The child’s biological father is actually Grandpa?DNA appraiser David: Reality is often more magical than the story

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In the winter of 2018, David’s office suddenly entered a girl and six boys.

The girl is only fifteen years old, but her dress is very mature. She does not look like a student who is studying, and the six boys are not big.

The girl’s name is Yu Li. She went to David and said, "Doctor, I come to DNA identification. I am pregnant, but I don’t know which one of them is their father."

After David heard such an amazing words, she couldn’t find a reaction for a while. Asked Li, "Little sister, are you not yet adult? Are you pregnant?"

Yu Li nodded firmly, which made David very embarrassed because minors needed guardians to be present to identify.

He had to say to Li, "Where is your parents? Do test requires their signature."

Yu Li replied dissatisfied: "My parents don’t care about me, you just die as they die. Now it’s my aunt to take care of me, can I call her over?"

David was silent for a while, and then nodded helplessly.

Yu Li’s aunt later came to the testing agency. She looked confused, obviously she didn’t know what her niece was pregnant.

Due to the consent of her aunt, Yu Li had to tell her aunt about her pregnancy.

After listening, the aunt was very angry. He gave Yu Li a few slaps, and then went to hit the boys.

Those boys were so scared to fight back.

Later, David made Yu Li’s aunt calm down and said to her: "The prostitution is to test who the child’s father is first, and you can deal with family affairs privately at home."

After listening to David’s words, Yu Li’s aunt calmed down, and then signed his name in the niece’s test intention.

However, what everyone didn’t expect was that Yu’s children were not any of the six boys.

After the result, even Yu Li himself was surprised!

To this step, the only thing that may not be surprised is the appraiser David.

The media had interviewed David and asked him what the biggest feeling of as an appraiser. David said calmly: "I have dealt with more than 30,000 cases of appraisal cases, and I have seen all kinds of bizarre things.I won’t surprise me. "

As a professional parent -child appraiser, what bizarre cases David has experienced?What do he think of his industry?

Today, DNA appraisal technology is very mature. There are about 100,000 professional appraisers in my country, and many appraisal agencies are distributed in various cities to provide services to people who need help.

David is a parent -child appraiser with more than ten years of appraisal experience. The number of cases he has dealt with is as many as more than 30,000, which is amazing.

On November 24, 2021, the media conducted an interview with David. He told reporters: "This is a work that can insight into humanity. In the case of parent -child appraisal I have dealt with, a quarter of which is biological.The probability is very high. "

The reporter asked: "Have you encountered very amazing and unforgettable cases at work?"

David said with a smile: "Of course, there are quite a lot of cases, I still remember a few cases."

Yu Li’s case was one of them. A little girl took six boys to do parent -child identification, and found that the child was not any of them.Even for David, which is well -informed, this case made him sigh.

Later, through the narrative of Yu Li’s aunt, David knew why Yu Li was in such a situation.

Yu Li, who lacks love from an early age, is not an orphan, but her life is like an orphan.

Yu Li’s parents are not serious. His father loves drinking, and his mother loves gambling. The two of them were unexpectedly pregnant with Yu Li, but they were unwilling to be responsible. Therefore, she threw her to her grandmother, but she lived a chic life.

The elderly grandma did not know how to take care of the children at all, but was only responsible for providing food and clothing. She did not care about other aspects, so Yu Li grew up in such an environment.

Later, grandma died, and Yu Li followed her aunt.But the aunt had to take care of the three children alone, and she was very busy at work and could not take into account Yu Li’s problem.

In such an environment, Yu Li naturally would not study hard. She had nothing to do all day and dropped out of school early and began to indulge in the Internet.

Due to the lack of love when she was a child, Yu Li longed for love, and she associated with more than a dozen people on the Internet and met them.Without paying attention, she was pregnant with her child.

Yu Li decided to give birth to a child. She suspected that the child was one of the boys she liked, so she took them to do an appraisal.

However, after the results came out, Yu Li disappointed that the child was not the six boys.In the case of her aunt persisted, she finally agreed to kill the child.

In addition to Yu Li’s case, David also shared with reporters a dispute caused by her mother -in -law.

