The color of the areolas during pregnancy becomes darker. Can I recover myself after pregnancy?The answer is here

During the process of pregnancy, expectant mothers will change a lot, such as the breasts will slowly grow.The stomach will also be raised to frequent urination in the late pregnancy, but a change will be embarrassing. That is, the areola color of the expectant mothers will gradually deepen. When some mothers are breastfeedingBrown does not look very beautiful.

So why does the color of the areola of mothers gradually deepen during pregnancy. After the end of the breastfeeding, can the color before pregnancy be restored?

First of all, the deepening of the areola is actually the deposition of melanin due to the increase of hormones.In addition to areola, the often vertical line color of mothers will also become darker.Since it is due to the changes in hormones, after the mother’s breastfeeding is over, the hormone returns to the normal level, and the melanin disappears.Normal color.

Secondly, many pregnant mothers have found that areola and nipples are very itchy during pregnancy. This is because the breasts of expectant mothers will develop secondary development during pregnancy.Specific mothers can effectively alleviate with towels and gently massage breasts.Because the breasts will develop secondary during pregnancy, expectant mothers also need to replace the appropriate underwear in time, and especially choose well supported underwear, which can prevent the chest from drooping after pregnancy.

During breastfeeding, the nipples of the new mothers are easily sucked by the baby. Therefore, during breastfeeding, expectant mothers must do a good job of protecting the nipples.During pregnancy, if the expectant mother’s nipples are trapped, they should pull more nipples to help the nipple expose.When the nipple itching during pregnancy, do not scratch it with your hands to prevent the nipples from breaking the skin.When breastfeeding, every time you breastfeed, you can wipe it with a nipple cream. If you have broken the skin, you can use the nipple protector to breastfeed.

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