The discomfort of the pregnant mother’s abdomen, in addition to flatulence, needs to pay special attention to encountering these 5 phenomena

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A netizen in the pregnant mother group left a message saying that recently I have always felt that her 5 -month -old belly was very small, extremely unstable, and was a little uncomfortable; today I went to the doctor to see it, but the doctor said lightly.It does not matter because of flatulence; eat more vegetables, just exercise appropriately.But why are there flatulence?In addition, do you only need to be so uncomfortable during pregnancy, or because of flatulence, there is no need to be as shocked as today?

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Indeed, flatulence during pregnancy is almost a symptom of discomfort that every pregnant woman will face, but because the pregnant mother’s belly is also increasing, the discomfort caused by flatulence will be ignored by the pregnant mother.In fact, the cause of flatulence is different from the difference in pregnancy.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body is affected by lutein, which will relax the smooth muscle of the gastrointestinal tract, peristaltic weakness, and the acidic stomach content can flow below the esophagus.The time for food to stay in the food is prolonged, and corruption and fermentation occur under the action of bacteria. At this time, a large amount of gas will occur, which will cause flatulence.

In the middle of pregnancy, with the growth of the fetus in the uterus, the gradually larger uterus caused the stomach to be squeezed and moved up, and the intestine was pushed to the top or both sides.Smaller, after a while, the stomach and stomach cannot work smoothly and normal, so you start to have flatulence!

In the late pregnancy, the baby’s baby developed rapidly, and the pregnant mother’s belly was quite obvious. The clumsy body caused the amount of activity to decrease. In addition, the uterine peristalsis caused by the gastrointestinal gastrointestinal was weakened.The stool in the intestine is more likely to stay, unable to discharge smoothly, and the annoying situation of flatulence and constipation will follow!

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Try to keep exercise habits, walking is the most suitable exercise for pregnant mothers.As long as the pregnant mother does not have a special case, take a walk appropriately for 20-30 minutes after the meal.If the weather is not good or too lazy to come out, the pregnant mother can also do the housework or move around at home for one hour after meals. This can effectively help the gastrointestinal digestion, help exhaust and prevent constipation.

In addition to walking, yoga during pregnancy is also a good exercise.By breathing and alleviating stretching, it can also help gastrointestinal motility and achieve the effect of relaxation of physical and mental relaxation.

In addition, in diet, pay attention to eat less meals, eat more fresh vegetables, eat less greasy, eat 7-8 cents per meal, avoid the stomach load and cause flatulence.

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In addition to flatulence, many pregnant mothers will have abdominal discomfort during pregnancy.Think of it, from the original A4 waist to the bucket and even the waist of the water tank. There was also tremendous changes in the belly. There was also a baby who was naughty in it.The past is different.However, if these five phenomena appear in the abdomen of pregnant mothers, pay attention to the medical treatment in time.

The fetus grows to the largest during the third trimester and is close to the delivery. The pregnant mother’s belly will have uterine contraction, and it is accompanied by a tightness. This is normal. As the pregnancy increases, this feeling will become more and more frequent, but if this is in this kind ofAt the same time, the lower body secretes blood secretions. Pregnant mothers should go to the hospital to check and give birth early.

Many people, including pregnant mothers, will unconsciously pay attention to their own belly. What is very distressed is that they are pregnant in the same month, and they are even earlier than others, but the belly is obviously not as big as others, and they will be unconscious.Not well developed.In fact, the size of the pregnant belly is determined by the size of the pregnant mother’s body, amniotic fluid, and fetal size. It does not mean that the pregnant belly is small and the fetus is unhealthy.Therefore, pregnant mothers have a good mentality and adjust their mood. As long as the pregnancy test is normal.

Some pregnant mothers will feel from time to time, and they are worried about whether there is a problem with the fetus.In fact, this is due to the bigger stomach of the pregnancy. The original muscles are pulled and stretched, and it will not affect the fetus.If pregnant mothers are not assured, they can also go to the hospital for examination to see if it is the cause of calcium deficiency in the body.Pay more attention to rest and adopt a special sleeping position for pregnant women, which will also effectively slow down this symptom.

In the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers feel that the abdomen has a feeling of falling, which may be caused by the low position of the fetal baby. It is recommended to go to the hospital for a examination to see if the fetal position is normal. As the baby grows up, the pregnant mother’s uterus will gradually grow bigger.During this period, my mother will have a lot of discomfort. Among them, the lower abdomen is one of the one. This will not cause harm to the baby’s baby. Do not worry about pregnant mothers.

By the third trimester, the pregnancy belly will become greater. The symptoms of difficulty in pregnant mothers have difficulty in leaning. It is recommended not to do high -difficult movements such as leaning waist and load.You can lean forward slightly when you sleep, sleep on the side position, and it is also possible to put a pillow in the middle of your legs.

In the early pregnancy, due to the gradual increase of the uterus, there will be mild pain and discomfort in the abdomen. This is normal. Pregnant mothers do not have to be afraid; but if the pain is for a while, or persistent, some will be accompanied by the menstrual period ""Auntie pain" and bleeding occur, pregnant mothers must be cautious, which is likely to be a sign of miscarriage.You must seek medical treatment in time to give professional examination and treatment.

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