The daughter who is going to college immediately is pregnant.

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The aunt’s house has been messy recently, because the cousin who is about to go to college is pregnant.

The cousin’s college entrance examination score is 528, which can be a good two books, and the cousin can be used as a play.The cousin belongs to learning that there is no talent, but she has always worked very hard. She is usually a good girl, which is very worry -free.The aunt and uncle are also satisfied with the performance of the cousin. The two consultations are consulting the cousin to fill in their professional matters. What about the notice now?

Who knew that a few days ago, my cousin didn’t want to eat a few days ago, and vomited and vomited. The little aunt thought it was the reason why the weather was too hot. She wanted to take her to the hospital for medicine, but she was told that her daughter was pregnant.

The aunt didn’t dare to believe it, because her daughter was always well -behaved and grew up under her eyelids, but she was in front of her.

Later, under the force of the two husbands and wives, the cousin said the truth, and a boy in the class always liked her and was chasing her.After the college entrance examination, the classmates in the class went out and played together. The two went to the hotel and had a relationship. After that, the cousin did not dare to tell the family that she was pregnant.

After the college entrance examination, her daughter always went out to play with her classmates. My aunt thought that it was easy to relax and relax after the college entrance examination, and they were all female classmates.Unexpectedly, this kind of thing happened to the daughter this time.

Xiao aunt and uncle repeatedly decided to find the man’s parents to discuss it. The man’s parents were surprised after knowing, "Since they are pregnant, they are also responsible.There are more than a hundred points, at most of the college college, and ask how much gifts do you want? "

The little aunt’s family was very entangled, saying that the child was obviously going to college.It is the right thing to kill the child to school, but he is afraid that his daughter’s body will leave sequelae, and the man’s parents will come to the door almost every day and urge the engagement.

After I knew it, I said that the aunt was too confused. After knowing that the cousin was pregnant, she made a decision when she was pregnant. Why should I go to the man’s parents to discuss it?

Girls will have a better future and choice when they enter university, and they may regret the impulse when young when they are young

This pregnancy can only be said to be two young boys and girls who are young and ignorant.If because of this child, the two are neither prepared to enter the marriage life, nor are they preparing for the physical and mental preparation of children, and have no certain awareness of their families and children.

For children who came by accident, the two were forced to get married to form a family. They started to get chai oil and salt and have children. The risk of it is too great, and it may affect the three generations.

Especially, especially girls enter the university immediately. When college girls will broaden their horizons, all aspects of physical and mental are more mature, and they will have clearer planning for her life. At that time, she will have more choices and futures, and she will not be teeth.The absurd behavior when he was young.

The reason why the man’s parents want to be "the beauty of adults" is because they will not suffer, and the son is not even admitted to college. Now there are daughters -in -law and offspring, and they do not hurry to seize the opportunity.

In short, family education is important, and when children are confused, parents must be awake.

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