The difference between mother -in -law and mother -in -law can be seen from these things after pregnancy.

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As the saying goes, "men are afraid of entering the wrong behavior, and women are afraid of marrying the wrong." One of the most important things in a woman’s life is to marry.Marrying, not only just marrying her husband, but also facing the relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law. The parents are short.Whether you can deal with the relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law and create a warm and happy family atmosphere depends to a large extent on the attitude of the mother -in -law to the daughter -in -law, the daughter -in -law’s attitude towards her mother -in -law.

At the wedding, my mother -in -law vowed to say "I will treat you as a dear daughter". Now, how many mother -in -law can do it?From the incident of pregnancy, you can see the difference between mother -in -law and mother.

Sweetan is a expectant mother who is pregnant for 3 months. Because of her severe pregnancy, she has a particularly bad appetite. As soon as she smells greasy and fishy, she will have a great response and run directly in the bathroom.Her strong pregnancy reaction made her even 3 months pregnant, and her weight did not change much compared to her previous.

At noon today, her mother -in -law stewed the fish soup to drink sweetly, hoping to help her make up for her body, but the sweetness still couldn’t help but ran into the bathroom again.

When I came out of the bathroom, I heard that my mother -in -law was complaining that "I couldn’t eat it at all, I couldn’t give my grandson enough nutrition, what can I do if my grandson is hungry? There is no use at all."It’s not a taste.After I came out, I told my husband that I fixed the ticket to go home tomorrow and went back to see my parents.

After returning home the next day, the sweet mother saw the thin sweetness, and she felt distressed that she was in tears. My father had always been in the kitchen that Zhang Luo’s daughter could eat food.Drinking the light and delicious pork rib soup with her heart, she drank several bowls while crying.

1. When I was pregnant

The whole family would be very happy when I first learned that I was pregnant.After all, Timing Ding is a great event at home.At that time, my mother -in -law would be unusually heart -to -heart, and asked for warmth all day, for fear that her grandson had something wrong, and the attention was exactly on her grandson.

You will also say in front of you every day, "You must be careful, don’t bump my grandson," eat more, don’t make my grandson hungry ", and the response of the mother’s mother is exactly the opposite.My mother will focus on her daughter -in -law, cares about the physical condition of her daughter, for fear that her daughter is as sin as she was pregnant.

2. During pregnancy

Some expectant mothers will have severe pregnancy reactions in the early stages of pregnancy, or loss of appetite.At this time, you can often hear your mother -in -law saying in your ears. "You have to eat more nutritious foods, but don’t let my grandson be sinned." Regardless of 371, my mother -in -law always make some body supplement.Give you the vegetables, no matter you can eat it.

My mother will often ask, "What about your mother -in -law take care of you? The food is not your appetite? How about eating? It really doesn’t work, but my mother takes care of you in person.

3. The process of waiting for delivery

After ten months of hard work, it is finally time to usher in a new life.Everyone waited anxiously in front of the delivery room.At this time, the mother -in -law will definitely ask the Bodhisattva to ask the gods to bless their daughter -in -law to give birth to a big fat boy.

My mother hopes that her daughter can survive this ghost gate, and peacefully go in peace.

4. Ask the doctor’s first sentence

When the doctor comes out of the delivery room, everyone will go around and ask the situation.The first sentence of my mother -in -law’s opening must be "How is the child? How much is it? Is it a boy or a girl?" The mother would worry about "It’s okay, right?When holding it out, the mother -in -law followed her child to the ward. Only the mother was still waiting for her daughter to be launched at the door of the delivery room.

Although the reality is very exciting, I have also seen many mother -in -law who loves daughter -in -law like a daughter.After all, the best mother -in -law is only a small part, hoping that all girls in the world can have a happy family.

I am a mother -in -law of Nimo, and my mother of a 4 -year -old baby. In the process of raising and educating my children, I can ask me if I encounter any questions. I hope my suggestion can help you solve the confusion and troubles in the process of bringing the baby., Let our children grow better!

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