The cause of 5 breast pain you must know

Women of different ages have different symptoms of breast pain.During the early menstrual tide, women may have symptoms of breast pain. This symptom is mild, which can be relieved after menstruation.During this period, the female nipples will bulge, the dairy tissue will appear dome -shaped, and then the estrogen level will rise, and the breasts will become full.During pregnancy, women may also have symptoms of breast pain for 40 days or even during pregnancy without treatment.After childbirth, women may also have symptoms of breast pain, which is related to the plumpness of bilateral breasts.After abortion, women will have breast pain, breast pain and lumps.

1. Adolescent hormonal levels rise

In adolescence, women’s breasts began to develop and mature.During the development of the breast, the symptoms of breast pain in the breast are normal, and the symptoms of the first menstrual tide will disappear.At this stage, the reason why women have breast tenderness is due to the sudden increase in estrogen and the large blocks of broad beans in the breast.

2. Menstrual breast tissue edema

Most women have breast pain during menstruation.Many women think that this is abnormal, but this is not the case.During menstruation, female estrogen levels rise, breast gap tissue edema, tenderness, and breast swelling is normal.After the menstruation, the symptoms will disappear. Don’t worry too much,

3. Breast increase during pregnancy

During pregnancy, due to the increase in estrogen, most women’s breasts are larger and larger than usual.Symptoms of breast swelling and breast tenderness continue to exist in the entire pregnant woman. This is very normal and does not require additional drug treatment.

4. Postpartum breast lymphatic retention

Women who have just given birth have lymphatic retention in the breast, making the breast catheter unobtrus, causing breast pain.Early breastfeeding is a way to relieve pain.If the breast is hard and the milk is not easy to discharge, you can use a breast pump to suck the milk on the baby.After the milk is reduced, the breast is not so full, the breast ducts are unobstructed, and the symptoms of breast pain have disappeared naturally.

5. Sudden interruption of pregnancy

A woman’s sudden wanting to abortion during pregnancy is a very dangerous idea.However, some women have to abandon and terminate pregnancy for various reasons.When the pregnancy suddenly interrupts, the woman’s body will have abnormalities, endocrine disorders, hormonal drops sharply, and the breasts will appear mass, causing pain.

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