The CDC issued a prompt!This kind of vegetables should be cooked and cooked to prevent poisoning

High temperature and rain in summer are bacterial, toxic moving and plants, and the seasons of high incidence.On July 10, the Liaoning Provincial Disease Prevention and Control Center issued a tip of the risk factors and preventive measures of common food -based diseases in summer. Cool mixing, seafood river, wild vegetables, wild mushrooms, vegetable beans can cause food -based diseases, and even evenPoisoning, you must pay attention to the prevention of food -based diseases in the summer dining table.

Cold vegetables and cooked food should be purchased cautiously

The weather is hot, and many people like to eat cold food such as cold dishes, braised cooked food.Because the processing process of cold dishes does not need to be heated, although the loquat cooked food is heated, it does not need to be heated again during the cooling process.These foods have high hygiene conditions for raw materials and production processing processes, and they are easily polluted by pathogenic microorganisms by slight negligence, causing food -oriented diseases.

When consumers buy cold dishes and cooked food, they should choose catering units with qualified and good hygiene conditions. Do not buy them without a license.Pay attention to buying as needed to avoid storage for a long time.When homemade cold dishes and nourish foods, fresh raw materials should be used.The raw materials that can be heated should be thoroughly heated, and the cooling process should be protected; vegetables, fruits and fruits that cannot be heated should be washed thoroughly.During the processing, the tools, cutting boards, tableware, etc. are cooked and separated, and they are eaten as soon as possible after processing.

Seafood must be cooked

Animal seafood such as shrimp, crab, sea fish, shellfish, etc. are particularly vulnerable to a salt -intended — the pollution of Portal Hemorrhizal.Improper eating, such as eating raw or not familiar with life, can easily cause intestinal infections.

Summer is also a high tide period. Sea -water shells such as sea rainbow and blood clams have produced and accumulated "shell toxins" in their bodies due to the toxic algae in the red tide or symbiosis with toxic algae.

When buying seafood, pay attention to the packaging and storage with other foods. If you cannot process it in time after purchasing, you should put it in the refrigerator as soon as possible. When you store seafood in the refrigerator, pay attention to the separation of raw cooked.When dealing with seafood, the knife and anvil container should be dedicated to avoid cross -pollution of the processing process.When cooking seafood, cook it.Do not "catch the sea" to catch wild shellfish in the sewage and the condensed water discharge port of the heat power plant and the high tide period.

Wild vegetables only pick and know

Some wild vegetables growing in the natural environment contain a small amount of natural toxins, which can cause physical discomfort during a large amount of eating.Some toxic plants are similar to the appearance of the edible wild vegetables. Mistakes and errors can cause poisoning.

Buying wild vegetables should be purchased in regular markets and supermarkets, try to choose wild vegetables with local cultivation and have many years of consumption history.Picking wild vegetables should pay attention to avoiding environmental pollution areas, and do not pick or eat.

Vegetable beans are cooked and cooked

Summer is the season when all kinds of vegetable beans such as beans, kidney beans, knife beans, and beans are listed. The raw vegetable beans contain saponin and erythrocyte condensate. Usually, it can destroy its toxins after fully heating. Generally, it will not cause poisoning.Pursuing the taste and appearance of "crispy" and "green", or the amount of processing is too large and uneven, the heating is not thorough, and it will cause poisoning after consumption.When processing vegetable beans, be sure to cook it to prevent poisoning.

Eat crayfish to avoid transverse muscle dissolving syndrome

Food -based horizontal muscle solubility syndrome is related to animal aquatic products such as crayfish, freshwater cod or catcus or paddy fish.Summer is the consumer season for crayfish. Consumers can pay attention from the following aspects when enjoying deliciousness: First, choose fresh and reliable ingredients, and buy fresh small small small channels such as farmers’ markets, supermarkets and e -commerce with legal business qualificationsLobster, unknown, unknown or wild crayfish.The second is to clean it before cooking. There are many pathogenic microorganisms in the gill hair of the crayfish. It is best to cut off the gills.The third is that you must cook it and cook it. You should avoid excessive consumption, especially if you are allergic or self -sufficient.

Wild poisonous mushrooms folk identification methods are not reliable

The high temperature and rainy summer is the strong period of growth of wild mushrooms, and it is also a high incidence period for eating wild poisonous mushrooms.Many mistaken poisonous mushrooms have no special effects, and the symptoms of poisoning are severe, the onset of the disease, and the mortality rate is high.

At present, there is no simple way to identify poisonous mushrooms. Some methods and experiences of identifying wild mushrooms circulating in the folk are not reliable. The best way to avoid eating poisonous mushrooms by mistake is not to pick, buy, unknown, and unknown.Wild mushrooms that do not know.


Source: People’s Daily Science

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