The child’s tonsils are inflamed again.

Since the summer, there is a problem that causes a headache to have a headache -children are often prone to tonsil swelling and cause throat and fever.

The child’s tonsils are inflamed, and the old mother really worried about it. For this reason, I also deliberately consults: "Can my child a tonsilist now?"

The doctor here wants to say: Don’t be anxious first. If you want to move the tonsil, you must first understand the tonsils.

What is tonsil?

There is a wealth of lymph tissue in the pharynx, which gather into a group. Among them, the largest tonsils are the tonsil you usually call.

Why does the tonsil inflammation?

When the inhaled pathogenic microorganisms are relatively large and the poisoning force is strong, or when the child weakens due to fatigue and cold, the pathogenic body lurking in a small tonsils will quickly reproduce, which will cause inflammation of the tonsils.

Why do children’s tonsils often inflammation?

Generally, tonsils start to increase gradually after 1 year old, reaching peaks at the age of 3-6, and gradually degenerating at the age of 10-15.Therefore, tonsillitis is more common in school -age children.

Tonsillitis always develops repeatedly. Is this serious?

1. Repeated tonsillitis can cause tonsil swelling, and swallowing function, breathing and sound structure can be affected.

2. The swallowing function will cause children not to eat well, and growth and development will be slower than other children.

3. After the respiratory function is affected, snoring at night, open mouth breathing accompanying nights at night, unstoppable sleep, and inattention during the day.Matto facial development.

4. If the inflammation spreads, it may also cause inflammation of neighboring parts such as otitis media, sinusitis, pharyngitis, and bronchitis, and may even cause diseases in distant organs such as myocarditis and nephritis.

What are the tonsils?

1. Excessive tonsils (accompanied or non -gonad -like hypertrophy) cause sleep and respiratory suspension syndrome, hindering swallowing and vagueness.

2. Tonsilist and glandular hypertrophy affects the development of the glandular sample or cause dental dysfunction.Children who are over 3 years old and have deformity of osteotomy, or children with trends need to be intervened as soon as possible.

3. Repeated tonsillitis: More than 7 times in the past 1 year, an average of more than 5 times per year in the past two years, or an average of more than 3 times per year in the past 3 years, or those who have had abscess around tonsils.

4. Leapy tonsils.

5. Tonic tumor.

6. Conservative treatment of ineffective white throat band bacteria.

Will the child’s immunity be low?

Parents don’t have to worry. Generally, tonsils have no significant effect on their bodies after resection.According to the analysis of large sample data, after the tonsils of children over 3 years old, they can be compensated by themselves soon, and the immunity will basically not decrease.

How old is it suitable for surgery?

It is generally recommended that children have tonsils and gland samples after they are 3 years old.However, it does not mean that it cannot be surgery under the age of 3, and there is no absolute age limit for surgery. It mainly considers the severity of the patient’s condition.For children under the age of 3, after the drug conservative treatment is invalid, fully perform surgery management, and under the premise of ensuring safety, surgery can be performed.

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