The color of urine is wrong?Small knowledge of urine color during pregnancy is here

Why is the color of my urine so yellow this morning?Will you not get any disease?Intersection

Pregnant women are consulting the color of urine, the picture originated from the Internet, invading and deleting

Have you ever had such doubts?Have you ever cared about the color of your urine?During pregnancy is a very special period, and any little thing can affect the safety of the baby.Therefore, Dr. Xiao Liao starts from his own life to share the medical knowledge of urine color and disease with you. It is very practical.

1. What are the urine?

Urine is mainly water, consisting of about 95%of water and 5%metabolites.Among them, water comes: (1) drinking water, porridge, soup, rice, fruits, vegetables, etc. (2) moisture produced by metabolism, such as glucose in the body to metabolize carbon dioxide and water.

Second, common urine color and disease during pregnancy

1. Transparent lemon color: health

This is the color of healthy people’s urine.

If you insist on drinking 8 glasses of water a day, urine should show a healthy color.

Normal urine, the picture comes from the Internet, invading and deleting

If you want to test your kidneys, there is one way: After getting up in the morning, drink 800 ml of cool white water, and to the toilet more than 2 times within 3 hours, the color of the urine will become more transparent and clear.

2. Similar to earth yellow:

This may be the color of your morning urine.

Although the human body is sleeping in the middle of the night, the kidneys are constantly operating, and the various metabolites produced by the human body are excreted in the bladder to store them in the bladder.If you do n’t drink water, after a night of sleep, the human body is basically in a relatively lack of water the next morning. The most obvious feeling is thirst. At the same timeThe liquid is concentrated.Therefore, the color of the early morning urine is darker and the smell is heavier.Generally, after you drink water, the color and odor of the next urine will improve.

Morning urine, the picture originated from the Internet, invading and deleting

Because many metabolites in morning urine are concentrated, morning urine is a very important biological sample, which is often clinically used to detect various biochemical indicators.For various Baoma, early pregnancy (before 13 weeks) can use early pregnancy test strips to detect β-HCG at home to initially determine whether he is pregnant.

Tips: Early pregnancy test strips are just a preliminary screening test, which may have false positive results.Whether you are pregnant with β-HCG, estrogen, progesterone and B-ultrasound results, and combined with menstrual history, clinicians are judged by clinicians.

3. Orange yellow: There are too many vitamins B in the urine

If you take vitamin tablets such as Eleville, the urine will display orange yellow, because vitamin B2-nuclearin, especially vitamin B2-ribofucta.If you are not sure, as long as you stop taking vitamin tablets, the urine will turn clear.

Tips: Many B vitamins and vitamin C are water -soluble vitamins, which are vitamins soluble in water.Because water -soluble vitamins are easily excreted by urine, vitamin deficiency can occur when insufficient intake, but the advantage is that it is not easy to accumulate in the body and cause poisoning.

4. Purple red:

Please recall it: Do you eat fruits or vegetables with high natural pigment content?

After I gave birth to Lingbao, I had constipation, so I used the method of steaming red heart dragon fruit. As a result, the urine during that time was purple -red. Later, the color of urine became normal after stopping eating steamed red heart fire dragon fruit.

5. Red with red in yellow: This is specific to analyze

On the left is hematuria, and the right side is normal urine. The picture originated from the Internet, invading and deleting

(1) Is it in menstrual period?If so, it is normal.

(2) Biochemical?Some embryos are not good, and they have been aborted in about 1 month in the early stages of pregnancy, so many Baoma did not realize that she was pregnant and miscarriage.This situation can be determined by detecting β-HCG in the blood.

(3) Urinary tract infection.The color of the urine not only becomes red (bright red), but also accompanied by a heavy smell, or feels tingling (dysuria) when urinating, or keeps going to the toilet (frequent urination), that is, he can’t help the urine (urgency).That may be a urinary tract infection.Especially cystitis, the symptoms of frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria are very obvious. At this time, you need to go to the hospital to see a doctor immediately. If it is a prospective mother, pay special attention.

Tips: Because girls’ urethra is short and straight, it is very easy to get urinary tract infection if they do not pay attention to hygiene when traveling with their lover.Don’t be embarrassed, urinary tract infection is a common disease of girls in childbearing age.

Solution: Prepare 1 cup of cold boiling water in the room. After the intercourse, drink it immediately, go to the toilet as soon as possible, and rinse the bacteria into the urethra through urine.

Three, conclusion

There are no trivial matters during pregnancy. I hope that the prospective mother -in -law pays more attention to her health and give birth to a healthy baby as soon as possible.

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