The chest is well protected during pregnancy, and I will recover less troubles in the future!

The beauty and health of the breasts are not only the need to meet the beauty of women’s beauty, but also the guarantee of postpartum breastfeeding.So, how to maintain the breast during pregnancy to maintain health and feed children smoothly?Hee hee, don’t worry, Xiaobian will introduce in detail about breast care during pregnancy to give you a care direction.Due to the large amount of information, the editor divides the content into two parts: early and late pregnancy to help everyone understand digestion and absorption.What I want to talk about today is the breast care method in the early pregnancy ~

The chest care in the early pregnancy is mainly to relieve breast discomfort.

When women have successfully conceived, the tissue of milk production will be affected by estrogen and progesterone. The continuous increase of estrogen to continuously expand the milk conveying tube, and the improvement of progesterone levels will promote the growth of bubbles of milk.More blood flows into the breast, and the adipose tissue has also begun to save, surrounds, and layer pads in the breasts.

Therefore, from 6 to 7 weeks after pregnancy, the breasts will gradually swell, very soft, and the blood vessels under the breast skin become significantly prominent.The nipples will gradually become larger, and the color of the areola is deepening due to the increase in pigmentation.Specific mothers may start to feel a little breast discomfort: swelling, tingling, or pain when touching, and will be slightly heavy when walking.

So in this specific period, what we need to pay attention to is to relieve breast discomfort and reduce the tenderness of the breast.

One of the methods: Circle of the chest massage method

Five fingers together, on the upper and lower parts of the chest, push forward with Xiaoyuan, and then massage until the massage has a full breast.

In addition, when you feel the breast soreness, you can use a hot towel to relieve milk discomfort.

Method 2: Select adjustable bra

At this stage, women must not wear tight brans, but they must not be worn.Be sure to choose the proper brater that is appropriate, it is best to be adjustable bra. It is necessary to support the breasts well, but also avoid rubbing the nipples too tightly to cause discomfort.EssenceWhen you sleep or rest, you need to remove the bra to benefit the blood circulation of the breast.

Tips: Tomorrow will launch the main points of chest care in the third trimester, don’t go away ~

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