The concubine rolled on the ground with pain, Shunzhi found out that the concubine was pregnant, and the concubine was about to die.

As the saying goes: "One day husband and wife are hundreds of days, and a hundred -day husband and wife look like the sea."

According to the reason, the relationship between the couple’s couple should be the nearest two. Since the moment they become married, they should be embarrassed and old, and the other party will not bear the snowy moon.

However, in our history, a emperor was very anxious at the beginning when he learned that his concubine was infected with serious illness, but after a moment, he was furious and ordered the concubine.

What happened in this moment?

Speaking of the three years of Chongde of the Qing Dynasty, the ninth son of the Emperor Taiji of the Qing Dynasty, Fu Lin, was born in Shengjing, which was later born in Shengjing, which made Huang Taiji very happy.

Fulin’s talent from urination, can be able to be martial arts, and he knows "Royal Weiyi" at a young age.

In the seven years of Chongde, Huang Taiji went to the Yehe tribe to hunt. This time he brought his son Fu Lin, who had just been born for 4 years.

When a group of people hunting and reaching the Kahaling, Fulin, who was only 4 years old, actually bended and arrowed under the sign of Huang Taiji, and she shot a sister -in -law in one arrow, which made Huang Taiji feel that he was this thisThe son is really "a wizard of heaven".

After a year of Chongde for eight years, Emperor Taiji collapsed. At this time, he had not yet settled who his heirs were, so after that, the person in charge of Zhengbaiqi, the fourteenth of Huang Taiji’s fourteen of the fourteenThe Prince of the Brother Shi Rui, Dole, and the eldest son of Emperor Taiji, started a dragon fight against the throne.

Just when the two sides did not give up each other, Doleki took the lead in proposing an idea, that is, the ninth son of the Emperor Tai Pichi, Fulin, ascended the throne, and was supplemented by Prince Zheng Zheng Jirhara and Dole.

This is also equivalent to setting up a "mascot". Everyone in the future still discuss it, and no one will overcome anyone. In the face of this result, Haoge can only temporarily agree.

So on August 26, Fulin sat on the car to go to the Gongdian Hall of Shengjing. At this time, Fulin was only five or six years old. Although it was only a child, Fulin also faintly felt that he was faintly felt that he wasThe identity in the future may be very different.

Just when Fulin was about to be prepared for him. When he went to the car of the Gongdian Temple, his nurses also wanted to board the car together to take care of him.One point at her: "This is not the vehicle you should take."

The small Fulin suddenly exuded the "majesty of the emperor" that was not consistent with him.

After reaching the Gong Gong Hall, Fulin boarded the "antlers’ throne" symbolizing the highest power.

In the first year of Shunzhi, Guan was also a mess. Li Zicheng of the Dushun regime broke through Beijing City.Declasses are the puppets, and their subordinates are all executed.

Shanhai Customs defending Wu Sangui, switched and offering the city, and let the Qing army enter Shanhaiguan. In this way, a group of farmers and militias under Li Zicheng defeated. After ten days, the Qing soldiers occupied Beijing City.Move capital Beijing.

In September, the "Great Qing Dynasty" officially relocated the capital. In October, Shunzhi announced "Ding Ding Yanjing, with Suizhi China" in Huangji Gate, and the Manchu dynasty became the central dynasty that ruled the whole country.

Subsequently, the Manchu court began the suppression of the Mainland to resist the Qing Dynasty, and eventually calmed down the resistance from all over the country with violence.

In the seven years of Shunzhi, Dorr died, eight years of Shunzhi, and only 14 -year -old Emperor Shunzhi’s pro -government. It was this year that Shunzhi became married.Borzjin was the queen, but the feelings of Shunzhi and the queen did not have much deep feelings. The marriage between the two seemed to be just a political joint.

Five years later, thirteen years of Shunzhi, the emperor Shunzhi encountered his "soul partner" and "true love in the world", Dong Efei.

