The British woman was raped by her biological father, but her father did not feel guilty: this baby also has to care about my name

The son of the British lady Mandy is a bit disabled. Whenever he goes out, people always look at different eyes, and this man will unconsciously buried his head and a sense of guilt.

Everything is only because he was not only born after being raped by his mother Mandy, but also because he raped Mandy’s biological father.

Because of this, Mandy’s son has an indelible psychological shadow so far …

Recently, foreign media filmed a documentary, "Entering the Shadow: Born in Rape", telling the stories of those women who were pregnant and having children after being raped.

Because the mother suffered from rape and gave birth to her children, the special experience caused this group to hurt the lives with a lifetime.

Since the birth of the child, the mother and the children have carried out heavy psychological shackles. It is often through decades of hard work to repair the cracks in this heart.

In the documentary, Sammy Woodhouse from the UK, as the main witness, interviewed many women with similar experiences.

Sammy himself is also a victim of the famous Rosetham sexual assault case.

The Roselham’s sexual assault case was a sexual assault case from the 1980s to 2013, from the 1980s to 2013. Most of the criminals were Pakistani men who helped gangs, and more than 1,400 victims were victims.Essence

However, the victim called the police after the incident, but the police were unwilling to investigate because the suspect was a minority of ethnic minorities and was afraid of being accused of racial discrimination.

As the victim of the year, Sammy was raped by the children’s sexual assaults at the age of 15 at the age of 15. There was no result after calling the police.

Soon after Sammy, Sammy found that she was pregnant and gave birth to her son.

In the following years, Sammy gradually realized that the most difficult thing was not to raise his son to grow up, but how to face the incident of "born after being raped".

In this regard, Sammy is lucky.

After the son was sensible, Sammy talked to his son about this terrible past and told his son that he was born of rape by his mother.

The son comforted his mother, and did not cover the psychological shadow because of this, and Sammy solved the knot.

However, Sammy knows that similar terrible experiences are a great test for mothers and children, and not everyone can be lucky to get out of the shadow like her.

As a result, she began to visit the victims and children in private to explore and share their experience.

The first victim was Mandy.

Mandy recalled that she was sexually assaulted by her father when she was 11 years old. She was pregnant a few years later. She described the feeling of disgusting:

"It’s like someone injected poison to your body …"

After learning that Mandy was pregnant, his father had no guilt, but he teased indifferently:

"The child was born, and I was called my dad …"

Whenever I think of this experience, Mandy can’t help nausea.

Shortly after giving birth to a son, Mandy quickly packed his son’s diapers, milk powder, pushed the stroller and escaped the home with his son’s head without returning to the home, and began a new life.

However, unlike Sammy, Mandy has always been mixed with his son’s emotions.

Especially later, Mandy and her husband formed a new family, and there were other children.

She felt more and more clearly that the eldest son was not the crystallization of love, but also the product of rape incest. He was born with genetic defects.

Mandy often wonders whether he still has love for his eldest son. After years of psychological struggle, Mandy finally relieved it:

The permanent genetic defect of the eldest son is the result of her father raped her. In a sense, the eldest son is also a victim.

After decades, Mandy’s emotions for the eldest son were finally repaired …

The feeling of Mandy’s eldest son, the man named Neil is probably the most resonated.

Because he is also the "victim" of the rape case:

The mother was raped by strangers in a park.

Since I was a child, I knew that she was born of rape, Neil felt that she was a child who was carrying the original sin, and had always had a deep sense of guilt and shame.

Neil said that he was lonely, full of doubt about himself, and often asked himself:

"Will I grow like the person who rapes my mother?"

Until many years later, when Neil reunited with the biological mother for the first time, his first sentence was:

"If I look like that rapist, please stay away from me …"

Fortunately, the mother smiled and said to Neil:

"It’s okay, kid, you don’t look like him at all …"

A heart -warming words have relieved NEIL’s decades of heart knot.

With the deepening of the visit of the victims of rape children, Sammy learned that there are more tragic victims in the distant African countries Rwanda:

In the 1990s, Rwanda had a racial massacre, and many women became victims of rape cases.

After the conflict, about 20,000 rape babies were left.

As a result, Sammy embarked on a distant visit. She went to Rwanda and interviewed Claire, the survivor of the Holocaust.

Claire tells the terrible experience of that year.At that time, she was captured by a group of Hu Tu soldiers and brought it to the camp as a tool of desire. She was sexually assaulted by dozens of people in dozens of people within a few days. She tried several times to escape and ended in failure.

Claire was tortured into the body bruises. After the soldiers vented enough, they threw her into a large cemetery and let it go for self -destruction.

Claire finally escaped, and she found that she was pregnant, but at that time, the soldiers were missing and there was no place to be a crowd.

So Claire made up his mind and waited for the child to come out in his life, and found the opportunity to kill her/him. She was full of hatred for the group of Hu Tu soldiers who raped herself.

Unexpectedly, the mother’s nature defeated the resentment. After her daughter was born, Claire looked at the child’s cute face and dispelled the idea of killing her, so she decided to raise her daughter to grow up.

With the growth of her daughter, Claire began to get heavy, just like many victims above.

Because whenever she saw her daughter, she could not help but think of the experience of being raped, and she was even more worried about what she would think of herself in the future?

Will the daughter carry the psychological shadow because of this?

One day, CLAIRE gathered the courage to tell her daughter everything that happened that year. After revealing the truth, she was so relieved:

"I was relieved. This secret that buried deep in my heart almost asked for my life. I now accept her completely and love her everything."

When surprising, the daughter understood her mother:

"My mother told me the truth, I understood the pain she had experienced, the harm she had carried out …"

Sammy also tells Claire’s story. After two women who experienced similar experiences shared each other’s stories, they had a kind of comfort and closeness that had never been before.

Claire thanked Sammy:

"Before you appeared, no one had shared such an encounter with me. For the first time, I realized that I was not lonely. Someone in the world understood me and understood my pain …"

In any case, Claire and Sammy are lucky few people after all. In Rwanda, because of the rape accompanied by the Holocaust of the year, more than 20,000 rape children have been raped. Although many of them have grown up today, they are more or less.There are psychological disorders.

Some of them are carrying shame, some are lonely, and some are difficult to get close to their mothers.

Rwanda deliberately set up a special psychological institution to regularly conduct psychological guidance for these people.

It has been nearly thirty years since the massacre. The large number of rapes at that time have not been cured so far …

In any country, rape is a crime that will be severely punished.

However, the pregnancy of pregnancy caused by rape, the pain of the victims and children, can be made up for punishment.

Some pain, it is likely that it needs to be repaired and cured all my life …

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