The class teacher has repeatedly raped female students who were under 14 years of age and were pregnant for 10 and a half years.

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China Referee Document Network recently announced the first criminal judgment of the first case of Yang Moumou’s rape in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.According to the judgment, Yang Moumou, a teacher who has special responsibilities to minors, has repeatedly raped students who are under 14 years of age and led to the victim’s pregnancy. The court was sentenced to ten years and six months in prison for rape.

Yang Moumou, male, born in April 1970, undergraduate culture.In April 2011, he was sentenced to three years and 2 months in prison by the Huicheng District Court of Huizhou City for a traffic accident. It was released in August 2013.He was detained on January 6, 2020 and was detained on January 6, 2020.

The court found that the defendant Yang Moumou was a teacher in a school in a town in Dongguan City, and the relationship between the female student Xiaoli (pseudonym) was a teacher -student relationship.From February 2019 to July 2019, Yang Moumou’s class teacher.During September 2019, the defendant Yang Moumou brought the victim Xiaoli from a certain school to a certain town in a certain town and a total of 203 rooms from a certain school. He had sex with Xiaoli three times.After each sexual relationship, Yang Moumou returned to a school with Xiaoli.

On January 5, 2020, the victim Xiaoli was inspected and found that she was pregnant.On January 6, 2020, the public security personnel captured the defendant Yang Moumou in a school teacher’s dormitory in a school.In the same month, the victim Xiaoli induced a woman’s death.After identification, under the premise of excluding the same ovarian and close relatives, it supports Yang Moumou’s blood sample, Xiaoli’s blood sample, and an individual in the embryo tissue in Xiaoli.

The third court of Dongguan believes that the defendant Yang Moumou ignored the national law and the young girl who was less than 14 years old had bad circumstances. His behavior had violated criminal law and constituted a crime of rape.The defendant Yang Moumou, as a teacher who had special responsibilities to minors, had repeatedly raped students who were under 14 years of age, and caused the victims to be pregnant. The circumstances were bad.The defendant Yang Moumou used this position of the teacher to facilitate the crime of rape children. The defendant Yang Moumou was prohibited from engaging in education, training, and counseling.The defendant Yang Moumou confessed to the court, and the court punished him as appropriate.

Regarding the opinion of the defendant Yang Moumou who did not know Xiaoli at the age of 14, the court was investigated. Yang Moumou confessed to know that the students of the first year were generally 13 to 14 years old.From September 2018 to July 2019, Ren Xiaoli’s class teacher. During his tenure, he had the roster of each student. He had personal information in the roster.Someone used to be his class teacher, knowing his information and knowing that he is under the age of 14, and there is a scheme of a school class in a school class in a town in Dongguan and the "Certificate" to confirm each other.There is a sexual relationship with the victim, so the above opinions mentioned by the defendant are not adopted.

The court pointed out that the defendant Yang Moumou was a teacher who had special duties to minors. He repeatedly raped students under the age of 14, which seriously violated moral ethics and morality.Large, the defendant’s confession is repeated before and after, avoiding the weight light, the intention to escape the punishment, there is no deep regret performance.

According to the defendant Yang Moumou’s criminal circumstances and regret performance, the court sentenced the defendant Yang Moumou to rape in accordance with the provisions of the Criminal Law and sentenced him to ten years and six months in prison.Education, training, and counseling have been engaged in close contact with minors within five years from the date of the implementation of the punishment; one of the mobile phones transferred with the case will be confiscated and paid to the treasury.(For more news, please pay attention to the Yangcheng Pai

Source | Yangcheng Evening News · Yangcheng School

Original title: "The class teacher has repeatedly adultery for the 14 -year -old female student to get the other party’s pregnancy and get a sentence of 10 and a half years."

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