The child always shouts that the butt is what should I do now?Pediatrician said that

Hello everyone, I am a pediatrician Luo Ning who loves painting. Today, I share with you the problems that parents and friends often encounter: the child always shouts that the ass is itchy?Grab the butt with your hands?what happened?Dr. Luo reminded: You need to be alert to parasites -tapeworms.What does the worm look like?Why cause itching?How can parents make a brief judgment?How to deal with and prevent?

The following Dr. Luo uses simple pictures to draw you complicated children’s health knowledge.

The body is as small as the head and white.

Adults are generally parasitic in the lower end of the small intestine, cecum, appendix and large intestine.Most of the mature females live in the large intestine.The head drilled into the intestinal membrane to absorb trace blood and nutrition.

After maturity, the colon is down. After the child is sleeping at night, climb out of the anus 1-3 hours of the anus and climbing the eggs while climbing the anus and the vulva skin.Causes itching here, a few female can be returned to the rectum after ovulation, and they will fall down again after several times.If you don’t pay attention to personal hygiene, the worm eggs will enter the intestine again through the mouth to circulate.

Because children do not have good health habits, they directly play toys and other items after contacting the anus.

Do not wash your hands and directly contact food and eat.Eggs enter the intestine.

Children playing with toys and other close contacts can easily cause children to spread.

The most common manifestation is itching around the anus and itching.Night is so very.Sleeping often affects skin erosion and secondary infection due to scratching.Other symptoms such as mental anxiety, irritability and anger, nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, etc., can occasionally cause girls to cause girls to gyfenitis because of the climbing of tapeworms. Drilling into the urethra can cause urethritis, drilling into appendix, causing appendicitis.

Because the worm climbed out of the anal ovulation 1-3 hours after the child was sleeping at night, the family could carefully observe whether there was a white short thin linear head-shaped adult in the skin of the skin around the anus.If you have any, you can diagnose.

Hospital diagnosis generally needs to take dirt around the anus, and find the eggs under the microscope after treatment.

1. Drug therapy (Akomidazole, that is, intestinal insects are clear. Note, use it with caution under 2 years of age)

2. Take a bath and clean the anus every day.

3. Develop good personal hygiene habits.Wash your hands before meals, wash your hands in time after contacting public items and toys.

4. Children’s underwear and be soaked in boiling water.

5. All patients in the family should be treated at the same time.

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