The doctor said that the pregnant woman’s fetus was small and the infusion was 7 days.

Wen 丨 Tao Ma

Pregnant mother, because of changes in work, moved from one city to another.Before the original city was performed in the original city, after changing the place, there was no maternity inspection.It wasn’t until I took Dabao to the hospital to see a doctor by the way.

Because there have been no birth checkup for 2 months, the doctor asked Xiao He to make up for the previous inspection items.After doing the B -ultrasound, the doctor took the results of the list and Xiao He’s previous birth checkup, and then said that the growth of the fetus was limited. It was two weeks younger. It is recommended to go home to replenish high -protein foods such as meat and eggs.After 10 days, I went to the hospital to check again. After watching the B -ultrasound, the doctor said that the fetus was still small. It was recommended that Xiao He was hospitalized to get a nutritional needle.Xiao He was surprised when he heard it, so I won’t be hospitalized.However, the doctor said, "Taking a nutrition needle can improve the placenta function, so that it is good for children." The mother of the world is the same, as long as it is good for the child.Xiao He started to be hospitalized to get nutritional needles.

Xiao He looked at it and found that she was given three types of vitamin C, amino acid, and fat milk. In addition, she had to do fetal heart monitoring once a day.Until the third day, a older doctor went to check the house and asked what the accompanying person was the situation.The accompanying person said, and then the old doctor asked the ingredients of the fat milk, and the doctor couldn’t answer. Why did he know that the doctor had the wrong medicine at the time.Then she checked that fat milk was a kind of medicine to supplement energy for those who could not eat seriously, and Xiaohe didn’t belong to this situation at all.

7 days later, Xiao He said that he would go home.Then she did another B -ultrasound. After reading it, the doctor said that there was basically no change.Judging from the B -ultrasound list, Xiaohe feels that the child is probably five or six pounds.Unexpectedly, the nurse told her that she was 8 pounds and 2 two after birth, and Xiao He was stupid after hearing it.The doctor always said that his child was small, and he had not changed his nutritional needle.When Dabao was born, it was more than 6 pounds.Now Xiao He regrets it, spent so much money, but it has no effect.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must conduct delivery inspections on time during pregnancy, and do not change the production inspection hospital easily under the conditions without special circumstances, because some hospitals do not recognize the results of other hospitals, so that pregnant women will give pregnant women in their bodies and economy in their bodies and economyCause damage.In addition, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to a balanced diet during pregnancy, which is very important for the growth and development of the fetus.

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