The executed person of "high" was encountered with the judge at the airport, and the plane was taken away.

"Do you see the black clothes and black masks in front, like the executing person we have seen the day before yesterday?" "The eyes are a bit like, but isn’t he being limited to high consumption, how can he appear at the airport?"Recently, Zhu Qirong, the executive of the Nanjing Drum Tower Court, and Dai Mingjun, who went to Kunming, performed a" airport encounter "with the executed person.The executed person, Shangmou, took a group of passenger plane with the executive police officer. He thought it was "returning to the nest smoothly". I did not expect to be "caught in the middle". What kind of story does it have?

Refuse to perform, limit according to law

The leading actor of the "Airport Encounter" is the legal representative of the A Education Technology Company.In 2018, the company commissioned B advertising company to shoot and publicize its company’s products, and put advertisements on television, owed a company B’s advertising fee of 254,000 yuan.After several urging Shangmou, he still did not pay the advertising fee.In July 2019, the court judged Shangmou and the defendant A Company A paid Company B’s advertising fee of 254,000 yuan and late funds.

Shangmou refused to fulfill the obligations determined by the effective legal documents, and entered the compulsory execution process after applying for Company B, but there was no such thing as the implementation of the property.EssenceAt the same time, in order to promote the performers of the executed person, the court issued a high consumption order to it according to law.Since then, the case has been included in the middle library of the final case of the Gulou Court.Because the elder sister of the executed person, as the shareholder of Company A, did not fully fulfill its investment obligations, was added as the executed person, and found that there was a clue to the execution property in the name, and immediately launched the final case to resume the execution procedure.The case of sleeping "was awakened again.

The airport encounters, it is difficult to escape from the French web

After the case was "awakened", the executive officer Zhu Qirong and the clerk Dai Mingjun handled it.The two were patiently investigated and meticulous about the property in the name of Shangmou (female), and found that she had a real estate in Kunming to perform auction.Zhu Qirong and Dai Mingjun went to Kunming to relocate a house under the name of the executed person Shangmou (female), and posted an announcement.At the same time, the two sisters and sisters were summoned to talk. This meeting was the first photo of Zhu Qirong, Dai Mingjun and Shangmou. In the middle, they also laid a foreshadowing for the later "airport encounter".

When Zhu Qirong and Dai Mingjun were waiting at Kunming Airport, there was a "familiar" figure not far away that attracted the attention of the two.Although wearing a mask and ordinary clothes, with the eyesight that people checked for many years, they still recognized the black man at a glance that it was Shangmou, so the scene appeared at the beginning.

Purchase tickets through the network seller

Although people have recognized it, Zhu Qirong and Dai Mingjun are very confused: Shangmou has been "highly high". How can he take a group of passenger plane at the airport?In order not to shock the snake and clarify the original committee, the two police officers followed Shangmou all the way, and they did not quickly dispatched until the plane came to the plane.You show your ID. "" Judge, I didn’t expect to meet you here. I dreamed of being caught today last night.

Subsequently, Shangmou was brought back to the court for investigation due to a flight violation of a limited order.Hou Shangmou confessed that he was introduced by relatives and learned that the seller who could find a "special channel" on an e -commerce platform to buy air tickets, and his relatives recommended the seller’s WeChat to him.Shang Mou contacted the seller, and paid the ticket fee at about double the price by submitting a passport, and successfully issued the ticket and boarded the airline.

Tracing the source, disciplinary dishonesty

Due to Shangmou’s violation of high regulations, the court took punishment measures in accordance with the law and fined 50,000 yuan.At the same time, judicial suggestions were issued to the China Civil Aviation Administration and Tencent Company, suggesting to strengthen the implementation of the relevant system, effectively blocking the loopholes of the person’s purchase air ticket boarding, and investigating WeChat accounts suspected of selling air tickets to Shangmou, and punished in timemeasure.

Article 3 of the "Supreme People’s Court on Restricting the High Consumption of the High Consumption of the Personal". If the executed person is a natural person, it is not allowed to have the following consumption of consumption measures to restrict consumption measures.

(1) When riding a transportation, choose airplanes, trains soft sleeves, and ships in the second or higher of ships; (2) high consumption in hotels, hotels, nightclubs, golf courses and other places above the star rating;, High -end renovation houses; (4) Leasing high -end office buildings, hotels, apartments and other places; (5) buy non -operating essential vehicles; (6) travel and vacation; (7) Children study high toll private schools;Equipment premium purchase insurance wealth management products; (9) take the G -shaped EMU trains, all seats in other seats, other seats of other vehicles, etc.

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