The child asked my mother: Why did you bleed below?How to explain menstruation to children?

The 4 -year -old daughter asked her mother, "Why did you have so much blood below?" Facing the child’s doubts about the aunt, how should parents answer?Zhang Yaoshi gives a professional good advice!Transfer to those in need!

Many mothers will encounter this situation -when they have a hygiene in menstruation or they are discovered by the child when they are bleeding, and then the child will be worried and curious.Facing the child’s question, are you joking?Still jump away the topic shyly?Still deceiving children?Or tell the child what is this?[What]

Everyone will encounter this situation, and I am no exception.Let me share with you the story of my daughter and my daughter.

I remember that I took a bath when I came to menstruation. After seeing it, the child was frightened and shouted: Mom, your little secret has a lot of blood?IntersectionI was a little embarrassed at first. Think about it, this is a good opportunity for sex health education!

I said: This is because my mother’s uterus is renovating.We have read it in the book before. Below the boy is not the same as the girl under the girl. In the small secret of our woman, there is a place called the uterus. This place is where you used to live in your mother’s belly.The baby has a good environmental growth. This uterus will be renovated once a month, each decoration for 5-7 days.When the decoration is decorated, a layer of membrane will be shaved and bleeding will be bleed.If the baby lives in, it will no longer decorate or bleed anymore!This physiological phenomenon is called menstruation, and menstruation will come after the uterus is fully developed.

My daughter will ask me, what is the baby like?

I said: Mom’s eggs are combined with Dad’s sperm to form fertilized eggs.Then the fertilized eggs are constantly growing up. Living in the uterus, one is divided into two two and four long and long length. This is called the fetus, and then it is a baby after about 280 days.[Lingguang Flash]

From that day, my daughter liked to play games with my baby with me every day.It is a game game that simulates the baby from fertilized eggs to giving birth. I will play the hardships of the fertility process and the joy of ushered in a new life. She plays a fetus and newborn.

This made her understand that it was not easy for having a child, and it also made the whole family happy. Although the mother was painful, she looked forward to seeing you.

The daughter is also looking forward to the arrival of Erbao.Every time I watched my menstruation, she would be disappointed, "Ah, this time the baby didn’t come.I will continue to explain to her.

How do you generally answer your children?Looking forward to sharing you in the comments area!If you like this answer, you can forward it to those in need.

The best sexual health education is to seize each child’s curiosity about sex, and give answers with professional facts, do not escape or deceive, let alone intimidation. Parents do not have to express ashamed.Because each real answer and discussion is love interaction.The child’s life originated from a healthy nature. She understands that she comes to the world and will cherish her life more.[呲 teeth]

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