The expectant mother came over!1100 free pregnancy screening quota is here

Doing a good pregnancy screening is an effective way to intervene in healthy babies.At present, Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital has launched 1,100 free pregnancy screening places for expectant mothers in the province. Eligible expectant mothers can go to the hospital for registration.

Ms. Mei, who consulted in the obstetric clinic of Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, was informed by the doctor that she was already in 17 weeks of pregnancy. Now she needs to conduct Tang’s screening or non -invasive screening, and the hospital has a free screening place.Ms. Mei told reporters that she learned on the Internet that the Tang family screening and non -invasive screening can make parents clear the health of the baby during pregnancy.Great benefits also make the expectant mothers who are pregnant for the first time more assured.

The reporter learned at the scene that Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital has launched 1,100 free pregnancy screening quotas, of which 500 are the pre -production screening of triple serum learning in the middle of the pregnancy.diagnosis.

Yang Rong, Director of the Director of Preparation of Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital: "Pre-delivery screening in the middle of pregnancy is mainly for 21-trilateral, which is the Donald baby that we usually call it;The main purpose of doing this screening is to improve the network of defects in Wuhan’s birth defects, increase the detection rate of birth defects, and reduce the incidence of birth defects. "

According to Director Yang Rong, Tang’s syndrome also claims to be 21-trisomy syndrome. The cause is that during the congenital development, there is one extra chromosomes No. 21 of the human cell, which causes children to have serious and irreversible intellectual obstacles after birth.Donald syndrome has no root treatment method at present and can only actively prevent occurrence.

"Our hospital establishes a maternal and child health manual in the early pregnancy in Hubei Province. Pregnant women with Chinese nationality, as long as they are 15 to 20+6 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women who meet these conditions can come to Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital to participate in the registrationFree prenatal screening subsidy project. "Director Yang Rong introduced.

Ms. Zou, the expectant mother, told reporters: "I am pregnant with a second child now. The prenatal screening was required for the first child. I remember that it would cost more than 1,000 at that time, but this time I clearly felt the country’s pair of pairs.The care of these pregnant women, this project used to be so expensive, now it is free. "

In addition, for people participating in prenatal screening results as high -risk people, they can also apply for free prenatal diagnosis.

It is reported that prenatal diagnosis is mainly aimed at the increase or decrease of amniotic fluid. The age of due date is over 35 years old. There are childbirth history of birth defects, or a family of pregnant women with a series of genetic diseases.For pregnant women with these situations, some medical methods should be adopted in time for intervention and treatment.

At present, the expectant mothers with prenatal diagnosis indicators in Wuhan can make an appointment for the "Pre -Diagnostic Gongsheng Consultation Outpatient Clinic" specialist through the public WeChat signal of Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

It is reported that this free project belongs to the pilot work carried out by the National Health and Health Commission and China Birth Defective Intervention Foundation in Hubei. The deadline for the event is November 20, 2023. Moms in need can go to Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital.Registration consultation.

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