The divorced aunt depends on my slippers and pajamas. I was infected with athlete!Infuriating


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It didn’t take long for me to marry Zhu Jiarui, and the aunt Xiaoxue divorced and returned to her hometown.

Zhu Jiarui was white and pure. The strange thing was that Xiao Xue, a little aunt, had dark skin and nose collapsed. There were only a pair of big eyes.

The little aunt loves coquettishness, and the whole family is spoiled.

I originally thought that no matter how much my little aunt loves to be coquettish, I can’t live anyway, I can’t control it.

Unexpectedly, the aunt ran back after divorce, and she took her 3 -year -old daughter.

Xiaoxue naturally lived in her mother -in -law’s house. She took her daughter to meals on both ends for three days. What was most upset was that she really liked to wear my slippers!

My family conditions are average. When I went to college, I bought ten yuan for the wholesale price of the plastic slippers.After becoming a family, the conditions were full, so I was willing to spend 68 yuan to buy a pair of pink slippers. The texture was soft and comfortable to wear.

The whole family knows that the pink slippers are mine, and the little aunt pretends not to know!

I came back from get off work and looked at it. The pair of pink slippers on the shoe rack was gone!

The sound of auntie in the kitchen came in the kitchen. Mom, the sheep bone was stewed, and the Guoguo first, the little guy was broken!

My head was buzzing, thinking, it must be that my aunt had gone away.

Sure enough, my aunt was wearing my slippers and holding an apple in her hand.

It doesn’t matter if you wear slippers, she is wearing my blue pajamas!

I really do n’t understand why my aunt does n’t dislike my slippers and pajamas. Do n’t taste my taste?

My blue pajamas were bought to me by Zhu Jiarui in the New Year, with small daisies embroidered in my chest, which is very white.

The sister -in -law is back, I wore your pajamas, right?My mother said that it was better to wear you!The aunt is really fast!

I resisted the anger, ah, and entered the bathroom.


After getting out of get off work in the afternoon, I brushed the slippers and smelled it. There was no special taste.

Unexpectedly, just a day after wearing it, the feet were a little itchy the next day!

I didn’t care, took a shower and washed the soap.

The next day, the instep itchy!

On the third day, the soles of the feet began to itch!

Take a look at the clinic near the community and say that I have athlete!

At that time, there were quite a lot of people who saw the doctor. The eldest doctor said slowly, the obvious athlete, very contagious, pay attention to hygiene …

The people around me looked at me, my face was red instantly!

I went home with a bunch of coated medicines, and I was so angry that I closed the door.

Zhu Jiarui came back and asked, and heard that I was infected with athletes by my aunt. He laughed and said with a smile, this girl, really, don’t be angry.

What did you laugh? I said shame and angrily, Xiaoxue has a foot athlete, and I still have to wear my slippers. What does it mean?What if I am pregnant, what should I do if my child is not good?There is no sense of degree!

Unexpectedly, I got home the next day, and my aunt came again, wearing my slippers as usual!

But it doesn’t matter, I bought a pair again, she loves to wear it!

I don’t know how other sisters get along with their aunt and aunt, I think it’s really difficult!

My aunt loves to eat sheep stick bones. When I got married with Zhu Jiarui, my maid family married a set of kitchen utensils. It was very convenient to use.So, her mother -in -law often came to do mutton for her …

The key is that I can’t smell the smell of mutton. This knows that this is not the intention?

It’s really a problem!


In order to let the little aunt get a home quickly, I won’t be soaked in my house, and I ask her to find a object everywhere.

The security captain of the high -end community next door, the young man’s family is from Shaanxi, the salary is also stable, and he is quite handsome.

The little aunt cried at the time. You look down on me, the sister -in -law, just introduce me a security guard, I don’t, I don’t want it!

Xiao Liu, who was sold in our company, was raised by his daughter after divorce.I see Xiao Liu Ting is solid, but the aunt was full of unhappy stomach. He divorced, and I didn’t want to get married!

I was stunned and said directly, you are also a second marriage!

The little aunt cut a bang, I grew well, undergraduate, he was college!

Okay, I’m really drunk!

For a long time, I was afraid to go home. As soon as I got home, I heard the magical laughter of my aunt, and smelled the lamb smell of the house. What should I do?

This is not a big deal, but it’s long, it’s really uncomfortable!

Gradually, Zhu Jiarui and I often quarreled. He said that he didn’t like lamb to eat vegetarian dishes, but he was not fried dishes.

I am so angry that I can eat lamb allergies?

He said that after my sister divorced, how poor is alone. You see who you introduce her, how much you hurt her!Why can’t my aunt get along well?

Well, I endure.


I thought I had to bear it, and my aunt could not get married at home for a lifetime.

Unexpectedly, something that made me never thought happened.

The aunt was tired of those pink slippers, and I saw the blue slippers I bought. I put on my feet and praised it. The eyes of the sister -in -law are good. I like this pair of blue you bought!

I broke out directly, you don’t know if you have a foot.What should I do if they are transmitted to others?I am too much to divide you, this is my slippers. Can you only wear yourself?

The little aunt was stunned at once, and she stared at me with tears for a long time, crying and crying …

The war between my little aunt and I made my mother -in -law extremely disgusted. I felt that I looked down on her, looked down on the aunt, and even looked down on Zhu Jiarui …

My mother -in -law was so angry that she returned to my hometown that night, and I had a big noise with Zhu Jiarui, and even talked about divorce!

For a pair of slippers, to the point of divorce, it makes people joke!

However, it is really for a pair of slippers!

Really collapsed!

what do I do?

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