The daughter of the gambler He Chaolian was exposed to pregnancy, and the recent belly was raised and the abdomen was obvious.

On the evening of October 11, some netizens showed the scene where He Chaolian worked seriously at the shooting scene. He Chaolian in the camera was wearing a chic black dress with a chic black dress. The exposed shoulders were quite stylish. He Chaolian with short hair looked elegant and capable.Both showed the charm of Zhuoer.

Since the relationship with her boyfriend Dou Xiao, He Chaolian has gradually become characters in the entertainment industry. Various commercial resources have come. In addition, the text from the netizens immediately caused the outside world to discuss "the stars are also dedicated and worked as usual."Netizens also brought He Chaolian’s pregnancy related topics respectively.

The photos that they shared carefully can also see some clues. He Chaolian in the lens is still exquisite, but the abdomen is obvious, and it looks really full of pregnancy.

To this end, many netizens left a message in the comment area, suspecting that He Chaolian and Dou Xiao should have obtained their certificates secretly, but because of various considerations, they have not been disclosed. Some netizens said that he had previously seen that He Chaolian had signs of pregnancy.He Chaolian was unable to hide his abdomen when he was traveling.

Secondly, more netizens believe that in the case that I have not disclosed the information of pregnancy, the blogger broke the news that others had privacy and had a good behavior. At present, the netizen who exposed photos has deleted the photo and wanted to get He Chaolian’s job.The photos are either a staff member or a "person around".And He Chaolian’s comment area also gathered a large number of netizens, all asking whether she was pregnant, and I had not responded to this.

As early as August, the news of He Chaolian suspected of pregnancy was circulated on the Internet. At that time, He Chaolian shared a video of herself with her boyfriend Dou Xiao in the temple.Pay attention to taking care of her, and can see that the relationship between the two has always been quite stable.

In the subsequent video, the two and other friends dinner with other friends. During this process, friends suggested that He Chaolian tried Houttuynia cordata. He Chaolian’s response also became a highlight. In the face of friends, He Chaolian saidIt’s okay, then I was surprised and said that I was not nauseous. This state is especially like the early pregnancy.

In addition, there were news that the two suspected of receiving the certificate before. In May this year, the hot drama "Good Green and Good Green Knowing Geometry" starring Dou Xiao stirred countless sparks. During the new drama, Dou Xiao did not forget to have his girlfriend He Chaolian with his girlfriend He Chaolian.Xiu Xiu affection, calling the other party as "daughter -in -law". Many netizens think that Dou Xiao’s name for He Chaolian seems to release other information. Could he and He Chaolian get married?

At the same time, He Chaolian on the other side did not forget the high -profile "dazzling husband", and generously commented that everyone praised Dou Xiao’s comments and proclaimed sovereignty with actual actions reply.

Now, He Chaolian is suspected of pregnancy again. I wonder if she and Dou Xiao can respond this time. Looking back at the two people have been with each other for many years, and during the period, he experienced the death of He Chaolian’s father.Her job of putting back to her to comfort and accompany her. The details can be seen that both of them are maintaining this difficult fate. If the two really bloom, they will be a great event worth celebrating.

Regardless of the facts, sincerely wish the two of them for a long time, and continue to go down.

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