affected. It is infected by eating raw or half -lifetime snails containing Guangzhou tube roundworm larvae.Its larvae mainly infringe on the central nervous system of the human body, manifested as meninges and encephalitis, coordinitis, and coordinitis, which can cause people to die or disability.

Dad said:

In fact, foods that are prone to parasites, to stop Fushou snails, sashimi, crayfish, rhodohnskin, bullfrogs, loach and even pork, all contain parasites.A good way to prevent them, especially those who have pregnant women and babies at home must pay attention:

1. Food is completely cooked and cooked

This method is the most effective and most economical method to deal with parasites.Whether it is a worm or an eggs, it is impossible to survive for too long at high temperature. As long as the food is cooked and cooked, it can ensure safety.So what kind of sashimi, half -raw meat still eats less or even do not eat.

2. Kitchen utensils are cooked and separated

I remember that this was taught by the teacher during the primary school health class. In fact, it was necessary to do this, because some raw eater or larvae were easily attached to the cooked food into the human body.

3. Pay attention to diet and personal hygiene, often wash your hands

Generally speaking, parasitic eggs have good tolerances, and they can go through a longer dormant until they wait until the appropriate environment recovers.These insect eggs may be attached to clothes, desktops, and even door handles through various channels, so it is very important to develop the habit of washing hands before meals.

In the end, the cat dad told you a "dangerous member" that is easy to be ignored -crossing the bridge rice noodles: I ordered the bridge rice noodles in the restaurant, often it comes up with a hot soup, the hot large bowl of rice noodles and a few are equipped with a few separate installations.Pork slices and raw eggs need to pour the ingredients in the small dish into the large bowl one by one, and use the temperature of the soup to scal the pork slices and eggs.

However, some reporters experimented that the temperature was less than 80 ° C when many restaurants crossed the bridge.Experts said that under this condition, some bacteria can be killed, but there will be residues."It feels familiar, but the bug may not be able to do it. Sixty or seventy degrees Celsius, two minutes, all parasites are not killed. There are hot pots similar to this, so pay more attention when you eat these things!

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