Dong E’s is a native of Zhengbaiqi. Her father Eshi is a general of Qing Dynasty. When the Qing soldiers entered the customs in the first year of Shunzhi, they also entered Shanhaiguan together.

Two years after Shunzhi, in order to calm down the call from all over the country, Enshuo followed the army south, and since then in the Jiangnan area, Dong E’s, who followed the army, also raised the unique softness of women in Jiangnan Water Village, and also also.It has been raised with poems, and the collection of Shi Zi is omnipotent. It can be said that the Han culture can be said to be very thorough.

Later, Emperor Shunzhi also heard Dong E’s reputation, and at this time the emperor Shunzhi also liked the culture of the Han nationality very much, and admired the Buddhism.spark.

In the thirteenth year of Shunzhi, Dong E’s was named "Xianfei". After just one month, the emperor Shunzhi felt that Dong Efei was smart and virtuous, and he was dignified and gentle.The concubine.

In a month, a "big position" has been raised. Such a promotion speed can be said to be rare in the history of the Qing Dynasty.

In October, Shunzhi gave "Dong Ehuang Guizhou", 160 two gold in the home, 8000 two white silver, a gold teapot, a silver pot, a silver basin, 800 setting satin, 1600 settings, sixteen horses, sixteen pairs, sixteen pairsSaddle, sixteen sub -armor.

For a while, the Enshuo’s family was "Gao Peng Manchu", and the car in front of the door was horse.

In December, the Feng Fei Ceremony of the Emperor Guifei of Dong E’s was held. Shunzhi also awarded the name of Dong Efei in the name of Dong Efei to amnesty in the world.

Because of a concubine and amnesty in the world, this kind of thing, don’t say the Qing Dynasty, almost can’t find the second house in the entire history, and Shunzhi is already "over -system", because the princess concubine does not talk about the amnesty world.Even the announcement of the world is not used. Only when the queen is blocked, the world can be announced. Shunzhi’s treatment of Dong Efei has exceeded the general pet.

In the fourteenth year of Shunzhi, Dong Efei gave birth to their first son and the fourth son of Shunzhi. Shunzhi was full of hearts, reappearing the altar again, respecting the world, and promulgating the books again, amnesty in the world.

This kind of treatment can’t even enjoy even his eldest son, but before a few months, the child died, and Shunzhi was very sad.Extremely high specification funeral.

Needless to say, these are all "over -system".

Two years later, in the seventeenth year of Shunzhi, some people taught the Ministry of Li Lang Zhongzhong Lu Chaoyun and the pen -style Erging.

The two were originally responsible for the "Director of the Funeral Committee", who was responsible for the funeral of Prince Rong, but when the two were buried to Prince Rong, they did not strictly observe the original time.

After the news was passed to Shunzhi’s ear, Shunzhi was furious. When the two were sentenced to "chopping the prison", and then after many parties, they changed the two to a "Dai Shao two months, whipped a white, and blamed for a white white., Exile Ninggu Tower, but it didn’t take long for Shunzhi to be sad.

In the middle of the night, a palace girl came to report Shunzhi. One of his concubines and concubines had unbearable abdominal pain and blood.

After listening to this, Shunzhi immediately ran to Shuo Fei Palace, and saw that Shuo Fei was lying on the bed. He was dying, and Shunzhi immediately passed on the doctor to come to the diagnosis and treatment.

Waiting for the imperial doctor to come to Shuo Fei, and looked at Shunzhi again, but "fluttered" and fell to the ground. She dared not speak, and Shunzhi asked the imperial doctor.

The imperial doctor was just a hoe, and seemed to be scared, but just repeated: "The sin should die, and the ministers dare not say."

Shunzhi asked twice again. Seeing that the imperial doctor was just a hoe, he said nothing, and he waved his hand: "I forgive you to be guilty, and say something."

The poor imperial doctor looked up and looked at Shunzhi carefully: "Your Majesty, Master’s Niangniang is not sick.

