The confession of a grain of folic acid

Hello everyone, my name is folic acid. I am a pale yellow circular pill with a diameter of about 3mm and 0.4mg. Don’t look at my small volume, but my role cannot be ignored. Three months before pregnancy and three months after pregnancy, three months after pregnancy, three months after pregnancy., I need to take me every day, and many people have doubts. Why?Below I will talk to you, the great energy in my little body.

My name is folic acid, you can also call me "vitamin BC" or "vitamin M". I am a member of the B vitamin family and is easily soluble in water;Seeing light is easy to be destroyed, so it is necessary to be kept on light. Human intestinal bacteria can synthesize me. Generally, it is not easy to lack. Glucose and vitamin C can also promote my better absorption in the human body.When humans have poor absorption, metabolic abnormality, or intestinal bacteriostatic drugs for a long time, I will cause lack.

And I am widely existed in the foods of animals and plants.Essence

In 2000, the Chinese Nutrition Association suggested that the recommended intake of folic acid in the dietary diet in the dietary age of the Chinese Nutrition is 400ug, and the maternal at each stage is 600ug per day. The maximum permitted intake of folic acid is 1000ug.The reason why she needs to take folic acid 3 months before and after pregnancy is to reserve a certain amount of content and prepare for the baby’s development. At this stage of pregnancy, the baby is at this stage. Because of the rapid division of cellsThe deoxyrum ribose, and the generation of deoxyromic acid requires me a lot of participation.

I have played a great role in the organism, mainly in the following aspects:

1. In the process of protein synthesis and cell division and growth, it has an important role, and it has a promotion effect on the formation of normal red blood cells;

2. It will affect reproductive performance;

3. It can affect the secretion of the pancreas;

4. Promote the growth of the body;

5. Can improve the body’s immunity.

When the body appears, I will also be in a state of lack:

1. Insufficient intake;

2. Increase the amount required;

3. Intestinal absorption disorders;

4. Vitamin C deficiency;

5. Use folic acid antagonist drug;

6, liver disease, etc.

As one of the essential vitamins for the growth and reproduction of body cells, my lack will affect the normal physiological activity of the human body.Many literature reports that the lack of folic acid can lead to neurotransidal deformity, giant cell anemia, cleft lip and palate, depression, tumor and other diseases.

Nervous tube malformation is a group of defect disease caused by incomplete neurotransmids during development in the process of development, including brain -free, brain swelling, spine bifida, etc. It is one of the most common newborn defect country is a high-incidence country with neurotoma, and my appearance has brought hope to family and society. According to literature reports, I have been supplemented before and after pregnancy, and the incidence of neurotoma deformities has been reduced by 50-70%.

Giant cell anemia is anemia caused by deoxyrum ribose nucleic acid synthesis caused by lack of folic acid or vitamin B12, which is more common in infants and pregnant women.I will be supplemented 3 months before and after pregnancy, and I will reserve a lot in my mother’s body; if I have not received a good supplement in the early stage, depletion of folic acid reserve in the early stage of delivery or early delivery will lead to the fetal and mother anemia.EssenceAfter this happens, if I can get timely supplement, the disease can also be recovered and cured quickly.

Clearing lip and palate is one of the most common congenital birth defects. Some studies have found that I have no mothers who have supplemented or low folic acid diets. The risk of giving birth to a cleft lip and palate children is about 6 times higher than that of families that supplement folic acid.

I am a lobular folic acid. Although I am small, I am huge energy. Let me integrate your life in your pregnancy and escort you and your baby’s growth and development.

If you are preparing to prepare for a pregnancy, you can go to the obstetric acid clinic on the third floor of Hunan Brain Hospital (Hunan Second People’s Hospital) to receive folic acid.

The chief physician of Li Weijun also reminded male friends to take it during pregnancy.

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