The deceased who was a car accident was the real murderer of the three corpses 21 years ago

Together with the vicious knife, the three -person murder case,

Twenty -one memory.

Time 位, post adjustment, personnel change,

But Yichang Wu family police have never given up,

Finally, 21 years later,

The mystery of evaporation of fugitives in the world was revealed.

The police officer checked the papers under the cooperation of the Kunming police

Pulling the sword blood on the street

On the morning of March 1, 1999, the 36 -year -old Chongqing man Li (Hua surname) sold pork on the stalls near the vegetable market near the city of Hong Kong Kao Road. The two men walked to the booth to find Li.The quarrel caused a lot of passers -by to watch.

Li’s wife came forward to discourage the news, but unexpectedly, a man was pushed by a man.Li, who was on his head, was furious and fucking the boneless knife on the desk.

When the two men were not good, they immediately ran away from the Hong Kong Kiln Road.When Li chased the knife, he injured innocently to the citizens, then pulled out his legs for hundreds of meters, and pierced the two to the ground.

Because of the special and sharp weapon, after the three were injured, they had no time to rescue and died.The case occurred in a downturn, and the crime was cruel, involving many people, and the social impact was very bad.

After the incident, the suspect Li Mou fled the scene instantly and disappeared from people’s sight.The "1999.3.1" task force of the Wujia Public Security Bureau quickly launched an investigation and tracking. As a result, the suspect fled to the slaughterhouse in the urban area. Later, with the help of a friend, he hid in the gold and silver mountain forest.When the people and the police were chased to the place non -stop, the suspect fled with the help of friends.Since then, there is no message.

Due to the suspect, the police missed the golden case.To this end, the police punished many illegal actors who helped Li Mou’s escape.

Undercover clues

In the 21 years since the incident, the leaders and police of the Wujia Public Security Branch have changed multiple stubbles, but the determination to arrest the fugitive and detect the murder case has never shaken, and the investigation work has never stopped.

In recent years, according to the special operation requirements of the murder cases carried out in the province, when the Wujia Public Security Branch sorted out the accumulation of the case over the years, Li murdered and once again became the No. 1 of Xue Wen, deputy director of the fourth branch of criminal investigation,To break the case."I often dream about this case! I have no clues."

Xue Wen said that when he was worried, he accidentally got clues.Some people report that when taking a taxi in Beijing, he suddenly found that Li was a driver.Despite the blurred clues, the police did not give up.

Inspector Chen Jun was ordered to go to Beijing’s "Haihai to fish needle" and use big data analysis. He worked for more than a month and did not find Li. However, he learned that his wife Wu (Hua surname) had an event trajectory in Weinan City, Shaanxi Province.

Chen Jun then moved to Weinan City. After unremitting efforts, he found Wu, who was selling roast ducks in a local farmer’s market in a local county, and Xiao Gang (a pseudonym) who lived with him.Will Li be with them, but did not show up?

Worried about the grass and snake, Chen Jun did not dare to expose his identity.At the same time, worried that his behavior was weird and caused the locals to doubt.So "transformed" into a vegetable farmer, selling vegetables next to Wu’s booth, and occasionally looking for her to buy roast duck sets almost.

Chen Jun remembered that Zeng secretly discovered that Wu’s second son Xiao Gang suddenly took 5,000 yuan and walked into the local long -distance passenger station alone.He didn’t dare to miss the clue. After the secret tracking of hundreds of kilometers, he arrived in Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi Province to find that the other party was dating a friend.

After more than a month of secret investigation, the police temporarily ruled out the possibility of direct or indirect contact with Li and Li.The clues are interrupted again.

The truth is carried out of the car accident

Regarding Li’s hiding clues, the Criminal Police Brigade of the Wujia Public Security Bureau received an average of about seven or eight per year.

In March of this year, the brigade received a clue. A man named Huang surnamed in Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province was similar to the suspect Li Mou and it.I suspect that the man is Li.

Chen Jun attacked again and went to Hanzhong City for inspection.The result was surprising!Two years ago, Huang had died of a car accident in Kunming, Yunnan Province.

Is Huang Li?Is the car accident true or false?In order to clarify the truth, Chen Jun and the branch of the branch of Forensic doctor Qu Xiliang arrived in Kunming.

In July 2018, a traffic accident occurred during the urban area of Kunming, a man driving a motorcycle to transport pork, and died on the spot.The local traffic police contacted a woman in the man’s mobile phone communication record, and the other party claimed to be Huang’s wife, with surname Lu (Hua surname).

Soon, Lu Mou found a 16 -year -old daughter to find the traffic police team to deal with Huang’s funeral and insurance compensation.In order to determine the relationship between Huang and the girl, the local police had a personal identification of it and proved that the relationship between father and daughter was proved.

Is the deceased Huang who had been escaping for 21 years?

After Chen Jun and Qu Xiliang extracted their daughter’s biological examination, they moved to Shaanxi and Chengdu in many places to find Li’s second son Xiaogang and Li Mou’s blood brothers.For comparison, Xiao Gang and the brothers and siblings of the same father and the young girl, Huang and Li were the same person, so that the three corpse cases that were depressed for 21 years were broken.

The difference of one thought harm others and harm yourself

On May 7 this year, the police rushed to Xi’an, Shaanxi Province to find Lu Mou, and learned about Li’s escape experience.She said that in recent years, she and her daughter have been covered in the drums, and they did not know that the "husband" was murderous.

Lu Mou was from Hanzhong, Shaanxi. At the end of 2000, he accidentally met Li when he worked in Xi’an.The two have not developed into lovers too long.Li claims that his hometown is in Chongqing, and he is an orphan and did not apply for a second -generation ID card.

In 2003, Lu was married to get married. Li did not have an ID card, so he did not know what the way he thought. He virtually named Huang.Since then, Li changed his name to change his surname and claimed to be Huang, and the two registered to get married locally.

Subsequently, the two were sold in the city of farmers in the city rented in Xi’an to sell pork.Li was responsible for purchasing and rarely showed up. She was responsible for sale at the front desk.

In the later period, when the police handling the case, when he visited Wu’s mother and son, he found that their family was very difficult.The second son Xiao Gang told the police that after his father committed the crime, the life of their family had changed significantly.The classmates laughed at the brothers’ father was a murderer and mothers took them back to their hometown. Few relatives and friends who were good at first provided help.At the same time, the mother supported the family alone, accumulated hard work, and the physical condition became worse and worse.

For many reasons for no money, his brother was forced to go out to work after graduating from junior high school.Xiao Gang dropped out of school on the second day, carrying a walnut on the station and the dock on the street for sale …

Because Li’s impulse and escape, the difficult life of life fell on every member of the family.The difference of thoughts not only destroyed himself, but also affected his loved ones.

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