Liu Xueying is a 28 -year -old woman. After she got married with her husband three years ago, she had no children because of her busy work.

Liu Xueying’s husband has a low education and no wives, so most of the things in the family are basically determined by Liu Xueying.The wife does not need a child due to busy work, and her husband does not say much.

However, her husband’s attitude does not represent the mother -in -law’s attitude.Liu Xueying’s mother -in -law Xiuhua was angry because her daughter -in -law was unwilling to have children. She often went to her son -in -law’s house, suggesting that they had more children.

Liu Xueying once explained to her mother -in -law saying that she did not want her child to be busy for the time being, and she would give birth when she stabilized.

However, Xiuhua did not believe that she thought that a woman should take care of her family after marriage, and should not be children because of work.

Three years later, Liu Xueying accidentally conceived her child. She felt that her work was basically stable, so she decided to give birth to a child.The couple happily told the parents.

I thought that parents on both sides would be very happy when they heard the news, but did not expect that Liu Xueying’s mother -in -law Xiuhua began to make trouble at this time.

She often danced with a group of old sisters, and Xiuhua happily shared the news of her daughter -in -law’s pregnancy with other sisters that day.

One of the old sisters said mysteriously: "Xiuhua, did your daughter -in -law suddenly want children? Didn’t he insist on it before, why is it suddenly softened now? Is this child other men?"

Although Xiuhua denied it, he began to doubt that he thought that his daughter -in -law was often on a business trip because of a business trip. Xiu Hua felt that his son might be wearing a green hat.

Xiu Hua rushed to his son and daughter -in -law’s house, pointing at his daughter -in -law: "You shameless woman, who is the child in the stomach?!"

Liu Xueying was accused of being confused by her mother -in -law. She said helplessly, "Mom, of course, the child in my belly is your son, who else can it be?"

However, Xiuhua did not believe it. She also encouraged her son to say, "Ah, your daughter -in -law is not honest, and suddenly he is willing to ask for a child. Maybe it is the species of other old lover. Let’s do an appraisal!"

Liu Xueying was also angry after being wronged by her mother -in -law. She originally expected her husband to stand up and tell a few words, but did not expect her husband to stand aside.

Liu Xueying sneered: "Well, just do an appraisal! I’m not afraid. After the identification, if the child is your son, we will divorce!"

The husband was finally anxious. He came out and said, "No, no, why do you want to do it? This child must be mine! Mom, don’t you make trouble!"

Liu Xueying did not accept her husband’s explanation, and she was determined to make things bigger, so she pulled her mother -in -law and husband to the appraisal center where David was located for identification.

The mother -in -law Xiuhua was also a little panicked at this time. Seeing that her daughter -in -law was not afraid of things, she realized that the child might really be his son.

However, she was unable to recover, and she could only stand at the door and wait for the results.

David looked at the word "support" displayed on the report results, saying to the three: "Based on the test results of these two samples, you can determine that the child is you."

Liu Xueying took the report and said to her husband who was not saying, "Let’s go, we will divorce while the Civil Affairs Bureau has not closed yet."

Xiu Hua realized the seriousness of the problem at this time. He held his daughter -in -law and said several sorry, saying that he was too confused.

But Liu Xueying did not accept the apology. She decided to move back to her mother’s house for pregnancy. Even if her husband and mother -in -law came to ask for peace, she did not change her mind.

In addition to Yu Li and Liu Xueying’s cases, David also shared a very outrageous case with reporters.

The protagonist of the story is Xie Yun, a 32 -year -old woman.

On a light rain morning, Xie Yun pushed the door of David’s office.

David looked at the woman who was nervous in front of her, and said with a smile, "Hello, what kind of identification do you do?"

Xie Yun said embarrassingly: "I … I suspect that the child in my stomach is my father -in -law, so I want to make an appraisal."

After David’s hearing, she did not show very surprising and curiosity, which made Xie Yun relieved.She described David the embarrassment of her experience.

Xie Yun and her husband Liang Feng have been together for eight years, but they have never conceived their children, which makes the people at home feel very anxious.

