The emergency contraceptive pill is the most effective within 3 days, and the emergency contraceptive knowledge dry goods are written here

Emergency contraception is a kind of birth measures after a sexual behavior without any protection measures, or the rescue measures of other breeding methods after the failure of other breeding methods, such as the rupture of condoms and forgetting to take conventional contraceptives.Their main role is to delay ovulation or block hormones to promote conception.Its validity depends on the time after sex, and it is the most effective to take within 72 hours.

Emergency contraceptive measures can be divided into two types of drugs and appliances. Ulipristal is a non -hormone drug that works by blocking hormones required by conception.Effectiveness is effective; the other is the in -palace of health (IUD). Its main function is to change the micro -environment of the fertilized eggs in bed, making the micro -environment in the uterus not conducive to fertilized eggs in bed.

Although it is safe, it is not recommended for routine use because of various side effects. The following are some side effects of emergency contraceptives.

1. Non 100%effective

Studies have shown that about 10%of women are pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives; contraceptive effects are also related to the type of contraceptive use, and the effective rate of internal breds in the palace is 99%; Ulis’s effective rate is 62%~ 85%EssenceIf vomiting within 2 to 3 hours after taking contraceptives, this situation may also affect the effect of contraception.

2. Can’t protect you from exempting sex diseases

Emergency contraceptives cannot protect you from the infringement of sexually transmitting diseases such as HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HPV. Therefore, it is best to avoid emergency contraception under the condition of uncertainty health.

3. vaginal bleeding

Vaginal bleeding is one of the common side effects of emergency contraceptives. Ideally, the bleeding time should not exceed 2 to 3 days. If the bleeding situation exceeds three days, it indicates that there are serious health problems and you need to seek medical treatment immediately.

4. Causes nausea and headache

After taking contraceptives, nausea and headache will also be some common side effects; if the situation is worse, it will cause vomiting and even dehydration.Long -term symptoms will inevitably interfere with your daily life. If the symptoms appear two days later, it is best to consult a doctor.

5. Interference normal menstrual cycle

Studies have shown that the menstrual cycle of women who take emergency contraceptives will come in advance or delay 3 to 4 days, and about 13-14 % of women’s menstrual periods are extremely painful. If time delayed for one week or longer, it is recommended to do pregnancy tests.

6. Some drugs will reduce its effectiveness

Barbiju acid drugs can largely affect the effect of emergency contraceptives, and drugs for the treatment of epilepsy, tuberculosis, fungal infection and HIV will also affect its function.

7. Weight affects its effectiveness

Studies have shown that emergency contraceptives are poor among obese women, but will not cause any harm. If the weight index (BMI) exceeds 35, the effect of Ulipristal will be greatly reduced.

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