The difference between 36 -year -old "milk and grandson love" was on fire. After 72 -year -old grandmother’s marriage 7 days after marriage, netizens: Can you still give birth?

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"Sister and Brother Love" can be said to be very common in daily life. Even many boys are looking for a girl who is a few years older than themselves, but in recent days, there is a pair of age."Milk Sun Lian" attracted everyone’s attention. In Vietnam, a 62 -year -old woman married a 26 -year -old guy some time ago. This news also caused everyone to make a sensation.

After all, the age of disparity between the two is a bit big, and even more shocking is that the 62 -year -old woman announced that she was pregnant a week after the two married. Some experts said that women’s menopause is generally 50About the age, but Vietnam, the woman, is already 62 -year -old "grandma". Netizens are surprised to say: "Can you still give birth?" After all, this year can still be born.

The 62 -year -old grandma is more surprising to be pregnant. After all, she should have menopause around 50 years old. I never expected that this woman could still be pregnant. In fact, the 62 -year -old doctor did not recommend pregnancy. After allThe risks are really great. Although the grandma has a baby now, the hard work in the pregnancy process is not something that ordinary people can imagine. Medical, women over 35 years old are already old women. Entering 35After the age of age, the physical function of women is not as good as before, and the survival rate of eggs is relatively low. The dual pressure of physical and psychological dual pressure is a big problem for older women.

1. Harm to pregnant women

The most common thing in the process of pregnancy in the process of pregnancy is actually the emergence of pregnancy complications, such as hypertension, hyperglycemia, thyroid diseases, and uterine fibroids. These diseases cannot be ignored, and once these diseases are too critical, these diseases are too dangerous.In the case, it will even endanger the life of pregnant women and babies, and pregnancy will be terminated if necessary.

When the uterine fibroids are large, the fetal position may cause incorrect, dystocia and postpartum bleeding.

2. Harm to the baby

In addition to being dangerous to pregnant women itself, the baby in the stomach also faces a lot of risks at the same time. Compared with maternal women, elderly women are more likely to occur, prematurely, and fetal palace.Internal development, fetal malformations, and relatively poor physical strength of older women, the production process may be longer during the production process, so the baby can easily cause suffocation in this process.

However, since the elderly mother and pregnant baby are pregnant, this is also more lucky. After all, the chance of the elderly mother is still relatively small. Although these dangers still exist, we can still be ready to be prepared before the baby is born.Welcome to the baby’s peaceful birth.

1. Inspection during pregnancy

Regular pregnancy examinations are essential for pregnant women, and even the same is true of elderly maternal women. Through pregnancy examination, we can see the situation of the baby, especially at the 16th-20 weeks of pregnancy,Donalding has been screened, and amniotic fluid puncture is required after 20 weeks. These two are necessary projects for older women.

2. Pregnant women should add enough folic acid

When preparing for a baby, pregnant women can start taking folic acid in one month in advance. Do n’t worry even if you do n’t have time to eat folic acid. After pregnancy, you can continue to replenish. Beet, broccoli, etc. are all rich in folic acid.Pregnant women can eat more folic acid.

3. Ensure sufficient sleep

Successive sleep is also conducive to improving resistance and immunity for elderly women. 8-9 hours of sleep at night is essential for pregnant women.

4. Caesarean section is more suitable for elderly women

Because the baby who produces good immunity is better, many pregnant mothers choose to give birth, but the elderly maternal women are obviously more suitable for cesarean section. Generally speaking, 90 % of pregnant women choose cesarean section. ThisBoth pregnant mothers and babies are more secure ways. Of course, you still have to obey the doctor’s advice.

Summary: The danger that the elderly maternal is facing during pregnancy and during production is really not ordinary, so it is recommended that women are the best for women to be pregnant at a age of age. Whether they are in their bodies or baby’s health, they have both the health of their babies.Guarantee, of course, do not be too nervous for the elderly maternal, just welcome your baby with a peaceful attitude.

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