At first, everyone thought that Xie Yun had a problem with a problem that caused the children to be unable to conceive.However, after going to the hospital for examination, the problem was on her husband Liang Feng.

Liang Feng was suffering from severe weak sperm, which caused his wife to hardly conceive under natural conditions.

After receiving the results of this test, her mother -in -law who had always had opinions on Xie Yun also stopped scolding her daughter -in -law and no longer said that she was a hen that could not be born.

Subsequently, the couple decided to try to try test tube babies, and they used all their savings to the Capital Hospital.However, after the doctor checked Liang Feng’s body, he regretted that the husband and wife: "Mr. Liang’s situation cannot be performed."

Hearing this answer, Xie Yun and Liang Feng were surprised. They never expected that the choice of IVF would not work!

They thought that the dream of childbirth was destined to be shattered, but unexpectedly, one month later, Liang Feng suddenly said to Xie Yun: "There is a solution! We can try IVF!"

Liang Feng cheated Xie Yun and said that he had looked at Chinese medicine. After taking a few medicines, his body recovered. Now you can consider trying to try a test tube baby.

Xie Yun was very excited. She was a little dizzy because of her joy. She did not study why her husband’s body suddenly improved. Instead, she took the money to the hospital for a test tube conception.

The test tube was very successful, and Xie Yun quickly conceived his child.However, as her stomach is getting bigger and bigger, the family atmosphere has become increasingly wrong.

One night, Xie Yun couldn’t fall asleep. He got up and prepared to go to the living room to pour a glass of water to drink, but he heard his father -in -law said to her husband, "Once the child is born, don’t let Xiao Xie know that it is mine!"

Xie Yun was stunned all at once, and she rushed to the appraisal agency the next day to make an appraisal.After the results came out, David told her very regretful: "Ms. Xie, after identifying, this child is indeed your father -in -law."

After listening, Xie Yun sat on the ground and cried, and then she left from the institution alone.David did not know how Xie Yun would deal with this, because she never came to the organization afterwards.

The previous case may have damaged David’s values, but this case related to dogs has become the most amazing one he encountered.

One day two years ago, a young man came to the David consultant. The young man took out two sealed bags from his pocket, one of which contained a yellow hair and the other was a few soft short hair.

"Dr. Dai, please help me to identify it! I want to know who these hair belongs to." Hu Ming asked David.

David took out the yellow hair from the bag, checked it carefully, and then said doubtful: "Mr. Hu, this does not look like human hair, is it a dog?"

"Yes, I suspect my wife’s child is the golden retriever dog!" Hu Ming said excitedly.

David almost didn’t be pinched by his own saliva. He replied silently: "Mr. Hu, people and dogs cannot have children. We cannot detect it through the dog’s hair."

After listening to David’s words, Hu Ming was a little stunned. He kept thinking: "It must be that dog! In my wife’s heart, I don’t even have a dog!! "

Hu Mingyue said that the more angry, he also said, "The child she gave birth is not like me. The child’s hair turned out to be yellow -brown, just like that dog!"

Seeing that Hu Ming was so excited, David advised him to calm down and said to him, "Mr. Hu, people and dogs really can’t give birth to children. It is best to go back and ask your wife what is going on."

A few days later, Hu Ming came to David’s office again. This time he brought the hair samples of two people.

After identifying the procedure, David saw the word "support" shown in the report, saying to Hu Ming: "From the test results of these two samples, you can determine the parent -child relationship."

Hu Ming cried after listening to David’s words, and he told David’s truth to David.

It turned out that Hu Ming’s wife was indeed derailed, but the object was not a dog, but a foreigner. This is why the child’s hair is yellow -brown.

After listening to Hu Ming’s story, David was helpless. Although Hu Ming was wearing a green hat, it was pitiful, but David had been encountered for the first time.

These cases shared by David shocked the reporter. Finally, the reporter asked: "What do you think is the biggest significance as an appraiser?"

David laughed and said, "Of course it is helping others. Although I have encountered many cases of destruction, I have also helped many children who have been trapped to find their biological parents and let those broken families reunite again. This is me.The biggest meaning of this job! "

Human nature is indeed very complicated, but it is a great thing to insist on helping others after experiencing so much darkness!

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