The cruel truth in the entertainment industry shows vividly on the 36 -year -old Ya egg

As the focus of the public as the public, the aura of the stars shines, making people full of fantasy and longing for this industry.

A "Not Bad Money" on the Spring Festival Gala Stage in 2009 not only brought joy to each household, but also made a reputation of actors in the sketch.

In addition to the outstanding Xiao Shenyang, his supporting role makes the interpretation of sketches richer and interesting.

Since then, Ya eggs have frequently appeared in the public’s field of vision. When everyone thinks that she can have her own act, she frequently put her career because of private emotions.

Master Zhao Benshan was angrily expelled from the teacher. In just a few years, why did Ya egg develop so big?

Yayan’s real name Lu Pin, born in a two -person in Heilongjiang, transferred to the family.

When Lu Pin had no memory, her father and mother had divorced, and her mother left herself and left.The father was married again. In order to support his family, the couple ran around and performed, and even opened a theater for this.

Because there was no enough experience, the Lv Pinjia’s life was closed shortly after, and the large investment before this was also put into the east flow. A huge amount of compensation made the family that was not wealthy worse.

This is doomed to Lu Pin’s childhood. It is not carefree as others.When Lu Pin was only nine years old, he had performed with his parents in the troupe.

At the age of ten, her father’s marriage changed again. At this time, Lu Pin knew that her mother who had lived for ten years was her stepmother.

After the divorce, his father couldn’t take care of the life of life. He had already practiced his ability to observe after he was young, and knew that his father’s pressure was heavy.

Elementary school decided to drop out of school only in the fourth grade, and concentrated on performing the performance in the troupe to help his father pay off the debt.

This decision to decide that his father did not agree at first, but Lu Pin insisted that he was more useful than going to school. The father could not stubborn her. In addition, the situation in the family was really difficult, and it also defaults to Lu Pin’s choice.

However, the younger Lu Pin and the people of the same theater group did lack a little fire in terms of professional skills.She is not afraid of suffering. Without the experience of systematic learning, she rely on repeated exercises to constantly polish acting skills.

The audience under the audience faced Lu Pin, a young age, and kept mercilessly "hush" kept letting her step down, and even even smashed the bottle on the stage to let Lu Pin "roll".

At first Lu Pin would be afraid, and he would be wronged.But after a long time, she also practiced super psychological quality. No matter how the audience under the stage reacted, she could perfectly maintain her emotions to the end of the performance.

With the efforts of Lu Pin, her reputation has also begun to increase, and the performance fee has begun to increase, but these debts owed by her father that were not clear.

Just when she thought that life would continue the status quo, she met the nobleman in life -Zhao Benshan.

Zhao Benshan asked Lu Pin’s invitation to sign a contract, which shocked Lu Pin. She never thought that one day she would be seen by such an excellent person, and she had the opportunity to join a better team.

Such a good opportunity can naturally not be let go, and signed it without thinking about it, which also guarantees her life.

As a disciple of Zhao Benshan, Lu Pin has more opportunities to perform than before, and the quality of the stage has been greatly improved. She has made rapid progress in such an environment.

Wang Jinlong, the brother of the same stage, also took care of her, which made Lu Pin, who had felt care since childhood, and felt warm for the first time.

It is said that three points are doomed, and seven points are working hard.Lu Pin’s hard work in recent years has been miraculous than his peers, so these three -pointers are set. In 2009, he came to Lu Pin.

As a trump card in the small world, the Spring Festival Gala’s work directed by Zhao Benshan was killed ten days before the performance, so he modified the script overnight, the birth of the sketch of "Not Bad Money".

The script is difficult, but the actor has a lot of vacancy. Although the protagonist’s aura is eye -catching, in the sketch, the supporting role is also very important.

When everyone was worried about the role of Ya egg in the sketch, Zhao Benshan thought of Lu Pin, which he signed him himself.

The petite -body Lu Pin can not only interpret the contrast of the role of the character, but also meet the extremely high level of singing levels needed by the supporting role.

Lu Pin did not live up to Zhao Benshan’s expectations. The excellent performance on the Spring Festival Gala’s stage made her a hit, and the role of Ya egg became a deep existence of people’s hearts.

After the Spring Festival Gala, Lu Pin’s reputation rose sharply, and the continuous endorsement and invitation all came to her. The original low appearance fee also leapt a qualitative leap. This was never dared to imagine.

