The daughter -in -law is pregnant, her husband’s massage is a small test, and more reliable in the back.

During my wife’s pregnancy, her husband’s performance is one of the criteria for testing whether true love.Some husbands are extremely unreliable. They either disappear or eat and drink, regardless of their family.But some husbands are really deep in love, and they are cut in pain, but they can’t wait to bear the hard work and tiredness for their wives.

Some time ago, there was a video fire.In order to let the wife who was childbirth diverted her attention to reduce the pain of her wife’s childbirth, regardless of her colleague’s jokes, she danced on the operating table.Another husband, his wife produced in the operating room, he sighed in a distress, and the distress!

I originally thought that these husbands were all rare, but I never expected that it turned out to be "model in the world."

@: I was swollen like pig feet in the second trimester. My husband was distressed.Learn to learn massage on the Internet and go to a local massage store. Ask a professional master how to massage pregnant women, and help me press it every night after returning.

@: My husband is a typical masculinity. I have long hair when I get pregnant. It is inconvenient to wash my hair. My husband does not let me go to the shampoo shop because he does not want other men to touch my head.Later, he bought a shampoo lying on the Internet and went to the battlefield to help me wash my hair.

@: My husband just did the duty that should be done -every time the check -up will be present, it will not let me be alone.Although this is a duty, there are many enviable eyes of pregnant women in the centers of the production inspection.

@小: During my pregnancy, I was afraid of stretch marks, so I always insisted on applying essential oils to prevent stretch marks.In the late pregnancy, my belly was big, and I couldn’t see my belly, so I asked my husband to help me apply it, so that my husband insisted on applying it every day.Sometimes I came back late at home, and when I returned home to wash my hands, I came to apply it for me.Later, I learned that in fact, I had a lot of stretch marks on my belly, but my husband was afraid of being beautiful and sad, and always accompanied me to perform the show.

@: When I was pregnant, the workload was halved, and there were many categories. I heard that walking more is conducive to delivery. I walked as soon as I had time.My husband is not assured and accompanies me every time.You know that my grandmother is very unwilling to sports in the day, but in order to accompany my wife, I walked with me for an hour or two every night.

@: It is said that the pregnant woman’s mouth is tricky. I couldn’t hear anything to eat at the time. I couldn’t help but want to eat it when I heard it.One time I thought of eating a well -known specialty in a foreign country. Her husband asked people everywhere. In the end, no one went to that place. The husband drove the car for two hours and lined up in the shop to buy me a bite.That was so moved to cry while eating, and I felt sorry for him.

In fact, it is not difficult to do these things at all. The difficulty is whether the husband can do it for ten months to wait for his daughter -in -law for a day.However, we must also be content. You have to remember the goodness of your husband. From time to time, he praises him and gives him a praise. People will be more enthusiastic!


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