The change in isolas suggests that the breast health will you distinguish?

Breast health has always been one of the health issues that female friends are most concerned about.There are many ways to judge breast health, but have you paid attention to your areola?Most female friends are not so good about areola, but the areola is exactly the healthy rails of breast health.How do I look at the areola health?How to judge breast health through areola?What is the health of areola?

What does normal areola look like?

Generally speaking, healthy areola does not have a particularly fixed color, and each special period has its own color performance.And its size is usually between 3 and 4 cm in diameter.Therefore, it is unscientific to distinguish health with color.

What is the abnormal areola?

The abnormal areola here is also called pathological areola.It has three different forms of expression.

The first is the darkest color of the areola and nipples, and itching symptoms around the nipples.This shows that the breast has a certain disease reaction.

The second is just the simple color deepen, turning into dark brown or dark brown, and there are lumps around the nipples.In this case, although the breasts have no special pathological response, it shows that there is a problem with the liver.It may be caused by liver fire.

The third type is deepening of the areola and nipples, and small nodules appear around.This is not a problem with breasts, but ovarian problems, and it is caused by tumors.

Areola is so important, how to maintain it?

1. Many female friends will do breast enhancement massage in order to breast enhancement.So please remember to avoid your areola and nipples when you massage.Because excessive friction will slowly thicken the sebum in this area, melanin will become particularly obvious.This will affect the judgment of breast health.

2. In the process of cleaning the chest, do not use too hot water, it will hurt the areola and nipples, affecting its color.To make the areola and nipples beautiful, wash with warm water and cold water.

3. Female friends in the new era sometimes release their nature on uninhabited beaches and bask in full chest.But be sure to pay attention to sunscreen, and you must repair it after the sun.Otherwise, long -term exposure will affect the color and health of the areola.

4. Female friends who are pursuing fashion are also eager to sexy underwear, but most of the sexy content materials are not suitable for the delicate skin of the breast, so do not always choose some of the Chinese underwear, which hurts the areola and breasts.

Although the areola is only a small part of the breast, it looks inconspicuous, but it plays a vital role.You know, the part of the breast catheter opening is on the areola, so it cannot be ignored.It can be said that the health of the breast is closely related to isola.If you want to protect your breasts, you must start with the guidance of areola.

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