The daughter -in -law is pregnant, the mother -in -law is unhappy, please take a look at the daughter -in -law’s approach, right …

The mother -in -law became unhappy because of her daughter -in -law.

When the daughter -in -law was pregnant, she showed the test sheet to her mother -in -law, and she told her mother -in -law that my mother was pregnant.My mother -in -law was very happy to say that you have been married for 5 years and finally pregnant.You quickly quit your job at home and raise your fetus.The daughter -in -law said: I have two conditions to talk to you.I did n’t want this child, but your son had to do it, that would be, but you had to promise me two conditions and agreed that I would give birth.

First, we just got married and just set up a family. The economic conditions are not so rich, so in the future, the children’s spending, you and my father -in -law must take part in part.

Second, it is impossible for my mother to bring a child. Now you have retired. You have time.In addition, children are also with your surname, and the flesh of our family, and you should bring it.As for these two conditions, if you agree, I will give birth, and I will kill it without promising.

At this time, the mother -in -law answered him very calmly at this time. I am very happy that your children in our family are very happy.In fact, I planned to do it before. If you say that if you have a child, I will do my best to help you with it.But you say today, I might change my thoughts.

My daughter -in -law, I ask you a few questions. I am busy with the back pain in the festival. Have you helped me once?And you have been married for five years. Have you bought me a gift when I was on my birthday?And I have been uncomfortable this year for a month in the hospital. Have you come to see me for a day?No, why do you have no you?Want me to help you, do you follow our family surname?Don’t forget that your child is also yours. You are a person with a good limbs. Raising children is your obligation and responsibility.Of course, you have the right to determine the child or not.People and people are mutual, there is nothing to do.In this world, only those who have you and you have to be responsible, everything else depends on the situation.

So if this child still does not want, you decide yourself.After speaking, my mother -in -law turned and walked away.After listening to the words of her mother -in -law said, this daughter -in -law stunned for a long time, and she was speechless.

You said that the current daughter -in -law complained that the mother -in -law would not bring the child, the water and electricity costs, and the daily expenses of buying food were the mother -in -law who took the money. In the end, it was not good.I told you that except for some selfish and lazy mother -in -law, most mother -in -law did not want to help, but he didn’t dare to help.You say that your attitude is that your mother -in -law should do everything, and it is laborious.So, do you dare to help you as a mother -in -law?Do you do things for you?In fact, he was exhausted and lived with a large generation.I dare to say that in the end, he didn’t even have the place where he was old.Be a mother -in -law.If you really encounter such a daughter -in -law, don’t care about anything, or cherish your body, and live a good life.

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