The cough has not improved for a long time, and the doctor reminded some town cough and cough medicines to not be used for a long time. The right should be the key

At present, the symptoms of most new crown -infected people have disappeared, but the cough has not improved.Doctors explained that most of this cough is a natural manifestation of the body’s repair, without nervousness, and some cases can be used.

The infection site of the new coronary virus is mainly in the upper respiratory tract. The immune cells of the body will gather here to eliminate the virus. After completing the mission of the immune cells, they will also metabolize and die naturally. Together with the virus damaged cells, they will become garbage in the body.With so many things, the respiratory tract will secrete some mucus to form sputum and discharge it through cough.

If the cough is really powerful, especially the severe dry cough affects normal life and sleep, you can find a doctor to prescribe some central cough medicines.If you cough and have white sputum, it is difficult to cough and use phlegm.If it is yellow purulent sputum, it may be combined with bacterial infection, and antibiotics need to be used.However, it is difficult for us to find a few bacteria infection through a single characteristic. It is not recommended to judge whether there is a combined bacterial infection.A steady way is to be comprehensively judged by a doctor.

Doctors remind that patients need to strictly follow the doctor’s advice during taking cough drugs, and to cough drugs for centralized town to avoid taking them for a long time.Some cough drugs cannot be used for a long time, because some ingredients contain poppy shells, which may lead to addiction, so children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding are banned.

There are some ways to deal with cough and Chinese medicine.Chinese medicine believes that after the fever, Yu Xie did not cough, and often manifested as phlegm sticking and itching.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it is mostly phlegm heat, yin injury, etc., which causes lung qi to be announced. Clinically, Chinese medicines such as clearing heat and phlegm, relieving cough and asthma can be used.

In particular, patients with chronic bronchitis, emphysema, bronchial asthma, bronchial dilation, lung cancer, interstitial lung disease, and patients with acute upper respiratory tract infections, laryngitis, and pneumonia are mainly based on vomiting yellow pus and sputum, orThe viscous sputum is not easy to cough. If it is accompanied by symptoms such as dry mouth, bitter mouth, and dry stool, you can choose the belling capsule to improve.For those who do not heal for a long time and continue to worsen, especially the elderly, it is recommended to do a chest CT to observe the lower lung conditions, and then do further treatment.

In life, is there any way to relieve cough?You can drink warm water in moderation on weekdays to help relieve the stimulation of the throat; adjust your dietary habits, avoid high -sugar diet during the symptoms, avoid acid or spicy food and drink intake;Essence

【Food Therapy】

① Sichuanbei steamed pear

Take a Syroda pear, a few grains of Fritillaria, and the middle of the Snow pear are emptied and put the Sichuan shelter into it.

② Sydney stew with rock sugar

Dig a Syroda pear, put some rock sugar inside, add water to stew together; you can also put some lilies, Chenpi, honeysuckle, and eat together.

③ steamed orange

Choose 1 fresh orange, cut the upper orange cover, and dig a little pulp, add 2 slices of cold constitutions, add a moderate amount of hot constitution, cover the orange cover, steam the cold water pot for 15 minutes, drink orange juice after opening the lid, drink orange juice after opening the lid, drink orange juice after the lid is opened, Early flesh.In addition, taking 3-4 kumquats to cook water for tea, it also has cough and pharyngeal effects.

④ Tremella soup

Tremella is flat, enters the lungs, stomach, and kidney meridians.The specific method is 15 grams of Tremella, wolfberry, and longan meat, and the right amount of rock sugar.Wash the white fungus, wash the wolfberry, and steam on the drawer.Longan meat cut into spare.Boil mineral water or pure water, add rock sugar, white fungus, wolfberry, longan meat, boil and eat.The prescription has the effect of nourishing the kidneys and strengthening the lungs.

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