The culprit of early pregnancy is caused by these situations

Learn up vaginal bleeding before preparing for pregnancy, so that we can easily deal with it after pregnancy, so we are very worried and afraid of bleeding.

The following is the most common cause of vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy:

The first most common is the abortion in the early pregnancy

The most common cause of vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy is abortion.At the beginning of abortion, general vaginal bleeding is relatively small, often dark red or brown secretions. Sometimes it is accompanied by hidden pain in the lower abdomen, which is a threatened abortion.At this time, if you go to the hospital in time to go through the doctor’s treatment and rest, in most cases the symptoms disappear, you can continue to become pregnant.However, if the symptoms are worse, bleeding increases, lower abdominal pain is obvious, and even the vagina is discharged from the vagina. At this time, it means that the embryo has flowed out, and the abortion is inevitable.Although the flesh -like tissue, that is, the embryo has been discharged, for safety, go to the hospital for examination. According to the results of the examination, the doctor decides whether to perform the palace surgery.

What we usually call "fetal preservation" is mainly aimed at the puzzle current, that is, we have just discovered vaginal bleeding. If the meat -shaped material mentioned above is discharged, it is not meaningful to "keep the fetus" at this time.It’s right.However, we are all reluctant to every life. Although sometimes I feel that there is not much hope, we still keep fetal fetus, including fetal medicine, at least not much disadvantages, and psychological comfort of expectant mothers and family members.It is also conducive to fetal protection.

The second most common is ectopic pregnancy

The most dangerous of vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy is ectopic pregnancy.Ectopic pregnancy: It means that the essence eggs do not bed in the endometrium, but tissues outside the endometrium, and 95%of ectopic pregnancy occurs in the fallopian tube.Why is ectopic pregnancy risk? Because with the development of the embryo, the fallopian tube cannot support the growing embryo, and the fluff penetrates the tube wall, causing the tube wall to rupture, a large amount of bleeding in the belly, can cause shock, or even death. At this time, the vagina is the vagina.The amount of bleeding will not be a lot.In particular, women who have had a history of pelvic infection, have undergone uterine cavity surgery, and have undergone tubal surgery should be more vigilant.

Due to the increase in cesarean section, pregnancy at the incision of cesarean section is becoming more and more common. The risk of this problem is that pregnancy is planted and scars of cesarean section, causing uterine rupture and large bleeding, and there is danger of life.Therefore, expectant mothers can use as much as possible by themselves.

Therefore, we will go to the hospital to take a B -ultrasound after confirming that we are pregnant. In the early days, we will take the B -ultrasound to confirm whether the embryo is bed in the uterus or the outside of the uterus.

The third is rare hydatidium

Portuguese tires: It is the disappearance of the microvascular microvascular of the fluff, so that the velvet is the accumulated effusion, forming the size of the size, it looks like a grape, so it is called a hydroma.Most of the patients with hydatidia are disconnected and small bleeding, but there may be repeated blood bleeding during the meantime, and sometimes blisters are found in the blood.More serious can cause pregnancy vomiting, pregnancy hypertension (proteinuria, hypertension, edema), so a B -ultrasound examination should be performed in the early pregnancy.The treatment of hydatidal treatment is mainly clearing the palace, but it is worth noting that hydatidal fetuses may change and evolve into aggressive hydatidum, so patients must adhere to regular review.Prepare for the next healthy baby.

In addition, some gynecological problems can also cause vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy, such as cervical erosion and cervical polyps.These diseases are generally discovered under the careful examination of specialists.However, bleeding caused by cervical lesions is often difficult to distinguish between bleeding caused by miscarriage. In the early stages of pregnancy, doctors often treat them in accordance with threatened abortion to avoid some losses.If the cervical polyps are large, you can consider performing a small surgery during pregnancy to remove the polyps to avoid continuing to confuse the audiovisual.

When wearing the embryo in the early pregnancy, it usually appears the same as that when the menstruation first came. There may be blood wires, or there is a faint discomfort in a small belly. In most cases, it will be good.Worry.

I wish each baby born safely and healthy.

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