As soon as Shunzhi heard it, his face turned red.

Shuo Fei is pregnant?I haven’t come to her palace for half a year. Where’s her pregnancy?

I saw the imperial doctor who was kneeling on the ground at this moment and had no dare to look up. Shunzhi also knew that most of the matter was true, and even if a few confidantes checked the matter.

After a thorough investigation, there was a fake eunuch that she arranged from the palace, named Wang Ren in the palace of Shuo Fei.

Since Shunzhi dawn Dong E concubine alone, other concubines in the harem don’t say and love and love Shunzhi. Even when seeing Shunzhi, it is very difficult. A large group of women who have always guarded the empty girlfriend, which made Shuo Fei unbearable.

One of the cousins of Wang Ren was in the palace of Shuo Fei. At first, Wang Ren and his cousin thought about whether he could enter the palace and quietly follow something and sell some silver flowers.

So Wang Ren’s cousin prepared a set of eunuchs for him, so that he also dressed as eunuchs, and the two entered the palace together for "handling".

Who knows that on this day, Shuo Fei did not come to his palace because of Shunzhi for a long time, and was sulking, so he came out for a few laps. He just saw Wang Ren, who was very handsome, when he was pulling.He "relieved herself".

In fact, at this time, Shuo Fei didn’t know that Wang Ren was a fake eunuch. Generally speaking, he would hit Wang Ren a few times. Otherwise, he would like to tease him.

But at the end, Shuo Fei even found that Wang Ren was not an eunuch, and she lived in the Young Palace for a long time. She was already lonely and unbearable, so she was mixed with Wang Ren.

With the first time, he thought of the second time. At the end, Shuo Fei simply arranged a fake eunuch directly for Wang Ren, so that he lived in his palace.

It didn’t take long for Shuo Fei to find that she was pregnant. This was incredible. The emperor hadn’t come to his palace. How could he be pregnant?

So when she discussed with Wang Ren, she asked Wang Ren out of the palace and bought some abortion medicines in a pharmacy. Who knew that the abortion medicine was taken shortly after, Shuo Fei began to bleed more than, covering her stomach on the ground, and things were troublesome.It was a shocking Emperor Shunzhi.

The Emperor Shunzhi who learned the truth, even if he was about to cut the Concubine, the Concubine looked at the Emperor Shunzhi with his eyes: "If you are not in the palace of Dong Efei every day, how can there be such things?It is not that you hurt me. "

The Shunzhi who heard these words was even more angry. He gave the concubine three feet of white 绫, and he committed himself. Seeing that he could not live left and right.Li Gui, I also want Dong E’s bitch to die! "

The Wang Ren, Shunzhi wanted to divide him five horses, "especially effect", but thought that the bigger the matter, the greater the more shameful, and this kind of thing was really bad to "effect with the effect", and he directly fought him.

Dong Efei, who learned this matter, was more depressed.

His son was dead, his husband was still remembered by other women, and even a curse of "not good" to herself, which made Dong Efei’s mood heavier, and eventually became depressed.

In August of the 17th year of Shunzhi, Dong Efei died of dying. He died of illness and died of the Qianzheng Palace. Shunzhi had a pain. He went to the prince and went down to the four officials.

Before Dong Efei was dying, he told Shunzhi that after his death, he did not want gold and silver jewelry to be buried. Everything was simple, but the emperor Shunzhi still buried Dong Efei with the courtesy of the queen.

Since then, the Emperor Shunzhi seemed to "see through the red dust" and thought about being a monk.

Eventually, on the second day of the first month of the eighteenth year of Shunzhi, Shunzhi arranged for his personal eunuch Wu Liangfu to "make a family compassion for the Lord".

After seeing Wu Liangfu’s shaving monk with his own eyes, Shunzhi seemed to have a knot, and the sky was stained that night, and he had a high fever.

On the sixth day of the first month, Emperor Shunzhi died, only 24 years old.

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