Just when everyone believes that Lu Pin will do it again at the peak of his career, Lu Pin actually announced that he would marry his partner Wang Jinlong.

Although this news is shocking, it is not surprising that the two of them as a partner are not surprised. Wang Jinlong’s companionship has made Lu Pin feel unprecedented warmth in recent years.people.

With the reputation, there is enough confidence, and the body no longer carrys huge debts. For Lu Pin is the best time to set up a family, all this is just right.

It is said that the actor’s choice of marriage during the peak of his career is a very unwise choice, but Lu Pin does not care.

She only knew that the actor should speak by her strength, and she did fully check this on her, and the audience would not look at her work because she got married.

Zhao Benshan was also invited to be a marriage person at the wedding of the two, and Zhao Benshan also gave the noodles.This wedding is like a dream for Lu Pin. She once hit her for her livelihood and can have such a luxurious wedding.

After marriage, Lu Pin resources have also been online. Not only did he participate in Zhang Yimou’s films, but also participated in the very popular variety show "Happy Comedy".

Wang Jinlong also was slowly recognized by the public because of his wedding with Lu Pin, but only when he partnered with Lu Pin, he could realize the effect of "justice".

After a long time, he found that he seemed to be only attached to his wife and lived, which caused his dignity to be hit a lot.

After Lu Pin was pregnant, he began to fade out of the public’s field of vision slowly, but the cruelty of the entertainment industry is obvious to all.Essence

After giving birth to a child, Lu Pin’s resources are not as good as before. I wanted to continue the second sketch of the popularity of "Not Bad Money", and it did not achieve the expected results on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala.

This made Lu Pin feel unprecedentedly confused. She made a bold decision when the scenery was no longer, and secretly took over the performance and endorsement without knowing it.

However, these income is naturally no better than before. Husband Wang Jinlong has nothing to gain in this year. The things that the money cannot be settled has become a garlic in life.Big noisy.

In 2017, Lu Pin posted the news of the divorce of the two on the social platform, which attracted a group of people with melons, but the most responded to this was Zhao Benshan.

Zhao Benshan was very popular for marriage. The news of the divorce of the two actually notified himself. This made him very angry. How disappointing Lu Pin was now.

However, Lu Pin did not seem to realize the seriousness of the matter. Soon after, it was also reported that Lu Pin was asked by his fellow brother Xiaopeng to marry.

This made Zhao Benshan completely angry. In his opinion, Lu Pin looked at the marriage as a child, and was playing with the same brothers. This not only made outsiders see jokes, but also disrespected his master.

Zhao Benshan, who was disappointed with Lu Pin, will be expelled from the teacher’s door. Since then, Zhao Jiaban has no "ya egg".

After the second marriage, Lu Pin’s popularity fell again, but without the company’s constraints, there was no need to steal the performance.

So she began to try in all aspects, whether it was street business performances or all kinds of famous endorsements.

Lu Pin has also tried to participate in a variety show. However, due to the delay of marriage and child, there has been no growth in his career. The once popular stalks and creativity have been out of date, and they were soon eliminated.

Seeing that I couldn’t do it in the old home, Lu Pin began to try to switch career, and cooperated with other directors to shoot movies. It was not as easy as I thought from the front to the scenes.

Lu Pin, who has no knowledge reserves, is naturally unsatisfactory. With the shortage of resources, this movie can only be broadcast on the Internet in the end, and no one is promoted.

When the director did not work, when the sketch actors could not keep up with the footsteps of the times, Lu Pinxin was horizontal. While he still had a last popularity, he began to become an Internet celebrity and lived on the Internet for sale on the Internet.

Lu Pin danced with the so -called closing disciples in the live broadcast room. This behavior once attracted a discussion of netizens. Some people regretted it for her. Some people said that this was the road she chose.

But for Lu Pin, only she knows the difficulties.The happiness brought by the marriage did exist, but this way, occasionally thinking about the glory of the past, may regret it, but everything can never be returned.

Is there any mistake in Lu Pin?Maybe there are!But it is more of the reality of the entertainment industry, so that she cannot do both. In this circle of meat and less meat, Lu Pin’s choice is not long.

But in the future, no one is sure. Maybe one day, the once smart and lovely "Ya egg" will return to the stage in a different way, but who can make it clear about all this and future things!

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