The emperor knew that he was pregnant, but he was a foolish smile. Netizens: There are two faces

The netizens of the emperor and Wei Wei, the CP, must not be too good recently.Especially after Er Qing was stepped down by Wei Wei, this pair of CP opened a sadistic mode. After all, compared to the usual love clips, recently, there is really a high sweet drama.Because Er Qing’s death was originally a concubine that could design Wei Wei.

As a result, our heroine’s temper was relatively rushing, so after knowing the real cause of the queen, he couldn’t bear his temper, and immediately reported to the queen.This hatred is not wrong, but because the person who designed behind him, Xian Fei deliberately wanted to use Er Qing’s death to break the relationship between Wei Yan and the emperor.Wei Wei was completely lost to the emperor’s favor!

Because the emperor knew that Wei Yan’s original reasons for entering the harem were not simple. The real purpose of entering the harem was actually to avenge the queen. As a result, they knew that the two people’s round house had been so long.I do n’t want children, and it ’s no wonder that the emperor was so angry that tears came out, and in the later plot, I saw that Wei Yan should be reconciled with the emperor.

But in the following trailer, I saw that Wei Yan was placed under house arrest again. This cleaning plot, the heart is not good, it is really unacceptable for a while, and I watched Wei Yan’s two trailers connected to the suffering.After the film, Wei Yan was suddenly lifted again. Although I don’t know what this is going on, now that the heroine has lifted the ban, it must be a good thing.And Wei Wei, who was lifted, also brought good news.

That is, when the doctor gave him the pulse, he found that Wei Wei was pregnant. It turned out that when the emperor stayed at the Yanxi Palace before, Wei Wei ran into the emperor’s bed in the middle of the night.After being placed under house arrest, there was no contraceptive soup, so the child stayed.It can be considered an unexpected surprise.And the emperor heard that the doctor said that Wei Yan was pregnant.

Immediately changed his look, and he was like a three -year -old child.That is, this expression became the highlight of this trailer, because after the emperor was happy, the idiot of the idiot was smirked, and when facing Wei Wei, he immediately recovered his idiot laughter and transformed into seriousness.Faces, let many netizens on the barrage talked to this emperor with two faces!But as an audience outside the play.

Congratulations to Ling Fei to be pregnant, but after the queen mother knew that Wei Wei was pregnant, this face looked very happy. It is estimated that because of the role of Zhang Jiani, the queen mother looked not very happy.Then in the next plot.The editor speculated that I should give me a formal sugar.At the same time, Wei Yan’s Yuan Chunwang, who once replaced Wei Yan when he was placed under house arrest.

It should be punished by the emperor. I do n’t know if Wei Yan will read the feelings of the past, and persuades the emperor not to blame Yuan Chunwang. After all, the best friend of Wei Yan was the brother who was identified by himself.Well, the editor’s plot sharing is over here.Finally, after reading any views, you can rumor in the comment area.

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